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tModLoader - How to Achieve Limitless Pain and Suffering

Written by Ultranium   /   Jun 4, 2020    

Self hate, but in the form of many mods.

Guide to Get Pain and Suffering

Go to Mod Browser

Open tmodloader and click on mod browser.

Download These Mods and Pray

  • Calamity mod.
  • Elements awoken.
  • Calamity mod and/or Elements awoken music.
  • Fargo's souls mod.
  • Fargo's mutant mod.
  • Leveled.
  • AFKpets.
  • Shadows of Abaddon.

If you want all that can come from Fargo's souls, then Thorium as well, and Masochist mode ex.

I have seen something called jetshift that adds something in, so that could be interesting, but there is probably enough already.

The Praying Is for Whether or Not Is Even Works

The only way that I have done this in the past wasn't even with basic tmodloader, so hope what has been done will function somewhat properly.

If It Did Work

Then prepare to suffer and likely crash more than you can play.

If It Didn't

Then sorry.

But i can recommend the 64 bit version since that would probably be able to handle it.

Assuming It Worked

  • When making the world, choose critical mode rather than expert.
  • Open starter bag and enable revengance and death.
  • Use elemental capsule for awakened mode.
  • Masochist/eternity mode is already enabled.
  • Find an altar as soon as possible to get the emblem of fun to enable fun mode.
  • If you chose to have jetshift, make the flames of the deities to enable nightmare mode.

When You Kill Moonlord, Assuming You Make It That Far

If the game works properly, he should drop Sigil of the Corrupted One, which enables true mode for the final difficulty boost.

Written by Ultranium.

Game:   tModLoader