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Adabana Odd Tales - How to Get All Endings

Written by Baka Chiruno   /   Jun 28, 2020    

All endings english guide.

All Ending Guide

Adabana Guide

  • Suggested order is Normal End -> Bad End -> True End because bad end and true end shares a lot of choices except one.
  • Also you can skip bad ending if you want.
  • Choices also affects story, so it's worth to read all endings.

Start From Beginning

Tale 1

  • I'm gladdened that Shiro came back.
  • I want to know what ending the old man wants.

Tale 2

  • I'm worried about Urashima.
  • Joy.

Tale 3

  • Stop yourself.
  • Cover her ears.

Tale 4

  • Dream.

Normal end.

Start from beginning

Tale 1

  • "...".
  • I want to see out the original story.

Tale 2

  • I am worried about you, Lady Otohime.
  • Resignation.

Tale 3

  • Interject.
  • Listen intently.

Tale 4

  • "Save here".
  • Dream.

Bad end.

  • "Load save".
  • Reality.

True end.

Written by Baka Chiruno.