Ori and the Will of the Wisps – 39/40 Gorlek Ores? This Might Help You!

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This guide might help you to collect the last missing gorlek ore.

39/40 Gorlek Ores?

One gorlek ore is binded to a side quest – so you can only see 39 gorlek ores on the map.

You haven’t unlocked all secrets on the map yet? Complete the quest “Hand to Hand” for revealing all other gorlek ores and other collectibles on the map.

If you’ve already collected every gorlek ore on the map, then this will probably be your last missing one.

The side quest can be found in “Inkwater Marsh” – talk to the NPC

I’ve already completed the quest, that’s why the NPC is not showing up, but he should be somewhere here.

Collect the asked item to complete the side quest

Here is the location for the item.

Return the collected Item to the NPC and he will give you a gorlek ore as a quest reward

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