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Foxhole - The Ultimate Partisan Guide

Written by LoMein   /   Jun 29, 2020    

Partisans are an essential part of Foxhole, this guide will teach you everything about being a partisan in Foxhole, it will cover concepts such as resetting, bases, vehicles and weapons. This guide was created/edited by multiple veteran players from the Warden clan Callahan's Legion (CL) so we can guarantee that you're getting the best content and tips. 

Guide to Partisans

Partisan Theory

A partisan in Foxhole is a soldier who works behind enemy lines sabotaging and stealing enemy equipment/resources, destroying and reseting enemy towns/structures, conducting a bit of reconnaissance and even sometimes transmitting nuclear launch codes back to the launch team. The actions of a partisan may seem insignificant to the war effort as a whole, however the consequences to the opposing team can be devastating. For example, even just a few partisans cutting a main logistic road are able to deny a front of supplies from receiving supplies for quite some time, allowing your team to push up while the other team is low on supplies.

Another important area of partisan work is resetting enemy buildings such as town halls or storage depots. Pulling off these resets are not only a great stunt for your team to phrase you with, but they also hurt the other team greatly. Towns which are reset will need to be re-upgraded by the enemy team otherwise all the defences in that area will decay and will not have AI. If you reset the right towns, the town may not even be able to be upgraded due to neutral territory efficiency.

In this guide, we will go over the various vehicles a partisan may use, the weapons, types of operations, common scenarios and significant partisans to learn from.


The classic partisan vehicle. Very good speed offroad and has 9 slots for anything you need. The L.U.V, Light Utility Vehicle, has enough speed to dash through most AT turret checkpoints before they can fire. It also has just enough health to dash through most partisan checkpoints if not too heavily defended. The downside to the L.U.V is that it acts as a watchtower, meaning that it will show up on your team's map, enabling spies and alts to know your location.

This vehicle is required for resetting buildings. Remember that this is the slowest vehicle in the game and even slower offroad. It is also very fuel-inefficient, however, you can estimate how much fuel you need to take. Each edge of a map uses about 50 litres depending on the terrain. It has 9 slots for these items which are essential to partisan work like Fuel, satchel charges, and bmats. One of the most fun parts of partisan operations is sneaking down all of this powerful equipment.

**Maul reseting the factory in The Blemish

The ambulance is the most overlooked partisan vehicle. Not many people know this, but the ambulance actually has notable speed offroad, Just a bit slower compared to the L.U.V, and only costs 150 bmats. However, this 'miracle' vehicle comes with a tradeoff. It only has 6 item slots and can only transport 2 people.

The fastest vehicle in the game. Unfortunately, it is very inefficient in fuel consumption, only has two slots, and is open-topped (Meaning you can get shot off of the motorcycle). But it is good for shorter ranged partisan operations and scouting.

One of the strongest vehicles in the game is also very useful for partisan raids. If you have a full crew, 1 driver, and 6 soldiers on the back, with proper medical supplies and enough ammunition, the opposing team will have a very hard time stopping you. Even without a full crew and just 1 to 2 soldiers on the back, you can still wreak havoc on the enemy's backlines. Keep in mind that the landing APC is quite slow offroad and requires a decent amount of fuel.

(Referring to the Half-track, Light Tank, and Storm tank) Using armored vehicles in the enemy backlines is a very risky thing to attempt and would strongly recommend not to unless you have a very experienced crew. Acquiring one of these vehicles and the ammunition is simple, however, the hard part is having enough petrol to do everything you were planning to do. Many partisans overcome this problem by having another soldier drive a L.U.V which is filled with support supplies such as petrol and bmats for the armored vehicles.

Other vehicles may be used for partisan missions, the ones listed above are just the popular ones. Be creative and try out different vehicles as well! For example, I've once used a harvester for one of my partisan missions, This was when harvesters were a lot more fuel-efficient, I brought it down from friendly territory and used it to farm their resources and despawn them. I don't recommend this in the current state of the game as the harvester uses a lot more fuel than before and is slower offroad and is quite expensive.


As someone who will be working behind enemy lines without proper logistical support, you would want to equip yourself with enough supplies and ammunition to last a while. Personally, I do not recommend bringing too much, normally, I just bring a little over what I would bring as a frontline soldier. Remember, the more you take in your inventory, the more encumbered you will be. As a partisan, you will want to be fast enough to evade enemy defences and enemy quick response forces (QRF).

Here is an example of what I normally equip myself with:

**With satchels in the vehicle (it is in my inventory because i took it out)

I recommend bringing the weapon you are the best at in 1v1 combat, in my case, that would be the storm rifle. In addition to your small arm, a pair of binoculars is a must, this optical instrument will allow you to see enemies chasing you, look for a weak side in the enemies defences and much more.

Equipment to bring depending on your objective:

  • Machine Gun - This may seem like an awkward item to bring, however, one of the most effective strategies as a partisan is to get into enemy backlines using a jeep and hop out with an hmg and melt anything. The damage output from the HMG is one of the highest in the game and combined with a jeep is devastating to the enemy team. All you need to do is crouch to fire and couch to hop back in.
  • Satchel Charges - A partisan’s best friend; Satchel charges are the most powerful item in the game and very cost-efficient for what it does. 1 charge will destroy a garrison house and my rule is to always bring more than 5 satchel charges as the most amount any structure will require to take down is 5 (Not including player made concrete structures).
  • Smoke Grenades - One of the least used items in the game. Many players fail to recognize the number of possibilities this one small item can offer. If thrown correctly, you will have a free pass through enemy defenses.
  • Basic Materials/Hammer/Shovel - Bmats have a variety of uses on partisan missions, they may be used to create watchtowers in the enemy backlines or just to create a blockade on the road.
  • Radio Backpack - Many (including myself) would argue that this is a useless item on a partisan mission, however it does have it’s uses sometimes. It may be used to see through walls or mountains which you can’t using your binoculars, or to simply look around in a 360° whilst inside of a foxhole.

Getting Behind Enemy Lines

Before you can do any operations, you’ll need to get down there first. Try to plan your route while you’re gathering supplies for your operation. The best and most popular method of getting behind the enemy’s lines is by staying close to the map borders. Most of the time, there will be no defenses near the border and watchtowers will not reach it. Be smart about this and be ready to change routes on the go, anything can happen and there might be one place which was fortified and you didn’t even know!

You do not want to destroy watchtowers as you make your way down, when you hurt watchtowers, they send a message to every player on the opposing team letting them know of your position.

One other important thing to note is the environment. Use water as much as you can as defenses and structures cannot be built in water. Take note of the natural barriers such as mountains and rivers. The largest obstacle a Warden partisan must face is The Bulwark and for the Colonial partisans; the mountains and tight rivers.

Example of a route:

Partisan Operations

Now that you know how to get behind the enemy’s lines, it’s time to have some fun! Below are some of the more popular operations which people do.

The most popular and simplest partisan operation. A logistics blockade, as mentioned multiple times earlier can be either just partisans on the edge of a road waiting for logistics trucks to come through and shooting them down, or can be a full on defensive line with multiple structures such as trenches and foxholes to lower the chances of a logistic truck getting through.

This requires: Automatic Weapons | Situational: Bmats, Shovels, Hammer.

**Image of myself using the environment to my advantage to stop colonial logistics.

The hardest type of partisan operation, may or may not require extensive planning, depending on the location. Use satchel charges (or whatever is available) to blow up a structure such as a Town Hall and use a CV to start constructing it (just press “E” at it, you don’t need to build it). This resets the building to have 0/x amount of Upgrade parts for all its facilities. For storage depots, it halves the amount of ALL supplies inside the depot and releases all squad storages into public storage.Most effective targets: Town halls, Refineries, Factories, Storage Depots and Mass Production Factories in neutral/friendly starting territory. Tier 3 town halls have the most health; they take 5 satchels to blow up, so always take 5 incase you need to switch your target from one building to another. If you have the chance, you should try to rebuild the building and despawn everything inside.

This requires: Construction Vehicle, Explosives ~preferably Satchel charges.

**Image of my solo reset on The Salt Farms in The Deadlands.

A partisan base includes building a base in the enemy’s backlines. This may be done with a static base (Normally a relic base) or a forward operating/bunker base constructed in an area which lacks watchtowers. If you choose a static base, it is basically the same as resetting a base, however, instead of despawning items, your aim is to keep that base alive and supplied so that other soldiers can spawn there and help you out. From the base, you can conduct other operations on the enemy’s backlines and bring all your earnings back to your base. The most popular places for partisan bases include Handsome Hideaway in Westgate, Surge Gate in Tempest island and Gold, Silver and Bronze in The Oarbreaker Isles. Other locations which are great include hills with only one way up, open fields without watch towers or anything near it, etc.

This requires: Construction Vehicle, Explosives ~preferably Satchel charges, logistics.

*Image of one of our operations with FWG to reset the town Kingstone; Our base was at Handsome Hideaway.

Conducting reconnaissance for your team is a crucial part of the game, knowing if an enemy is constructing a Storm Cannon is very useful information for your team. While scouting, you should be destroying enemy watch towers as well as destroying the fuel trucks for the resource mines and despawning as much of the material as possible. [This requires: Binoculars]

Not much else to say, just try to combine everything in this guide and try different vehicles to wreak havoc on the enemy backlines!

Common Scenarios / FAQ

- Help! I'm being chased by an enemy vehicle!

Try to lose them by driving away in a weird pattern.

Play mind games with them at the border of a region (travel and travel back).

Try to pull over ahead of them and give yourself cover, then drag your weapon and attempt to disable their vehicle or kill them. Use your vehicle as cover!

My vehicle was disabled/destroyed by AI

Pick up all your stuff from the vehicle’s inventory quickly and walk even if encumbered, if your target was a town hall, walk to it and destroy it. Destroying things without reset is still an effective strategy. All the queues in a mass production factory, factory and refinery are deleted if you manage to just destroy it, however, the facilities still stay.

Bad at combat: Watch videos on Youtube of Foxhole veterans.

I can’t see clearly at night!

Turn your gamma up for the game in settings.

How do I know how many satchels something takes?

Structure -# of Satchels

  • Garrison House - 1
  • Teir 1 Town Hall - 1
  • Teir 2 Town Hall - 4
  • Teir 3 Town Hall - 5
  • Small/Medium Relic Base - 3
  • Large Relic Base - 4
  • Large Relic Base - 4
  • Storage Depot - 4
  • Factory - 4
  • Mass Production Factory - 4
  • Refinary - 4

Closing Notes

The art of partisaning requires a cunning and creative mind. Do anything to slow down the enemy's war effort and logistics, whether it be blowing things up or just simply creating a roadblock. There are still many secrets of which I have yet to share, but i'll let you discover them on your own…

If you want to participate in large scale partisan operations, have questions or just want to learn to become a better partisan, I've included a section below with significant players and clans who specialize in this area of the game.

Significant Partisans to learn from

  • "The Conclave" gang - most notable members include Father Lemons, Snoop, Maul, Grassy, etc; Don't need to explain how good they are!
  • RustardGaming and Seed - Very very annoying partisans, need I say more? Has been caught using an alt account.
  • VOX and FoE clans - notable members include Chess Hustler, Apollo, Nikita, etc; The most professional PVE clans, their reputation proceeds them.
  • GAS clan - notable members include Shacks, Maggo, sparkon, XavRS, etc; Clan that focuses heavily on partisaning, are masters at the partisan half track.
  • FWG clan - notable members include Alarsin, Tichymoomoo, RigorousBacon, etc. A small clan whose operations consist of many partisan operations.
  • ONE clan - notable members include pleznoquack, Magsnetiik, etc.
  • CL clan - notable partisans include Space Monkey, Lefty, LoMein. These three members are masters at solo partisan and solo resets.

Written by LoMein.

Game:   Foxhole