Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories – Complete Achievement Guide

This is a quick and dirty achievement guide. Most of the ones you will get naturally will be glossed over with more detail provided for the trickier ones.

How to Obtain All Achievements


This guide is intended to be really loose, but hopefully with enough detail for you to catch that elusive achievement that’s been hounding you. I’ve tried to organize it in a meaningful way rather than in the order you get them as some of the more complex achievements require some forethought. Anything that I feel requires some planning will be in the last section.

Obviously, this guide will contain a lot of spoilers. I thoroughly recommend you either a) play through the game once without any help and/or b) create a copious amount of save points so that you don’t have to play the entire game again. However, some of the long-haul achievements listed at the end of this guide should be looked at ahead of time if you are on your second playthrough in order to save yourself some time.

Spoiler-Free Prep Steps

This section is for people who don’t want to replay the game, but still want to nab everything. The possible endings do not rely on the moral choices you make throughout the game but are rather dependent on fairly obvious decision points.

Some achievements in Disaster Report 4 are front-loaded, meaning you have to do some specific things to set them up to pop at a later point in the game. If you do these steps and leverage some save scumming, you can grab every achievement without having to replay the entire game.

Play Like a Jerk

Throughout the game, you will be given obvious good and bad choices. Through many of these choices you will be awarded with either moral or immoral points. One achievement requires you to gain points in both and it is easily achieved by playing like a jerk. The amount of points you earn in either doesn’t affect the ending at all and most of the time, the results will be absolutely the same. When they differ, all you will get is a unique scene or a piece of dialogue, but the end result is always the same. Only in one very specific case will it alter the ending, but only in a cosmetic way.

Specific Things to Do

  • Do not steal from Akemi (the fashion designer). This may not be concrete, but an achievement requires you to be in good standing with her so it’s probably wise not to risk it. You’ll run into her a number of times should you seek her out. The second time will be at night. Say something good to her then.
  • A certain character is clearly dangerous and looks ghostly. Don’t be afraid. Give ’em a bandage instead and keep being nice in the future.
  • Buy cat food, even if it’s expensive.

On with the show!

Naturally-Occurring Achievements

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting these and should pick up most, if not all of them naturally as you play the game. However, if you’re having trouble, the details are below.

First Day: Despair

  • Complete the first day. Not that hard.

Second Day: Sorrow

  • Complete the second day.

Third Day: Reunion

  • Surprise! Complete the third day.

Fourth Day: Escape

  • Complete the eighth day. Not really. Complete the fourth day!

Fifth Day: Recovery

  • Yawn. Fifth day. Blah blah.

Sixth Day…

  • Complete the sixth day?

Holding Steady

  • You will get this if you brace yourself in time during large tremors three times before they knock you off your feet. These are accompanied by a loud crash. This is pretty easy to get even if you miss a few. The game will throw tremors at you quite often, though not all of them are big ones.

City Trekker

  • Take 10000 steps in the game. Don’t bother counting. You’ll get this easily.

The Hunger, the Hunger!

  • You’ll pop this the first time you eat something. If it doesn’t pop, eat more!

Absolutely Parched

  • Similarly, you’ll get this the first time you drink something. If it doesn’t happen, keep going until you’re Not Thirsty

Taking Care of Business

  • You get this the first time you use the bathroom. For fun, use a urinal as a woman.

Bag of Holding

  • Popped the first time you pick up a bag. The easiest one to get is in the clothing store in the first area of the game (Suiren Park) right on the counter. This doesn’t count as theft. If you miss it, don’t worry – there’s bags everywhere.

First Companion

  • This is pretty much forced on you. Don’t sweat it.

Underwater Odyssey

  • You’ll have to do this in order to progress through the game. This will happen when you need to make the long rope in the boat section of the game (diving into building C).

An Item Assembled!

  • You’ll have to do this in order to progress through the game. This will happen when you need to make the long rope in the boat section of the game (actually assembling the rope).

Where’s Ku-Chan?

  • Naturally occurs in order to progress through the game at the tail end of the boat section. Get the teddy bear from the front of the house using the boat. Oddly, you don’t get one for saving the old man.

Lovers’ Reunion

  • Pops when you escort Kanae back to Tomoya in Suiren Park. Can’t miss it.

The Miraculous Miracle Water

  • In one of the more ridiculous sections of the game, you will be healing people with cruddy roof water at the elementary school. This is a mandatory thing so you can’t miss this achievement. Take the time to demand money and earn some immoral points if you’re so inclined.

Decision Time! Escape to the Airport! / Decision Time! Escape to City Hall!

  • Save before you get on the bike. Going to the bridge leads to the airport. Going to City Hall leads to… City Hall. This is the decision point that determines what ending you’re going for.

Achievements With Effort

These are missable, but fairly easy achievements to grab if you’re thorough. Just follow along if you’re struggling!

Emotional Awareness

  • I’m pretty certain this happens naturally, but not entirely as I don’t remember what triggered it. Suffice to say, talk to Ms. Higa’s students as you come across them and this should pop for you.

Starving Cat-astrophe

  • Be sure to buy the single can of cat food from the fake store manager when the opportunity arises. As you’re escaping around the building catwalk soon thereafter, you will encounter a box with a kitten inside. Feed it the cat food when you examine the box (and be mindful of the crumbling catwalk corner). Feel free to judge Kanae for running past it without a second glance.

City Scoundrel

  • After your overly-long boat ride, you will see our good fake manager friend Kumazawa trying to open a safe on the shore you landed on. As you run around the station and eventually open the shutter, find the “moody woman” sitting on the same stairs on the left side if you’re looking up to the platform from below. She will give you a crowbar she that her dad gave her. Why? We don’t ask these questions. Get the crowbar over to Kumazawa. For some reason, you also get a moral point out of this. Again, we don’t ask these questions.

Scoop on a Rival

  • When you’re stuck under the highway just outside of Kerberos, you’ll have to go into the office to get the key from the secretary office admin after you examine the gate to the fence. Go further into the office and listen in on the meeting to get the achievement.

Asset Collector

  • Save your game prior to meeting the mayor in the gym at the elementary school. Don’t bother trying to do this organically; it’s impossible. Instead, when you’re doing the miracle water section and he asks you what you want, demand his real estate assets and this will pop.

Title of Authority

  • Save your game prior to meeting the mayor in the gym at the elementary school. Rather than demand the mayor’s house, demand to change the title of the game. This will be reflected on load screens and the title menu from now on. For fun, you can also demand the credits to roll, but there’s no achievement for that.

Costume Collector

  • This is fairly easy, but can be missed. Pick up and/or purchase a total of 15 costumes. You will find many of them just lying around, but some vendors like the guy outside the Italian restaurant and Akemi at the department store will sell them to you, not to mention the few people selling from boxes outside of Kerberos.

Compass Collector

  • This is hard to miss, honestly. You need to pick up 22 compasses and you will stumble on way more than that if you’re searching nooks and crannies. Almost any time you go off the beaten path, you will find a new compass. Look for obvious chunks on the ground to move towards and the blue indicator will show up if it’s a compass. Some are well-hidden, but you shouldn’t have any trouble with this and I honestly don’t have a list.

Wide-Eyed Youth

  • This is easiest to get once you’re heading towards one of the endings. Go to the pause menu and open up the “People” tab. It’s not enough to just have 90 entries; you will have to select and scroll through all of them. It only takes a few seconds and you should have plenty by the time you’re at the end of the game.

The Musician’s Request

  • This can technically be missed, but you have to be trying to miss it. When you meet the guitar player for the second time, she will be performing just outside of the Italian restaurant. She will stop to ask if she can talk to you. Immediately talk to her after the cutscene and find out what she’s going on about. It’s that easy.

Effective Solicitor

  • This is fairly easy to get, but also easy to mess up. During the White Coats section of the game, after you recruit 3 people, you’ll be invited to take over operations as head honcho. Decline that offer and go back to recruiting. You only need two more to get this achievement (5 total), but you can recruit over 18 people if you want to rack up some moral points. If you’ve accepted the Leader position, you can still recruit people, but it doesn’t count towards the achievement nor will it award you points.


  • Easily missed. On Day 5 when you’re back in the Suiren Park area, head into the lobby of Glitner Inc. across the street from Akemi’s clothing store and talk to the people at the counter. One of them gives you this achievement.

A Simple Bath

  • This is not the makeshift bath-in-an-oil-drum thing during the Naota x Rie story, so don’t waste your time trying to get in there. This occurs only during the City Hall ending. When you’re in the shelter area, simply make your way to the tents and take an oddly-descriptive bath.

Romance? Or Friendship?

  • Easily missed. After the fiasco with Yayoi at Ajisai Crossing, the streets will now be opened. The obvious route is towards Ms. Higa’s younger brother (how sad) and you can deal with him if you like. However, instead take the other route and you will find yourself outside of Vestola Inc. Crawl under the shutters as usual and make your way up to the office. Ask the d-bag president for a nice chat and you’ll get this achievement.

Memories of Summer

  • Your achievement for grabbing all other achievements.

Long-Haul / Complex Achievements

This is the section you’re probably here for. These are the tough-to-get cheevos, so here’s how to get them!

Curse of the Fifth Floor

There are five locations in the game where you will interact with a ghost girl. I’m not sure what the cultural significance is, but let it be known if you’re looking for five-storey buildings, you’re on the wrong track. Each of the locations is a stairway (or a partial one) that you need to investigate as you pass by. Here they are in order of appearance:

  • The first one you encounter is right before you head up the ladder in building D. Instead, go down the stairwell and investigate the graffiti when prompted.
  • The second one can be found in the burnt-out remains of the hotel next to the Italian restaurant when you return to the location. Climb a little way up the stairs and you’ll see the prompt.
  • The third one is when you’re carrying the old lady across town. When you’re crossing the first chasm on the awnings, hop in the open window before crossing all the way over. Lug the old lady down the stairs and you’ll find the prompt.
  • Number four is in the gym entrance at the elementary school after you’ve been invited inside by the mayor. Simply go up the stairs near the wheelchair guy and you’ll find the prompt.
  • The final appearance of the ghost girl is in the burnt out remains of a house in the Housenka Shopping St. before you go through the orphanage. There’s a half set of burnt-out stairs nearby that has the prompt and will pop the cheevo for you.

Kiss of Gratitude

This is a long-haul, but fairly easy to get. Akemi, the fashion designer, will always be in her store and you will have a chance to visit it three times.

The first time is right off the bat where you have to rescue her from the back room. Not much here other than a recommendation not to steal. I don’t know if that actually affects the achievement, but why risk it?

The second time you return to the area is at night and she has been forced to close her store. You can crawl under the shutter and find her on the second floor. Talk to her and tell her what happens next depends on her. Also check the back room again for a new bag.

Finally, on your third visit through the area when Kanae wants you to hand out numbered tickets, be sure to visit Akemi in her store and demand a kiss as a reward. This will get you the achievement.

Love From the Jewelry Lady

This one is bonkers and stretches out through the entire game, so hopefully you took my advice in the first section and handed out some bandages. Let’s not ask why we want to do this, but rather let’s just simply do it.

You will first encounter the Jewelry Lady as you pass through the jewelry store at Ajisai Crossing. You need to get the front door key from the safe she is currently looting. Oh, and it also appears that she stabbed a guy. Good times.

  1. Rather than shriek in horror, have some compassion and hand her some bandages.
  2. The second time you pass through the alleyway behind the jewelry store, she’ll be hanging out there waiting to scare you. This time, ask about her injury. She’ll still claim that she’s not going to share anything, but that’s fine. Go about your business.
  3. This is the hard and heartbreaking part. When you are tasked with saving Yayoi from two thugs doing horrible things to her, when you find her, simply leave her alone. It’s cruel, I know, but this is to ensure that she doesn’t start following you as you need to be alone.

When you exit the jewelry store, Ms. Higa’s younger brother is waiting down the now-open street to ask if you’ve seen her. It doesn’t matter what you say to him, but send him on his way (I’m not sure if this is required, but it’s what I did to get her to appear).

Then, enter and exit the jewelry store one more time (try not to look at Yayoi; it’s very sad). When you come out, our crazy Jewelry Lady should come running up to you with a gift. Moreover, she will start following you around like a crazy stalker. Unfortunately, she won’t accompany you when you get on the bike. If you like, you can try to get Yayoi after this, but I didn’t try it myself.

Passionate Revival

There is a sad lady on the third floor of Akemi’s clothing store in Suiren Park. The first time you meet her, she will give you the key to the staff room where Akemi is trapped.

When you return to the store after it’s closed, she’s still sitting there. Talk to her and offer to grow her money. She will give you a hefty sum of cash because she’s desperate (she has her own theme song, man).

Finally on the third visit to Suiren Park, be sure to visit her with your oodles of White Coats cash and make good on your offer. You must pay her the maximum amount you can to the tune of over 1million yen (I think it’s 10x, I can’t remember). She will then give you half the deed to the Italian restaurant. Choosing any other option will not get you the deed.

When you’re later off failing to rescue Yayoi, you might as well make a pit stop on your way through the Italian restaurant kitchen and talk to the owner. Give her the deed for free (do not demand 120 million yen, as funny as that may be). She will reward you with a watch, a title, and an achievement.

Epilogue Achievements

There are three naturally-occurring achievements to collect. I’ve only played the Epilogue once, but I don’t think these are missable at all.

Investigative Journalism

  • Follow the storyline with the journalist looking for dirt on the president of Vestola and you’ll get this.

A Villain’s Comeuppance

  • This comes during the last section of the Epilogue where you engage in a fight against two dirtbags accosting one of Ms. Higa’s students. Win the first fight and you’ll get this achievement. Side note – hadouken and tornado kick inputs work during this fight sequence. It’s really dumb considering the context in which it’s happening, but hey.. Japan!

A Letter From Yayoi

  • Simply watch the final cutscene and the credits and get an update from our unfortunate friend Yayoi. At least she seems to be doing well.
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