Kingdoms and Castles – 100% Achievement Guide

This is a guide to on how to get all of the achievments for Kingdoms and Castles.

City Advancement Achievments

Your First Hamlet

The humble beginnings of a magnificent kingdom.

Build your first keep

Your First Village

Starting to get the hang of this governing thing.

Get City population to 25+

Your First Town

One hundred souls look to you for leadership.

Get City Population to 100+

Your First City

A thriving city has been created through your fine leadership.

Get City Population to 250+

Humble Kingdom

A kingdom a thousand people strong! How lucky the people are to have you as their king.

Get City population to 1000+

Thriving Kingdom

Your kingdom is strong and has many times overcame hardships that would have crushed a lesser ruler. Your people respect you greatly.

Get City Population to 1500+

Dignified Kigndom

An immensely strong kingdom that few have achieved before you. You have truly demonstrated great ruling ability, sire.

Get City Population to 2000+

Magnificent Kingdom

Singularly the best kingdom that this world has ever seen. You will go down in history as one of the greatest rulers of all time

Get City population to 3500+

Kingdom of the Gods

You are the living embodiment of divinity for your people. Your leadership has set the standard for countless generations to come. Your name is synonymous with bravery and strength and will never be forgotten.

Get City population to 5000+

Millitary Based Achievments

Slayer of Ogres

Ogres cannot match the strength of your kingdom.

Kill an Ogre using either your Army or Turrets

Slayer of Dragons

Dragons are no match for your might.

Kill a Dragon using either Archer Towers or Ballistas

Miscellaneous Achievments

Tower of Babel

Built a tower reaching for the heavens.

Build a tower using Castle Walls really high. You need at least a 2×1 space to do the, but you can demolish the second one later on if you need the space.

General Tips to Help Get Achievments

  • You can use the town squares to throw festivals and gain tons of new citizens at once. I have personally gained 400ish people from 3 fesitivals running at the same time, and dont know the max amount of people you can earn from each town square.
  • It is a good idea to build peirs later game as they become cheaper and to put “Buildings on the Piers and Farms on the island itself”.
  • For any of the City Population Achievments, it makes it easier if you have A)A good starting location, B)Lots of land and less water, and C)Everything be semi-optimized.
    Here is an example of a decent amount of land and semi-optimized city of mine.If you look closly, you can tell that I have built piers so I could have more land in the future.

Kingdoms and Castles - 100% Achievement Guide

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