Hero Rescue – Walkthrough (1-50 Levels)

How to Complete Hero Rescue

  • The task of the game varies depending on the level. You are asked to get to the treasures, kill the enemies, save the princess and so on.
  • An ordinary goblin runs at you as soon as it sees.
  • The goblin archer shoots at you, but at the same time his arrows fly exactly in a horizontal line to the left or right. That is, if you fly past him down, he will miss.
  • Spiders attack only you.
  • Goblins do not like spiders, so they will attack them instantly.
  • Poison gas can kill everyone except spiders.
  • A fallen chest can kill any enemy.
  • The stones obtained by combining water and lava also kill enemies.

Levels Walkthrough

Level 001

Drag the metal pipe to the right so that the treasures fall down.

Level 002

Drag the top and then the bottom pipes.

Level 003

So that the treasures do not fall into the lava, you need to pull out the right pipe.

Level 004

Pull out the horizontal pipe. Lava will fall to the left, and treasures – to the hero to the right.

Level 005

Pull out the left horizontal pipe so that the hero reaches the princess.

Level 006

Pull out the right pipe so that the lava falls to the right. Pull out the bottom pipe and then the top so that the treasures fall to you.

Level 007

First extinguish the lava with water, and then dump the treasures.

Level 008

First, throw lava to the right, then water, and then treasures.

Level 009

Just throw down the water and then open the treasures.

Level 010

Lower the lava and the hero, then remove only the two right tubes.

Level 011

Remove the left pipe to throw treasures, but leave poisonous gas.

Level 012

Remove all tubes except the upright one.

Level 013

Throw lava, water, treasures, and then run inside the main character.

Level 014

Drop the lava into the water on the left, then the treasures. Let the main character.

Level 015

Drop the main character and pass him to the princess.

Level 016

At this level, the moveable bar will appear. Slide it to the left to block the gas path. Lower the treasures.

Level 017

Slide one pipe to the right, lower the other down. Remove the pipe. Lava will fall to the left, and treasures – to the right to the main character.

Level 018

Slide the slide pipe to the right to separate water and treasures. Pick up the pipe above the main character’s entrance so that water can get into the lava. Free water and treasures. Let the protagonist pass through the extinct lava.

Level 019

Throw the lava into the water, and then free the hero and treasures.

Level 020

Drop lava, water, and then the princess with the main character.

Level 021

At this level, the enemy will appear. Do not let him see you. To do this, first throw down the enemy. Then lower the hero down, and then move the vertical pipe so that the treasures fall to the right (and not down to the enemy).

Level 022

First kill the enemy by dropping lava on him. Then lower it down with the lava. It will go out. Drop treasures and let the hero in.

Level 023

Wait for the enemy to be on the right, above the lava. Remove the pipe from under it. Then put out the lava and let the main character to the treasures.

Level 024

Move the upper bar to the right. Remove the top horizontal pipe. Lava will fall on the enemy. Move the upper bar to the left so that the water extinguishes the lava. Drop treasures.

Level 025

Throw off the lava, put out it and miss the hero with the princess.

Level 026

Drop the goblin into the pit, and then jump the main character to the chest.

Level 027

Drop the chest. He will fall on the head of the goblin. Now you can jump by the main character.

Level 028

First drop the chest on the goblin, then water. Get down by the hero.

Level 029

Throw water by removing the upper right bar. Then lower the chest.

Level 030

Lower down the small bar in the upper right. Slide the vertical bar a little lower to the right. Remove the upper bar so that the lava falls onto the goblin. Put it out with water.

Level 031

Cut the rope to drop the load on the goblin.

Level 032

Cut the right chain so that the chest swings to the left. Cut the left chain. The chest will fall on the ledge (and not in the lava). Run down the main character.

Level 033

Do the same, but with a load so that it falls on the head of the goblin.

Level 034

First, drop the goblin, then water.

Level 035

Throw down the lava. Then extinguish it with water, lift up the upper vertical bar. Free the hero and let him go to the princess.

Level 036

In this quest, you just need to kill the goblin by dropping lava on it.

Level 037

Lower the bar above the head of the protagonist, and then free the lava, which will fall directly onto the goblin.

Level 038

Slide the bottom bar so that the poison hits the goblin from below. Move the upper bar to the side. Do not touch the plank of the protagonist, so that he does not die from poisonous gas!

Level 039

Slide the lower bar to the left, and then release the gas.

Level 040

Cut the right chain, and then the left, to kill the goblin. Lift up the vertical bar and slide sideways horizontal.

Level 041

First throw down the stone ball in the pit. Also throw treasures. This level is made for you to understand: the ball can kill the main character.

Level 042

Wait for the goblin to be on the right, and drop a stone ball on it.

Level 043

Remove the two horizontal bars to extinguish the lava with water. Then drop the treasures and jump down the main character.

Level 044

Drop down a stone ball and then water. When the lava goes out, launch the main character.

Level 045

First, remove the two planks blocking the way to the stone ball. He will fall on the goblin’s head. Then free the princess and the hero.

Level 046

Remove the upper right bar so that the frost falls on the goblin. He will die.

Level 047

Lower the upper bar and then remove the bar on the right so that the frost falls on the goblin.

Level 048

Throw down the lava, and then – the hero and the treasure.

Level 049

Drop the lava on the goblin, put it out with water. Then remove the remaining planks.

Level 050

Drop the goblin into the lava, and then go down to the princess.

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