We Went Back – Comprehensive Walkthrough Guide

Here is complete walkthrough of We Went Back.

Guide to Walkthrough

Some Notes

This guide contains spoilers.

Using the Circular Door

We went back features a changing environment throughout the game. You will need to enter the circular door at the end of the hallway to advance the story quite often.

Inspecting Clues

When inspecting clues you must turn them until you can see the symbol for that clue. You will hear an audio cue to tell you that you have found the correct angle of view.

Arranging the Polaroids

To solve the word puzzle you must click on the picture you wish to move and then click on the space that you wish to move it.

Finding the Record Room

The first room you enter will feature a large door and computer terminal. Our objective is to unlock this door by entering a 6 letter password.

Before entering the next room you must grab the Polaroid camera hanging from a rope.

Continue down the long curved hallway and enter the large circular door. After some walking you will find yourself blocked by a spacesuit. Look down and to the left and open the vent.

After crawling through the vent you will find yourself in a small room with a record player and a corkboard. The corkboard has a poster featuring the phases of the moon and 2 Polaroid pictures labeled “I” and “E”.

Completing the Polaroid Collection

There are 4 missing spaces on the corkboard that need to be filled to solve the puzzle. First you must crawl back through the vent you came from and continue into the recreation room. On the pool table you will find your first clue, what looks to be a hard drive.

You can continue through the remaining rooms and enter the door. You must now make your way to the greenhouse. Your second clue can be found in one of the planters on the left side. It is a severed hand.

Once again you need to make your way to the door, but not before encountering a friend. The only way to continue past this section is to approach the figure.

You may now continue to the door uninterrupted. Now go to the lab where you can find a microscope on a desk on the right side. The petri dish on the microscope is your third clue.

Go to the door. Walk to the control room, the one with multiple computer screens, and find your fourth and final clue, an eyeball impaled by a pencil

Return to the Record room after going through the door again. You will find a golden record on the player which you must take.

While observing the corkboard you can spin the golden record which now sits on the poster. After enough spins the symbols on the pictures will be decoded and the puzzle is ready to be solved.

Escaping the Station

Now that your pictures are ready to be sorted you can begin trying to unscramble the word. Note that the original two pictures cannot be moved.

When the puzzle is completed the pictures will spell: FUTILE

Return through the vent and make your way to the door for the last time. You can approach the terminal and enter your password

When you have typed in the password, press Enter on your keyboard and, if it is correct, you will trigger the ending cutscene.

Password entered correctly

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