Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Stats for All the Single Ladies

Stats of all the Single Ladies in the game, for you to decide whos the best Wife.

How to Find Best Wife

Intro to Marriage

Once you’ve built a small warband, you’ll want to take advantage of marriage. Wives with good stats can lead clan parties, govern castles and settlements, lead caravans, be companions in your party, and provide children (this feature seems to be incomplete and useless). Getting married is rather simple. First, pick an eligible lady and use the encyclopedia (‘N’ Key on world map) to find her.

Before talking to her make sure to save (in case you fail the charm mini-game) When you talk to her choose the option to profess yourself her Admirer, this will lead to a charm mini-game. To win just pick the options with the highest success rates. If you fail just reload the previous save and try again. If you succeed you need to leave and wait at least two days before returning. When you return you’ll need to do another charm mini-game (make sure to save). When you succeed you’ll have to get permission from her father, or other notable clan members.

To finish this part you’ll have to find the father (use the encyclopedia). When you talk to him you’ll enter a barter where you have to pay to finish the marriage, cost is generally about 5k. Once you finish the barter your new wife will join your clan, but you’ll have to pick her up first, she’ll probably come equipped with very high tier armour and weapons. Note: Weddings don’t yet seem to be in the game.

Picking a Wife

Who you chose as your wife depends on what you want your wife to do. If your planning on giving her a party you should look for high tactics and combat skills, like Liena. If you want to make her governor, steward seems to be the only trait that matters, someone like Sora. If you want another fighter in your party look at combat skills, like Siga.

Stats Sheet

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