Black Mesa – How to Find Gordon’s Passport

How to find his passport in the hl1 remake.

Guide to Finding Gordon’s Passport

Part 1

Play as normal till locker room remember its not in his locker instead there is a key somewhere pick it up and bring it back to start point of anomulus materials.

Part 2

When in the begin of materials there is a door unlock it with the key and go.

After go down hall and you should see benrey there approach and he should start asking you if you have passport he then get mad and teleport you.

Part 3: Boss

After teleport you should be here your health and armour plus ammo should be upgraded for the boss.

After enter the arena and benrey should start to yell at you for not having your passport.

Then you should a message saying the security guards hate you and benrey should mutate attack at the head its his weakspot.

Then you will be back at the armoury to stock up for phase 2 enter the arena then attack the benreylith its weak spot are his crystals.

Part 4: Final

After he should demutate and fall down go up to his body and you will get gordon’s passport.

After a portal will open leading you to chapter 3 unforseen consequeces thx for reading but this is one weird easter egg.

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