Granblue Fantasy: Versus – How to Make Remote Play Together Work with a Controller (No Extra Controller Required)

This guide explains how to make remote play together work with a controller for the client. No extra controller required.

Guide on How-To


Remote play together doesn’t work out of the box with granblue fantasy versus, because the game only detects controllers that were plugged in before boot.

How to Make It Work

First of all, you need a second game that supports remote play together I used Ys VIII to test it, but it shouldn’t matter which one you use.

There’s demos and free to play games that support it (I haven’t tested them myself, but they should work!).

The idea is to have the “virtual second controller” that remote play together creates connected before booting granblue.

  1. Open another game that supports remote play together.
  2. Start remote play together with your friend.
  3. (optional) Check that the controller is working.
  4. Now, without closing the game, open Granblue Fantasy Vs.
  5. When the first prompt to press ok appears, end the remote play together session on the other game.
  6. Start remote play together from inside granblue (shift + tab to open the friend list and then, right click and remote play together).

And that’s all! A third controller should be appearing on the Vs. screen.

Now you can close the other game.

Written by Layla

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