Conan Exiles – All Baby Animal Locations

A complete guide to all animal locations in Conan Exiles, including horses. We show you where you can pick up baby animals in the wild, where you can find vendors for baby animals and eggs, as well as locations for boss drops or summoning recipes/items. Map locations for all animals are verified sightings by us after the big December update and are accompanied by footage of some location examples.

We have also linked to a companion video, that showcases all animals in the game and their core stats.

All Baby Animal Locations

All credit goes to Organizer!

See list of animals included below…

  • Bear (Bear Cub) – 0:22
  • Boar (Boar Shoat) – 1:31
  • Camel (Camel Calf) – 2:21
  • Crocodile (Crocodile Hatchling) – 2:46
  • Elephant (Elephant Calf) – 3:29
  • Frost Giant (Horn Of The North) – 3:56
  • Gazelle (Fawn) – 4:20
  • Gorillas / Grey Ape (Boons) – 5:05
  • Horse (Foals) – 5:49
  • Spotted Hyena (Spotted Hyena Whelp) – 7:21
  • Striped Hyena (Striped Hyena Whelp) – 8:10
  • Jaguar (Jaguar Cub) – 8:53
  • Lion (Lion Cub) – 9:42
  • Ostrich (Ostrich Chick) – 10:31
  • Panther (Panther Cub) – 11:06
  • Rhinoceros (Rhino Calf) – 11:48
  • Rocknose (Rocknose Egg) – 12:31
  • Sabretooth (Sabretooth Kitten) – 12:56
  • Sand Reaper (Sand Reaper Egg) – 14:38
  • Scorpion (Scorpion Egg-sac) – 15:05
  • Shaleback (Shaleback Hatchling) – 15:40
  • Shoebill (Shoebill Egg) – 16:22
  • Spider (Spider Egg-sac) – 16:51
  • Tiger (Tiger Cub) – 17:12
  • Undead & Skeletons (Witch Doctor Feat) – 17:58
  • Wolf (Wolf/Frostwolf Cub) – 18:27
  • Yetis (Boons) – 19:38

In addition to our pet animal locations, check out this companion video that showcases all animals in the game (per March 2020) and also shows core attributes for them all.

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  1. I just want to point out that I searched on the wrong place for horses because of several youtube videos pointing me to them. Here I got a map and a video showing me the sorounding of the horses and I was able to find them in 10 minutes ingame. Thank you I have no problem with this way of a guide and there is no point in getting rude to the maker of the guide

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