Subnautica – How to find the PCF (Primary Containment Facility)

Here is a quick guide for finding the Primary Containment Facility.

Guide to Finding the PCF


In this guide – as you might have guessed – I will be telling you of a quick, relatively safe (who am I kidding) path to the PCF. I will do my best to mark major spoilers, but if you’re reading this you should know most of the story by now.


For this to work there are a few things that need to have happened, both story wise & through construction.

  1. The first (and only) story related progress you require is a radio message from CTO Yu Lifepod 2 – Northern Blood Kelp Zone.
  2. You will need a Cyclops sub with it’s Mk. 3 depth module for this – a seamoth can only go about half as deep as we need to, & a prawn Suit will run out of juice before you get there.
  3. You will also need a Reinforced Dive Suit – where we’re going it gets hot!
  4. You will also need a blue tablet – I’ll tell you where to get that later.

The Process

Now. For the long awaited trip to the Primary Containment facility!

Step 1

Get in your Cyclops. Make sure you have received Yu’s message. Go there (ensure you have enough rations) & look around for a large opening in the cliff face. There may or may not be a crabsquid guarding the entrance – just turn your lights off.

Step 2

The interior of the cave should look something like this:

Once you have entered the cave keep left! This is very very very important as there is a juvenile ghost leviathan to the right. I found that out the hard way…

After this you should find a large hole that drops straight down – start the decent.

Step 3

Stay right now. This is also very important as you don’t want to wander into another leviathan’s territory. After a relatively short distance you should find another opening. Turn right into it. The cave should look something like this:

Step 4

Follow the blue brine. This stuff won’t hurt you like the green version does.

Step 5

The water should be starting to bubble, & the temperature will be climbing – fast. Keep an eye out for Lava Larva – they’ll drain your power cells & leave you stranded. Don’t worry, your vehicle is immune to heat damage (not lava though – that’s too hot). Carry on through this lava corridor & you should reach a vast cave with small lava rivers & very loud roaring. Have a quick look around for large hostiles – switch to silent running if necessary to avoid destruction.

Step 6

You will need a Blue Tablet to access the facility – get the blueprint from inside the Lava Castle (that big rock dome. Take your power cells with you – you don’t want the energy sucked out of them by the Larva There should be a doorway looking thing leading through some caves – watch out for Lava Lizards.

Step 7

Once you have returned from your task of the blue tablet, follow the streams of lava – you should find a large depression that your sub will fit down. Go down this hole, but beware – a Sea Dragon Leviathan guards your target.

Step 8

Switch to silent running if you haven’t already – you won’t make it there alive if you don’t. Now – go around the leviathan by clinging to the cave walls.

You should be at the PCF by now – make use of your blue tablet & open the facility!


Congrats. You have reached your target. Now go finish that storyline!

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