Torchlight III – Basic Guide (Leveling, Classes, Sharpshooter, Stuff and Skills)

Here you can find some things that are worth knowing about the game.

Useful Tips and Tricks

All credit goes to Zombiewookie!

Basic Tips

Your avatar in multiplayer is tied to the lowest difficulty you played a character on. Purple is best.

  • S: Open skill menu, 2 large skill trees per class.
  • I: open inventory.
  • M: open map and track quests.
  • Tab: map display option.
  • Shift: stops motion (to cast skills with left click) i usually rebind it to #.
  • Escape: useful to go to character select especially.
  • 1-4, LM, RM: abilities 6 in total.
  • E: activate relic.
  • Q: use potion.
  • Z: go back to town, fort.


  • Item section: What you have in your bag, use X to send to pet.
  • Pet : Same as your bag but carried by your pet , use X to send to bag.
  • You can send your pet to sell gear for you in town (comes back after 2 min in wild, 10 seconds in fort , or instant if you go to char select / leave the game).
  • Potions: 20 max, Q to use it, cooldown between uses.
  • Consumables: Recipes, lifebound scrolls, respectacles. Right click it to use/learn.
  • Ressources: stuff you gather / loot from enemies. For crafting or special uses.
  • Skills: Every level up you get a skill point (60 max). There are items and set items that increase the level of certain skills for as long as you wear it.

To remove a placed skill point your only option is to unlearn it (1 respect point per) at the specialised station in your fort. To get a respect point you need to use a respectacle (drop from boss).

You will find your pet skills there. Any pet you have can equip 4 skills (1 aura only). To unlock a new pet skill simply catch a new pet with said skill.

Relic skills will be seen if you have a relic.

Legendarium gives you some bonus. To improve the selection of bonus dismantle legendary items with the bonus you want at the enchanter’s altar. (This does not count toward set bonuses).

Lifebound: Items that are lifebound will have 20% better stats but will drop upon death. To prevent that from happening you need to use a scroll of unbinding on it (consumable = drop from boss). This will keep the bonus stats but remove the lifebound effect.

Gold is capped at 20k. You can use your gold for respawning in same location upon death, to gamble or to remove an enchant (while keeping the item).

Relics need to be crafted at the fort as soon as possible with 24 ember core each.

You can reload an area by going to character screen and coming back to the game (to farm a boss for instance).

In this game any class can pretty much use any weapon, except for the legendary class related stuff.

When you travel to a lower level area it nerfs your gear to a few levels above the area’s level. This is temporary. For a dps test at full power go to town / fort.

Gambler is a good way to get decent gear if you lost everything after a death (lifebound) or to try your luck when you reach lv 60.

Leveling Tips

Level Max is 60.

  • By the end of Act 2 you should be around level 30.
  • You can grind sadista (act 2 last boss until level 38) and the boss right before until level 36 for XP.
  • Afterward your only option is to farm phasebeasts or just wait for act 3.

  • Phase beasts upon being killed open a portal to mapworks of a level of your character +1.
  • This means that you can grind until 60 using those.
  • These portals are a great way to get good gear because it will be 100% lifebound = 20% bonus stats always.

Here is what a phasebeast looks like:

To make sure you do not get stuck with lifebound gear here is a trick. Don’t unbound too often. Get yourself some legendary armor for your class (can be low level) and stick to it. You just want the set bonus. Replace weapon every other level to keep dishing out enough damage.

Classes Overview

  • Duskmage: One of the best dps.
  • Sharpshooter: One of the best dps.
  • Forged: Best tank (rough early game at ridiculous). Trick is to use active skill from relic to get enough damage early game (bane is pretty good).
  • Railmaster: Decent.

Sharpshooter Tips

This is the class I’m playing. Lv 52 atm. Build in links section.

The best skills imo are:

  • Targetted strike.
  • Reload.
  • Goblin.
  • Ghost.

Here is a brief overview of all skills:


  • Tight: Decent CC. You start with it. It does the job.
  • Onslaught: Decent aoe. Heard of some people using it with rizzi for cc.
  • Targetted strikes, really OP. Great damage, can spam it, pierces.
  • Reload: OP. Removes cooldown for adventurer’s skills. 30% more damage to precision skills and ammo.
  • Explosive arrow: Decent damage. Firing animation becomes longer the farther the target. Not the best.
  • Heart Seeker: Long cooldown. Good damage. Bad overall.
  • Scatter shot: Best burst for sharpshooter.


  • Scout: Bad. Like the bane active skill… but worst.
  • Goblins: Good damage early game. Late game goblins die instantly but T10 hobgoblins are pretty good for aggro. With the rifle you get gunners that are nice.
  • Ghost visage: OP. Mobility for days. Crit for days.
  • Rizzi: Really good. One of my favourite. Spam it on the ground, big slow and dot. Snake at T10 is cool. Can only have 1 however.
  • Sacrifice to goose: Great damage amplification. I don’t use it because I dislike the casting animation.
  • Curse of pipi: Not sure about that one, not really needed in current state of the game.
  • Loyal shasta: A sharpshooter’s best friend. That keeps dying. Over and over. But nice taunt and bonus damage.
  • Relic choice: Bane or electrode seem to be the best choices. I’m using bane.

Items I’m using

  • Chest, helmet and gloves musket (+2 precision, +2 adventurer, 2 ghost archers on E).
  • Shoulder, legs, boots skittering (40% chance explosion on kill and -50% damage for 30 sec on E).
  • Weapon = whatever best 2H weapon you have . Style points for a giant 2H greatsword.

Fort Stuff

Things you need to build in your fort:

Keep in mind fort is shared between characters.

Enchanter’s altar. You unlock enchantments in consumable section

(recipe looking thing). You dismantle items to get essence (green item = green essence, etc). If you dismantle a legendary you get the skill associated unlocked in Legendarium. You enchant using essence. You disenchant with gold (removes all enchant you put on the item).

  • Reliquary: Used to craft a relic or switch relic.
  • Pet shelter: Used to change pet.
  • Shared storage: storage (Hardcore and non-Hardcore characters do not share the same storage).
  • Luck Tree: reward from a quest, increases gear find (5% at max). Sacrifice items to level it up. You can sacrifice an item at an other player’s fort at a luck tree to get a temporary bonus.
  • Breeching Worldgnasher: increases fire resist up to 5%. Sacrifice a ressource you get from goblins to level it up.
  • Foorsaken Fortunauto: Increases gold gain by up to 5%. Sacrifice a ressource you get from automation.
  • Biding Hyvidsbane: Increases poison resistance by up to 5%. Sacrifice a ressource you get from hyvid.

Other than that might want to do the crafting production stuff.

Statues figures are useful to quickly switch gear between characters.

And decorate your fort.

Fort is one of the best area to test real DPS at your level.

Pet Skills

  • Pet skills are obtainable after defeating bosses.
  • Necropupper, vampirism and running partner are legendary (extremely low drop rate).
  • Rare and normal skills will be seen often.
  • Usually I am running 10% block, 25% defense every 30 sec , 50% heal every 30% and gas cloud every 30 sec.
  • Use whatever you feel like using tbh.
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