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Mists of Noyah - Starter Guide

Written by Angel Dust   /   May 31, 2020    

In this guide, I will walk you through the very basics of getting started in Mists of Noyah.

How to Start

Starting a New Game

When you first start the game you'll be presented with the option to create a new world. Click on any of the buttons and give your world a name. After it loads, you will presented with the character selection screen.

Choosing Your Character

There are currently 5 characters in the game to pick from, each with their own abilities and play styles, and each one deals with the challenges you will face in a slightly different way.



Vlyat uses a sword and blood magic to deal with enemies. He is a primarily melee focused build that is primarily focused on damage but has a couple decent support abilities as well. He is a good all around character.


Ninn is a magic user that uses water as her primary form of attack. She has relatively low damage and health compared to the other characters, but makes up for with a vast array of abilities to strengthen and support herself and her allies. While Ninn herself is more fragile than other characters, the abilities she brings to battle can make her very good at dealing with many enemies at a time.


Allure uses fire to destroy his opponents. He is primarily about dealing a lot of damage to his opponents, however this comes at the cost that he has very little support or sustain abilities. He is primarily melee focused, but has no ability to heal himself outside of items. He is a high risk/high reward character and probably requires the most mechanical skill to play well.


Lance is an arcane ranger that primarily uses a bow to strike down his enemies. Lance is unique in the fact that his primary fire has three levels of charge to it. The longer you hold the attack button down, the stronger his charge will be until it caps out, releasing a very powerful strike. Like Allure, he is primarily damage focused and has no ability to heal himself, though the fact that he can keep enemies at range makes him slightly easier to handle than Allure. His magical enhancements primarily focus on electrical damage and the ability to confuse the enemy.


Rhys is by far the tankiest character and probably the best character to play for beginners. His abilities are strong, he has the highest base HP and Armor in the game so he can take a lot of hits and he is the most forgiving. He also has two ways of healing himself and his allies, as well as giving him a temporary HP boost. He is, however the slowest character in the game as far as movement and attack speed and also lacks any ranged attacks so that is something to take into consideration when choosing to play Rhys.

Character Statistics

When you first enter the game, you will be standing in your fort, in front of the Crystal.

At the top left of the screen you will see your character, health and mana:

If you press TAB you will see your inventory and status window:

Inside this window you will see your inventory on the right and your stats on the left next to your equipment and character portrait. The three slots below your character portrait indicate what weapon, armor and helmet you are currently wearing. Below that is your Accessories. A player can equip any combination of 8 accessories they find or craft in the game to customize their character and better fit their own play style.

The Stats

Each stat your character has is indicated by an icon. The meanings of the icons are as follows:

Each of these influences a different aspect of your character's abilities, anywhere from how much damage they do, to their crit rate, or even their ability to catch fish and harvest materials.

Most of these are self explanatory in what they do and how they function. Health total, mana total, attack speed and so forth.

The World

In the world of Mists of Noyah, your primary focus is on defending your fort and your crystal. Enemies will occasionally come to the fort to attack it, and as the days pass the forces will get more and more brutal.

The world is a brutal place

You may find yourself struggling to fight even the most basic enemies when you first start out. Keep in mind that enemies can hurt you just by touching you, they do not need to actually be attacking. It is best to avoid being touched by enemies the best you can.

Basic Movement

There are many abilities that allow you to move freely in the world. You can use these abilities to traverse terrain or to avoid being hit in combat.


By pressing SHIFT you will dash forward a short distance, allowing you to move faster. You are also invulnerable while dashing, which is a good way of dodging enemy attacks and positioning yourself in a more favorable situation in combat. It will also allow you to pass through enemies without taking damage. You can also use dashing in the air to jump over large gaps.

Double Jump

All of the characters have the ability to perform a secondary jump after the first. Use this to gain extra height to either vault over enemies or to get to higher ground.

Wall Jump

You can cling to walls and jump off of them to climb to higher areas, or to slow your decent if you are worried about dropping blindly into areas that you can't see. You can combine the wall jump with double jumping and dashing in order to traverse the world a bit easier.


To create new items and to help defend your fort and crystal, you will need to harvest materials. All of the characters have the innate ability to harvest trees, mineral deposits, plants and can fish without any special equipment. However, there is equipment in the game that you can make that will increase your harvesting power to make these tasks easier. To harvest materials from the world, stand next to them until you see the harvesting icon appear, then press E repeatedly to harvest the resource. The amount of hits it takes to harvest a resource depends on your harvesting power and what kind of resource it is.

Rescuing NPC's

You will find NPC's locked in cages as you explore the world. To free them, walk up to their cage and press E. You will hear a noise and see a green home icon above their head. They will now be at your Fort. NPC's help defend your fort during an attack and some NPC's have special abilities, such as acting as shop keepers. These are your only allies in this harsh world.


Equipment plays a major role in Mists of Noyah, and you will need every advantage you can get. Even something as simple as a wooden shield or ring can make the difference between victory or defeat, so you should try to craft as much as possible based on the needs of your character.

To start out, you should craft a full set of wooden equipment. Ring, Armor, Shield, Amulet, everything. You will find that your adventure will become much easier and more rewarding as you craft and find new and more powerful equipment.

Crafting Equipment

To craft most equipment you will need to go to the furnace and anvil located in your fort, just to the left of the crystal.

Here you will find two different crafting menus, one for smelting down ores and other things you find, and one for crafting materials. To smelt ore, you will need coal, and to get coal you can burn wood in the furnace. Coal is used in a LOT of crafting materials so it's always good to stockpile it when you can.

Once you have selected something to smelt or craft, you will see it's progress bar below. When it is done, simply right click the item to move it to your inventory. Once you have enough materials to craft an item, it works the same way as smelting. Select the item to craft, wait for it to finish and then collect the item. You do not have to stay at the crafting station while things smelt or craft. You can command it to smelt or craft as much as you want (Provided you have materials) and it will continue to make them while you are off doing other things. Just don't forget to collect your finished goods before you save and quit, because anything left in the smelter or the crafting table will be lost if you do not collect it!

There are many other stations around your fort that allow you to craft such things as potions and food. Look around a bit to see what's available to you!

Health and Mana

Managing your health and mana are incredibly important. All of the characters have very slight mana regeneration, but you are going to want more! How do you do that? Potions and food!


Food will often give you passive buffs to help you out through the game. The most common and important is the Well Fed bonus. Most basic food items such as cooked meat and apples will provide you with this bonus, so they are good to have with you. A good adventurer does not adventure on an empty stomach! Make sure you are well fed when you go adventuring to keep your health and mana pools topped off.

Apples in particular are easy to find from chopped down trees and make a good snack.


Potions are quick fixes in case of emergencies. They are harder to craft and obtain than food but they are often more potent. If you can't get a hold of potions right away, don't panic, they are luxury items you will make use of as the game progresses. Use food to keep yourself going in the meantime.


Food will give you slight health regeneration but it won't keep you alive in heavy combat. For this you are going to want to use potions or spells. Many of the characters have ways of healing themselves, with Ninn being the best at it. As you play and learn your character you will discover the best way to keep yourself healthy and alive, as some methods are better than others depending on who you are playing as. Just remember, don't ignore food! Even if the health bonuses are not the best, you will need the mana being well fed generates to cast those healing spells!

Playing the Game

Now that you know all about movement, survival, crafting and general staying alive, it's time to explore. There are many places to explore, each with their own treasures and dangers. Just remember, if you die you will respawn at the crystal in your fort.


If you die, don't panic. It happens a lot. You do not drop anything when you die, but you do lose 15% of the money you are carrying, you get a minor debuff called Death Sickness as well that lingers for about a minute after you are resurrected. In this state your defenses and attack power are weaker, so it's best to do some things around the fort until this wears off. You can still explore with the debuff, but just be careful. Death is part of the learning process in Mists of Noyah, so if you die, do not be discouraged.


There are many biomes to explore in the world as well as the caves below each of them. You may run across dangerous and nasty critters. If you find one that is particularly difficult to deal with, try exploring somewhere else until you can get better equipment to face the challenges that lie deep below the surface.

Day & Night Cycle

Days pass just like they do in real life, and as night falls the world gets darker and more dangerous. You will fight many different enemies during the night that you will not fight in the day, so it's best to be prepared if you are going to venture out at night.

Keep in mind, as the days pass the dark forces grow stronger and on day 7 the first of many assaults on your fort will begin. Every 7 days your fort will face another siege. Use your time wisely to gather resources, craft equipment and rescue allies to help you fend off the forces of darkness for as long as you can! Just remember to protect your crystal.

Go forth and survive!

You are now armed with enough information to face the challenges ahead. How you proceed from here is up to you. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be to answer some of the more common questions people have that may not be covered in this guide.

  • Q: "I built a gate and now I can't get through it. How do I open it?"
  • A: The gates to the fort can be operated by pressing up. If you are using a keyboard, this would be the W key. You press up both to open and close the gate.

  • Q: "How I mine 4 fish?" (How do I use the fishing rod?)
  • A: You actually do not need a fishing rod to fish. It simply increases your fishing skill. What you are looking for is a dock like structure situated over a body of water. You will find the fishing icon here, and you simply have to press E to fish, wait for the line to wiggle, then press E again to reel in your catch.

Written by Angel Dust.