NEO Scavenger – Quick Electronics Guide (RF1D)

Quick guide on how to use ingame consumer electronics devices, both hardware and software. Using consumer electronics devices without “Hacking” skill.


While trying to finish main quest in the City, author had some problems, when decided to avoid police attention. Then, after searching Internet, author had found out zero level information on this question. That was particularly strange for the game, which were in sales for the period of time more then 6 years. So, author had investigated this question on his own and decided to make this guide to another players to close this blanks in information.

This guide was written for players, who do not have special “Hacking” skill in their possession. Players with “Hacking” skill in their build would have some additional benefits and there are some guides in Steam, which describes how to use this skill, so author missed this information.

Note: author’s character has “Electrician” skill in build, so this could be significant thing for main quest, but do not have any influence on the overall gameplay.

Consumer Electronics Hardware

There are four types of consumer electronics devices in the game. Each device consists of the device itself and container for batteries and software. Each battery needs charges to function.

  1. Cell phone (MaBell “Go Fone”)
  2. Smartphone (Altus “Universe”)
  3. Tablet PC (iSlab)
  4. Laptop (FJN “Copperbook”)

There is special hardware container for any data in game named “memory stick” which allow you save any data or software and transfer them between devices. You would use this containers to sell valuable data to traders and to buy and install some special software from traders.


Charging Batteries FAQ

Where to charge batteries?

There are onground charging outlets in tiles near the City.

How could I charge some battery?

  • Right click on charging device and select command “Use” to add more charges to charging device.
  • Select command “Empty Out” to move all charges from charging device to ground.
  • Drag charges from ground and drop them in empty battery.
  • If battery is partially charged use Shift to place difference between your value and 20 or just remove partial charge from battery and paste full charge instead.

Hardware States

Power on/off

Use context menu to turn on/turn off your device.


Locked devices have special sign (or login fields for notebook) and could not be operated by player befor Hacking. Unlocked devices could be operated by player, but there are some limits on usage of special software without Hacking skill. To use unlocked device run command “Use” from context menu of the device.

Consumer Electronics Software

There are three types of software in game.

  • Smartphone software (green)
  • Tablet software (violet)
  • Notebook software (orange)

Players without Hacking skill could directly operate just two of them – smartphone and tablet software.

Data blocks (marked brown) could be operated like software in cases of storaging and moving them.

Ciphered blocks (marked black) could not be accessed without “Hacking” skill.

Software Usage FAQ

How to install/uninstall software on my device?

  • You should have software in some data storage device (memory stick or another device memory)
  • You should have enough of free space in your device’s container (3 cells at one row/column)
  • Turn on your devices (both, if software storage is another device)
  • Place source device in any hand
  • Drag software or data from source device and drop it on your reciever device
  • It would be stored in device’s container near batteries
  • To uninstall software / remove data block, – use reverse operation

How much applications could I use in a same time?

It is easy to calculate that in smartphones and tablets you could install maximum 3 application or data blocks at same time.

There are three different applications for smartphones and tablets:

  • RF1:D
  • LAMP
  • GPS

Could I store any software or data blocks separately from storage devices?

No, you could not. Because software is not an object of material world.

Do software or data blocks have some special states?

Yes, they have. They could be ciphered (marked black) and deciphered. You could easily move deciphered data and software from unlocked devices to another unlocked devices. To decipher data you need to unlock locked device using Hacking skill.

Note: may be “ciphered state” is not some separate state of data, but is the result of device locked state, author do not know and there is no official data about this issue from developers in the game manual.

Could I make some profit selling software?

Yes, you could. When gained some device check it for some stored data. Power it on. Even on unlocked unpowered devices all data and sowftware blocks marked black. So you need to power device on to define whether data is ciphered or not. If data blocks are deciphered they became another (not black) colors and you may move them into storages like memory sticks. Then you may sell this cards to have additional profit from tens of dollars to thouthands dollars for some data.

Note: you could buy empty cheap memory sticks occasionally from traders.

How to use RFID software in the game?

  • You should have proper device with proper type software installed (green for smartphone; violet for iSlab tablet).
  • Power on your device.
  • Use “Electrician” skill label in event screen.
  • Then use RFID label in event screen.

Note: You do not have to have “Hacking” skill to solve this quests, but as for “Electrician” skill author do not have information, because author could not replay game without it,on now, when author is creating this guide.

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