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One Step From Eden - Mapping Out Seeds Guide

Written by Colynato   /   Updated: March 30, 2020    

Mapping out seed [0000000000] for One Step From Eden. Feel free to contribute or recommend paths.

Guide to Mapping Out Seeds

Area 0

In making this walkthrough, I was first going to post the enemies, but after dying and trying again it seems the enemies and placements are randomized (maybe luck and difficulty changed it)?

I also discovered it doesn't matter if you pick and upper or lower path. The layouts are always the same!

Note: I'll provide what happened to me playing as Rena, just be aware that the Bosses might be different depending on what character you play.

So for now I'm going to give the basic map and the starting enemies. The Bosses seem to mostly be the same, but they can vary.

Anyways Rena faced Level 0 Selicy, a more challenging level 0 boss imo, so get ready to dodge.

Area 1

Taking the top path of Area 0, lead Rena to Terra.

This was my first fight, it might be different depending on your luck.

The bottom path might lead to an underworld variant. But for now I'm taking the top paths.

I got Terra. Terra Level 1 is annoying if you get trapped by her ground break/spinning blade combo.

Also I died lmao. I came back, tilt as ever. Have fun!

Area 2

So after some bad luck and death, Reva is back and is ready to rumble. In this layout, Rena ended up facing Gunner.

Here was my first enemy:

Bottom path looks to be another underworld variant. Gonna stick to the top path.

Forgot to take a picture of Level 2 Gunner. She's rocking some health and standard bomb/laser combos. Watch out for her windups into her dash attacks, don't stand in front of her.

Area 3

Still on the top paths. Abusing the Flow/Earth Cycle combo for shields on Reva.
This time Reva faced against Violette.

Anywho, first fight looked like this:

Map looked like this:

Area 4

On a roll, high mana regen on flow. For this run, Reva faces off against Hazel.

Watch out for the absorbing poison enemies, shields won't save you:

Here's the map. Bottom path underworld variant happened again. Underworlds seem to keep appearing based on luck and whether you have/have not taken that path.

Area 5

Getting close, hope you're hanging in there.

Reva ended up facing against Saffron.

First fight is getting firey:

Here's the map, bottom path showed underworld variant again.

Area 6

Bring your A-Game it's level 6 time.

Here's the map, no Miniboss to be seen here?

Once you do that, one step to Eden.

Disclaimers and Discoveries

Seeds do not guarantee enemies or bosses:

  • Depending on your character, Secily might not be the first boss.
  • Bosses are not exactly randomized.It depends on which bosses you have/haven't fought and what charater you are currently playing.
  • Beating characters at/above level 3 gives you a chance to unlock them.
  • Do not use Seed: 0000000000 if you want to unlock Secily.

The path layout is the same regardless of picking upper, middle or lower path.

At the beginning enemies should be the same.

However, luck factors might change the enemies later on.

Killing bosses will change the ending boss battle.

  • Genocide run should lead to Streets of Eden.
  • Neutral leads to the Wall and Angel.
  • Friendly leads to Terrible.

Selecting the underworld (any red path) will increase enemy strength for that zone.

  • Changes zone to "DARK".
  • Unsure if underworld path changes ending. It just seems to give better loot.

After finishing a run with a seed, the seed will secretly randomize for one run.

Written by Colynato.