Prison Architect – How to Deal with The Mentally Insane Inmates

This guide is going to explain and help you deal with the new class of Mentally Insane Inmates in Prison Architect that are included in the Physc Ward DLC. I will also be explaining new functions the DLC provides as well as some information to help you really understand what this DLC has to offer.

Dealing with The Mentally Insane Inmates Guide

Mentally Insane Inmates Type

Mentally Insane Inmates are well Insane to be real there going to set your prison ablaze, kill people, start riots, burn more stuff, bring stuff to places where they shouldn’t be, kill more people, and so on. Basically Mentally Insane Inmates do crazy stuff, oh my god oh who would have thought, if you don’t properly care or pay good attention to them.

How to Prepare for and Receive Mentally Insane Inmates

Preparing for Mentally Insane Inmates

For one your going to need a different type of cell blocks known as padded cells. This is an absolute requirement according to the game to even get Mentally Insane Inmates to begin with. Next your going to need to get a warden and research “orderlies” I’m going to note this and note this now regular guards cannot handle or cannot do anything with mentally insane inmates heck the guards can’t even touch the mentally insane inmates. The only staff that can handle and deal with the Mentally Insane inmates is orderlies and if you don’t have any orderlies and you bring mentally insane inmates to your prison then that’s on you sadly just make sure you have orderlies. To further prepare for Mentally Insane inmates your going to need to get Physc staff so you can do mental rehabilitation programs to make the Mentally Insane inmates less insane. Trust me your going to need this type of staff or the Mentally Insane will make the prison go in chaos easily. The point of getting these Physc Staff is to deal with the Mentally Insane Inmates insanity and control them while making them less insane. If you are doing a prison that holds both normal and Mentally Insane Inmates make sure you get a separate cell block that separates Normal and Mentally Insane inmates.

Receiving Mentally Insane Inmates

Now there is a plus side to getting Insane Inmates for one its a big pay out from these inmates so expect that but apart from that that’s legit the only positive thing about getting Insane Inmates.When you receive Insane inmates keep a eye on them and make sure there not ready to tear your work of a prison down. Cause they wont fluffing hesitate to burn your prison to its foundation.Once you get Mentally insane Inmates there is no going back for normal inmates. Well I mean you’ll still get normal inmates but you’ll also have mentally insane Inmates. Who would have known?

Mentally Insane Inmates Insanity System

The Mentally Insane Inmates type has a icon of three bars floating above them at all times. That bar shows there insanity and you want that low as possible. The first bar is low class insanity, during this bar the inmate has a low chance of doing anything terrible and generally wont struggle or really do insane stuff like oh I don’t know burning your whole prison down after you worked four hours on it. The second bar is where things get heated at this point the inmate might start to do moderately crazy things, might start ignoring the regime such as lights out or yard time, and this is the point of insanity where they can kill and potentially just walk out of your prison provided you don’t have the resources to keep them in, such as sniper towers or deployment zones. The last and third bar is a Mentally Insane Prisoners max insanity they will do crazy stuff such as burning your prison down, killing more staff and prisoners, breaking things,and they’ll just be a night mare to your prison if you don’t do sessions with them as these things I listed have the highest chance of happening rate. All you have to do to keep the Mentally Insane Inmates under control is that you must try to keep there insanity bars or lower it below two bars.

Some Notes about the DLC and Tips

Notes about the DLC itself

The Physc Ward DLC Offers new building customization’s and much more as well as you being able to select a type of K-9, I personally like how they added cats as a K-9 option, it allows for more variety and allows you to be you. It also includes two new wardens for the game as well as changes some things about the game. For one if your prisoner conditions are bad enough normal prisoners can turn insane and you wont be prepared to deal with them, which is oh god no, so keep your prison well ran. Two you can really expand on the outdoor prison idea with the fence doors that are included in this. Three if your a cat person there is that addition I mentioned earlier of you able to select cats as a type of K-9.


  1. Mentally Insane Inmates can partake in reformative programs, I have personally seen Mentally Insane inmates pass these programs as going so far to see one pass the General Education Program.
  2. Mentally Insane Inmates can be paroled just like normal Inmates however there determined differently unlike normal prisoner paroles.
  3. Mentally Insane Inmates can have jobs just like normal Inmates so keep in mind if your going to assign prisoners to a cleaning cupboard, which I note has toxins, or the kitchen, which food can be “changed” by Mentally Insane inmates.
  4. Sometimes Mentally Insane inmates will bring stuff from places like the shop or library to random rooms and set these objects in the middle of the floor. Its recommended that you punish them yourself as the orderlies nor the guards are gonna do nothing about it nor is anyone gonna touch any of the objects so just as well throw that stuff in the middle floor away.
  5. If combining normal Inmates and Mentally Insane Inmates in the same prison make sure you have separate areas for both these classes such as where they eat and what they do.


So there you go, you should now know and better understand how to Deal with The Mentally Insane Inmates and what you should do in order to keep an eye on them as well as control them.

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