Bunny Hop League – 100% Achievement Guide

An achievement walkthrough of Bunny Hop League.

Map Completion Achievements

I can’t really add on how to complete these achievements as you just need to complete a map for each, if you are struggling look up a youtube video of the map and try to copy the player.

These are all the achievements that require you to complete a map:

  • Learn the ropes
  • Basically pro
  • Blasted!
  • Splashy splashy
  • Old as fu….
  • Echoo, ooohh oooo
  • B√°sicamente!
  • Down the river
  • Dead or alive?
  • There’s a second one?
  • Did someone say dungeon?
  • Cobbled
  • Didn’t touch the water did you?
  • Did you forget me?
  • Mechanical
  • Futuristic
  • Eat lead!
  • Just like all the other ones…
  • Sci Fylicious
  • Super generic
  • Storage storage storaggeeeee!
  • Basically number 3
  • Metric > Imperial
  • Heaven or hell?
  • What a nice garden
  • Purist
  • Over budget…
  • Easy peasy
  • Hollow 2?
  • Foggier than most
  • Hollow
  • Even foggier
  • Super Easy
  • Easier than Cobble
  • Azure 2 – DLC
  • The Cobbler
  • A blueish color – DLC
  • In the middle of nowhere – DLC
  • Cinderblocks! – DLC
  • Cinder….ella? – DLC
  • I still can’t remember you… – DLC


Fail 10 000 times….. What are you even doing?

  • Open up Ez 1.
  • Hold down W.

This takes about an hour or less so you could use a macro.


Finish 500 times!

Pick a map such as Ancient or Ez 1 that takes a very short time to complete and finish it 500 times, haven’t found any other ways around this but Ez 1 only takes about 4 seconds so it’s not that bad.

Spam Much?

Jump 1 000 000 times!

  • Open cobble and turn left as you leave the spawn tunnel into a cave like room.
  • Walk up to the edge (you”ll be able to see through the map).
  • Hold down Ctrl + w + Space.

You will should be shaking very fast and/or your velocity should be flickering very fast.
This will take a very long time so you could use a macro for this also.

What’s This? (Hidden Achievement)

This achievement requires you to complete a secret level. The secret level is found on Hollow 1 in the big ramp room behind the ramp in the very dark area, you’ll want to turn on your flash light. If you walk up far enough you’ll see the blue portal, Bhop to that and then it will take you to the level.
If anyone needs any help with locating this leave a comment or dm me.

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