Monster Girl Club Bifrost – Uncensored Gameplay Guide

This guide contains some useful tips for difficult mode run.

Guide to Uncensored Gameplay 

Management Phase

Almost same to without R-18+ patch. But, little things more and so important for difficult run.

This is Management Phase’s main menus.

This game’s goal is repay all of gold. You can check Dept Payment and left days on right side.

You have already 10,000 G of Funds. You can check Funds on left bottom side.

You can earning Gold with Monster Girls. So, You need to buy Monster Girls from Slave Market.

  • If you do mouse over Monster Girls face, You can see information of her.
  • Stamina for action.
  • Mental for action.
  • When Stamina is 0, that Monster Girl can’t action.
  • When Mental is 0, that Monster Girl can’t action and getting status “Mind Break”.
  • If got Mind break status, can do nothing.
  • Only can do selling.
  • So, be careful to Mental 0.

  • Pride and Shame is not much important.
  • Concern to getting exp points of skills.
  • more less Pride and Shame more can getting exp point from action.

  • Pride: Obstructs pleasure and obedience growth.
  • Shame: Obstructs or aids pleasure growth based on lewdness level.

  • OBD, LWD TEC is for Business skills.
  • Clientele wants that skills level.
  • ★ Is already have skill level.
  • ☆ Is potential for that skill.

  • Higher OBD levels make more Decreases the mental cost of working (1% per OBD Level).
  • Higher LWD levels make more easier to gain PLR (1% per LWD Level).
  • Higher TEC levels make more Decreases the stamina cost of working (1% per TEC Level).
  • and Decreases the downtime during work (1% per TEC Level).
  • Increases client satisfaction (Not over 100% / Adjust for make 100%).

OBD and LWD is need for activating Training menus.

TEC is look like being almighty. But, little hard to raise up TEC level.

AFF also Concern to getting exp points or open actions and over 3 levels AFF and saw some events, Monster Girls fall loving to you. Lovers getting 1 off all skills potential. Some personality skills need AFF level.

  • Monster Girls have attribute.
  • Harpy have [Winged], [Optimistic], [Clumsy], [Egg Layer], [Enthusiastic].
  • Clientele wants some attribute(Fetish).

There has 2 types of attribute:

  • Body (Physical).
  • Personality.

So, You did bought Monster Girls. You can training your monster girls when Management Phase.

There has many of options. So, You can training with your choices. But you can training only numbers of Action’s Heart mark on one day. If you doing many times of training, your training levels up and getting more Heart mark.

Note: You can check your training exp from Management phase main menu.

PLR is working with training.

Pleasure: Cause an orgasom when this reaches 100 (doubles the experience gained).

Potential(☆) is can add from Seed items. Or Make Monster girl to lover for up AFF levels on 3 and see some events.

If you had confused buying or training Monster Girls for.

Check about Today’s Clientele. Click this Today’s Clientele buttons on Main page.

Then, you can check about Today’s Clientele.

Budget mean can getting golds from that guy. But, if you can satisfying him about over than 100%, you can getting more golds from him. Desire Type is require skill type and levels. He wants level 2 OBD Monster Girl.

Example, if you select Monster Girl has level 2 OBD, his satisfying point will be +100.

  • If you select Monster Girls has level 1 OBD, his satisfying point will be +50.
  • If you select Monster Girls has level 0 OBD, his satisfying point will be at leaste +5.
  • It’s working percentage.

+ If you did R-18+ Patched, Monster girls can be getting [Virgin] status.

If Monster girls working who has [Virgin] status, getting more +50 satisfying point and lose [Virgin] status.

So, If you doing difficult mode, you can use this for survive. Example, buy new girl and selling after single work.

Or if your monster girl lose [Virgin] from your training, AFF growth rate +30%.

Energy also working with satisfying point. If you did make him satisfying, Energy will decreases.(up to satisfying points) When Energy is 0, He will give more golds to you and disappear from Current Client list.

Note: Gold Bonus rate: Normal 50% / Hard 100% / Expert 150%.

If you can’t decreases all of his energy, he will keep on Current Client. So, don’t need to decrease energy on once.

Fetish also working with satisfying point. If you did satisfying his Fetish per getting satisfying 50 points. Fetish is mean Monster Girls attribute.

If you did all of task from Manage Phase, Next is going to End Phase.

Night Phase

  • Clientele will be come your Club.
  • You can choose Monster Girl for Client.

If you choose Monster Girl, that girl working for Client.

  • So, you can Earning gold from Clientele.
  • But Monster Girls need Resting time.
  • And next Clientele will coming your club.
  • If you want business all of Clientele, you need more Monster Girls.
  • Because, some girls doing resting, some girls need gonna working.
  • Normally, has 2 of Girls can work 3 of Clientele.

  • You can getting Club Star experience also.
  • Getting more Club Star experience, Your Club gonna level up.
  • Then more higher levels Clientele will coming you club.
  • And you can buying another higher level Monster Girls and items.

If Client leftover energy, sometimes arise extend time. Cost more STA and men but getting 150% satisfaction.

After closing time, Phase will return to Management Phase.

Repeat this cycle Management → Business → Management…

Types of Clientele


  • Transmitted from a man.
  • Decreases effects of training. (-50%)
  • Decreases client satisfaction. (-50%)

STD can be cure using item “STD-Be-Gone”.


  • Doubles stamina and mental damage.
  • Greatly reduces pride.
  • Bigger bonus when squeezed dried.(×2)

Technician, Playboy

  • Technician: Randomly increases OBD, LWD, TEC. No effect on anyone with “Denial of Pleasure”.
  • Playboy: Decreases the affection of the girls he brings to ♥♥♥.

As well as give them the “Cheating” status if her affection level is below 3.

When Monster girls has “Cheating”, all skills growth rate -50%(AFF also). Cheating can be cure level up AFF.


  • Has a lot of money.
  • Has higher chance of increasing budget when leveling up.
  • Can add Wealthy client on today’s clientele with Fortune Summoner Lv.1 personality.

Dirty old man

Personality – Old Man Hunter: Increases “Dirty Old Man” client satisfaction.


Personality – Orc Buster: Increases “Orc” client satisfaction.


  • Their desired girl type is “Anyone will do”.
  • Loses this status after being served by a monster girl.

  • Personality – Virgin Eater: Recovers men after serving “Virgin” clients.
  • Virgin clients will get charmed and always visit the club for the next 3 days.
  • Note: Can only keep a maximum of three clients charmed at the same time.

One more type of clientele. But, I don’t know how to work.


  • Loves monster girls.
  • Has private collection of various monster girl goods.
  • Feels like higher rate of appearing when leftover energy.

Escort Agency

When 2nd day, launching Escort Agency.

  • Escort Agency is look like Quest.
  • If you have Monster Girl fit on Request level, you can send her for Escort.
  • Can getting reward But, She will coming back after numbers of Day gone.
  • So, If you need Golds immediately, try this Escort Agency.
  • As the case may be can clear the game only doing Escort Agency.

  • +If Monster Girls doing Escort service, you can use empty room.
  • But, if you want to her back, need empty room.

Always, Request list is same on first week.

If you done or exceed deadline request, that request will refresh to random request.

  • So, you can use this for difficult run.
  • Example, always first week’s request has Harpy(LWD Lv.2), Werewolf(OBD Lv.2)…
  • Start with Harpy, Werewolf and send Escort when you need gold immediately.
  • Not a solid solution. but, It will be helpful for your run.


If you earned lot of Golds, you can Construction. Don’t need to Explanation. Because, in-game English is very well.

Exclude Room upgrade, all of upgrade has 3 of level.

  • Level 1 need 50,000 Gold.
  • Level 2 need 150,000 Gold.
  • Level 3 need 500,000 Gold.

Suite Room

  • Lv1: Extending chance + 10%.
  • Lv2: Extending chance + 20%.
  • Lv3: Extending chance + 30%.


  • Lv1: Daily stamina recovery + 25%.
  • Lv2: Daily stamina recovery + 50%.
  • Lv3: Daily stamina recovery + 100%.

Exchange Room

  • Lv1:Enables exchange ability.
  • Lv2: Exchange point +2 per one of training.
  • Lv3: Exchange point +3 per one of training.

Break Room

  • Lv1: Daily mental recovery + 2.
  • Lv2: Daily mental recovery + 5.
  • Lv3: Daily mental recovery + 10.


  • Lv1: Increases the efects of recovery items +25%.
  • Lv2: Increases the efects of recovery items +50%.
  • Lv3: Increases the efects of recovery items +100%.

Entrance Ad Sign

  • Lv1: Increases the number of client visiting +1.
  • Lv2: Increases the number of client visiting +2.
  • Lv3: Increases the number of client visiting +3.
  • Lv Max: Can choose close or open (spend 10 gold).

Pr Room

  • Lv1: Increases club star experience gains + 25%.
  • Lv2: Increases club star experience gains + 50%.
  • Lv3: Increases club star experience gains + 100%.

Slave Trainer’s Lodge

  • Lv1: Allow a salve to be handed over to be automatically trained.
  • Lv2: automatically train more +1.
  • Lv3: automatically train more +2.

Tool s Cleaning Room

  • Lv1: Increases slaves’ training growth rate +25%.
  • Lv2: Increases slaves’ training growth rate +50%.
  • Lv3: Increases slaves’ training growth rate +100%.

Room upgrade

  • Lv1: Max room +1 / 10,000G.
  • Lv2: Max room +1 / 50,000G.
  • Lv3: Max room +1 / 100,000G.
  • Lv4: Max room +6 / 50,000G.
  • Lv5: Max room +6 / 150,000G.
  • Lv6: Max room +6 / 300,000G.
  • Lv7: Max room +7 / 500,000G.


  • You can buying items form Item dealers.
  • Items will become more expensive.
  • If you did bought same item, become more expensive.
  • Example, Energy drink is 3,000G but, If you bought once, become to 3,500G.

Bought Item Inflation limit is 4.

This game has Inflation

Monster girls and items will more become expensive every week.

  • 1st Week: 100%.
  • 2nd Week: 120%.
  • 3rd Week: 150%.
  • 4th Week: 200%.
  • 5th Week: 250%.
  • 6th Week: 300%.

Difficulty Inflation

  • Normal: 100%.
  • Hard: 120%.
  • Expert: 150%.

  • Example, Normal Difficulty Energy Drink 1st Week is 3,000G and bought once is 3,500G.
  • Expert Difficulty Energy Drink 1st Week is 4,500G and bought once is 5,250G.
  • (3000+500)×1.5 = 5,250G.

Barn (Monster Farm)

Farming items from some monster girls.

Egg layers can getting eggs from Egg laying training when Full-moon. Fungus can getting random mushroom when keep left alone training.

You can selling some items from Monster girls farming.

Monster girls items also has inflation(deflation: Getting more expensive later).

In some cases can clear with only doing Monster Girls farming. Employing many myconid and keep live alone for farming.

You can find all of Monster girls items from this guide (price of items also).

Ending List and Achievements

End1: Milia

Choose all option 1 event with Milia when you repaid.

End2: Master of the Club

Don’t Choose all option 1 event with Milia when you repaid. If you done this ending, you can keep management your club with Endless mode.

End3: Harem

Almost same condition to End2: Master of the Club. Need many Lovers Monster girl. Also, you can choose this ending when you playing Endless mode.

Bad End: Slave

Choose all option 1 event with Milia when you repaid first. Failed extend dept payment or choose give up on event.

Single Monster Girl End

Don’t Choose all option 1 event with Milia when you repaid. Make Lover Monster Girl and progress many that Monster Girls events. Also, you can choose this ending when you playing Endless mode.

When you done End this game, you can play New Game+ with your Yellow save. You can carry over your Monster Girl from save file when you use bonus point to Carry over slot.

When you done Achievements from in-game, you can getting Achievements points.

  • You can use these points for New game or New game+
  • Achievements Points is not consumable.
  • So, If you want to use, don’t need to agonize.

Tips for Difficult Mode

If you can’t beat Normal mode, Farming Achievements points and New game with using Achievements points. Accumulate Achievements don’t need to clear game.

Earnings + % and Funding +50,000 is good for you.

If you can’t beat Hard or Expert mode clear normal first and using New Game+ and Achievements points.

Carry over your ace Monster Girl from save.

Or, if you havn’t ace Monster Girl and you did cleared game once, you can choose Unlock Ogre when you start new game. You can beat hard mode with only 1 Ogre (expert also).

+ Need funds for employing her(Recommend Funding +50,000).

  • Ogre has high level of skills and potential.
  • Ogre’s Body Type “Oni” takes no STA, MEN when in heat.
  • Use 1 Aphrodisiac to Ogre per day.
  • Training only ogre and don’t need to employing any Monster girls.

  • If you Trying to take all ending or Memories, recommend trying Endless mode.
  • You can play Endless mode when you done End2: Master of the Club.
  • Then, you can choose ending with single monster girl always if has possible monster girl end.
  • And you can training with Endless day and items.

  • If you Trying to Achievements “What should I buy with all these points…”,
  • Hard mode run without Achievements points bonus.
  • There has many ways for beat it.

  • You can use Squeeze dry and [Virgin] status from Monster Girls.
  • Example, this guy can be easy to Squeeze dry with Cyclops [Virgin]

  • [One Eye] + 50%, [Big Breasts] +50%, [Virgin] +50%
  • And his Desired Type is [Anyone will do] = +100%

So, don’t need to training Monster girls for some clientele. In some cases you can earning lot of gold with only buy → work → sell.

You can use items also.

  • Pheromone Booster: Temporary increases the chance of clients extending their time +50%
  • Turtle Extract: Restores client’s energy by 200. Makes the client ‘Unrivaled.’

  • These items make easy Extend time for more earning gold.
  • Pheromone Booster is not definite. but you can aim to make Squeeze dry.
  • Turtle Extract is restore client’s energy. so, hard to make Squeeze dry.
  • Or not enough Client’s energy, you can use more useful.

Dirty Magazine: TEC bonus + 100

  • Some clientele wants TEC level.
  • If your Monster girls TEC level is low, you can use this.

  • You can use Exchange also.

  • If you did constructed Exchange Room, you can use Exchange system.
  • Exchange Personality to another Monster girl.

  • It’s not mean only Personality for clientele.
  • There has many kind of Personality for make more powerful Monster girl.

  • Example, Kraken has Melody of the Sea.
  • Usable during prostitution phase on per day.
  • Instantly resets everyone’s Down time. Cost 20 STA.
  • this Personality can be exchange to another girl.
  • So, you can use this skills about 5 times or more.
  • You don’t need to make many ace Monster girls.

  • Salamander’s Passionate also good for earning gold.
  • Doubles the bonuses from squeezing dry a client.

  • Myconid’s Mushroom Spores also good for earning gold.
  • When activate prostitution group, Increase Energy Damage depend on level (does not stack).

  • Alraune’s Immoral Pollen also good for earning gold.
  • When activate prostitution group, increases client satisfaction depend on level (does not stack).

  • You can use Fairy Secretions (It’s not personality).
  • Restores your action points after penetration training.
  • The amount of action points restored is based on affection level.
  • And can only trigger once per day (Activate this skill for AFF Lv.3).

Club rank 4 Fairy or 12th days Auction Dark Fairy has this Body type.
Using this for more training action.

And you can use also Oni’s Fortune Summoner. Gain “Good Luck” status after penetration training, which will cause wealthy clientele visit the club today(Need AFF Lv 3). This is personality. So, you can exchange this to Fairy also.

There has many type and combos of personality. So, you can use this for your run. Probably you can beat Hard or Expert mode without bonus points with this tips.

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