Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes – Ellen’s Fifth Mission Walkthrough Guide

5th Mission Walkthrough (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Run, Run and Run!

Don’t even bother killing anything. You will be awarded no XP in the end of this mission. This is just a story setup. You want to head over to the southeast corner of the map. If you are lucky enough the movie will trigger immediately when you reach the area and you can go on with the game. If this doesn’t work immediately, follow step 2 and 3.

Use just Ellen for this mission. Extra troops will only complicate things.

Just go South East. Don’t engage in combat.

Step 2: Where the F*ck Am I Supposed to Go?

Apparently the troops following you are not enough to trigger the cutscene. I have found the route shown bellow to be the fastest and to always trigger the movie. Just follow a similar route to mine. Head Northeast, slightly to the middle and then back Southeast.

Step 3: Spam That Curatio Baby (This Is a Good Tactic for the Entire Game Btw)

If you haven’t realised already, curatio is broken. Spread your formation to run faster and use curatio to heal when needed.

If you did everything according to my instructions, you can finally finish this annoying mission and admire the sexy half-elf in a glorious CGI cinematic.

Written by Alexander Black

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