Dude Simulator – How to Get a Lot of Money

To get the best weapons in this game, you’ll need to have money. And to have money, you’ll need this guide, the game, and a sense of humor. This guide will explain how to get more money in Dude Simulator using the crazy physics of the NPCs and the fact that dying in the game does not reset the money on the ground or your items.

Outline of Methods

There are three easy methods to get a lot of money in Dude Simulator, those being what I like to call the Vehicle Method, the River Method, and the NPC Dogpile Method. These three methods will have their own sections in this guide.

Vehicle Method: Using any vehicle, including a shopping cart, for NPCs to run into and fall over, dropping money if they fall over enough times.

Dude Simulator - How to Get a Lot of Money

River Method: Standing in the middle of the river at any point while the in-game cop guys with sunglasses and blue shirts run after you, unable to get to you, then you move closer to them and they punch or kick at other cops or NPCs, causing those NPCs to fall into the water or on the ground and dropping money after a few tries.

Dude Simulator - How to Get a Lot of Money

NPC Dogpile Method: Causing lots of cop NPCs to spawn in their spawn areas, which makes huge piles of NPCs that fall over on top of each other and drop money after enough times.

Dude Simulator - How to Get a Lot of Money

Vehicle Method

Dude Simulator - How to Get a Lot of Money

What you will need for the Vehicle Method:

  • Vehicle
  • NPCs

Steps for the Vehicle Method:

  • Find a vehicle. If you are in a vehicle in the game already, you don’t have to do this step, again, obviously. 
  • If you already have one star or more, you don’t have to find any NPCs as the cop NPCs will go towards your vehicle. Otherwise, go near some NPCs until they walk into the side of your vehicle and fall over a couple times, allowing you to get one star. 
  • NPCs will continuously walk or run into the side of your vehicle and fall over. If there are cop NPCs running into the side of the vehicle, they might flip it when they try attacking the vehicle. Don’t worry; as of this guide being made, the physics in the game allow the vehicle to protect you from damage from the NPCs. The camera will move weirdly though when the vehicle flips, but the NPCs can also flip it back over. 
  • The NPCs drop money if they walk or run into the vehicle enough times. Once there is a large amount of money on the ground in the game, you can choose to get out of the vehicle and get defeated by the cop NPCs so you can pick the money up after you respawn or you can drive off to another area to get more money.

River Method

Dude Simulator - How to Get a Lot of Money

What you’ll need for the River Method:

  • NPCs running after you (or you can use the NPCs near the river; doesn’t matter)
  • a weapon (optional, but preferred if you don’t have multiple NPCs after you; get a ranged one)
  • to be in any part of the river in the game
  • a sense of humor (optional, but you’ll probably get one after this method)

Steps for the River Method:

  • Go to any part by the river in the game and walk your character into the river to the middle area. 
  • If you have NPCs going after you, you can go to the next step. If you only have one NPC or no NPCs with zero stars, attack that NPC or attack an NPC so you get a star. 
  • Once you have one or more stars and multiple NPC cops coming after you, wait until the NPC cops are at the edge of the river, running at you, but unable to get into the river itself.
    (You’ll hear a lot of repetitive dialogue from the cop NPCs and that’s what you want: a lot of cop NPCs.) 
  • Walk a little closer to the edge of the river where the cop NPCs are until you see one start to throw a punch or kick at you or another cop NPC. Make sure you aren’t too close to the edge so you aren’t hit. 
  • If a cop NPC ends up hitting another cop NPC into the river or on the ground, that’s exactly what is supposed to happen. Back up a bit if too close. If they stand up and keep running without attacking again, walk a little closer again until they throw a punch or kick again. Back up and repeat. 

(Here’s where your sense of humor comes in: the cop NPCs will end up hitting each other into the river or onto the ground due to the fact that they have to finish their fighting animation along with the funny physics of the game. By now, you’ll see tons of cop NPCs flying into the river and flying back out onto the ground again, which drops a lot of money. Your stars are also increasing due to the game thinking you killed the cop NPCs when in reality, it was the cop NPCs killing the cop NPCs.)

Dogpile Method

Dude Simulator - How to Get a Lot of Money

What you’ll need for the Dogpile Method:

  • cop NPCs coming after you
  • a weapon or vehicle (optional if you want to get those stray cop NPCs)
  • to be next to a spawn point (a good one is by the front of the police station and facing the side of the bar building)

Steps for the Dogpile Method:

  • Go to a spawn point for NPCs. One that is easy to find is located on the right side of the bar that is by the police station in the game.
  • Have some cop NPCs come after you so they spawn at the spawn point. This is where I would recommend you have a weapon or vehicle so you don’t get attacked easily. 
  • Watch as the cop NPCs cause other NPCs to fall over on a dogpile at the spawn point and drop money. 

As with the other methods, if you want to pick up the money that’s dropped, get respawned by being attacked by the cop NPCs.

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