Foxhole – Trench Building Guide (Update 45)

Despite popular opinion, trenches can be still used as a viable defence when built properly. In this guide I will show you how to build proper trenches in foxhole.

Guide to Build Proper Trenches

Single Trenches

Trenches have their advantages and disadvantages and mostly we see their disadvantes on the battlefield due to their improper placement.

Here we have the most common trench.

Red lines here indicate sides with cover.

Such a trench is basically a hole in the ground and nothing else, just like an artillery crater. However we can add many modifications to even a single trench to give us advantage.

Barbed Wire

One of them is barbed wire. You can place barbed wire on the trench itself (irremovable) and standard barbed wire for 20 bmats (removable). Barbed wire effectively reduces angle from which enemy can get inside the trench (Warning! This counts for your teammates too!).

So now enemy has to choose the path around the wire which can be covered by AI.


Trenches have however a big problem of being a “grenade magnet”. Basically if you are in the trench and someone throws a grenade inside, you are most of time dead. That’s because there’s no way to run away. To solve this problem we use stairs. Stairs allow friendly troops to get in and get out easily out of the trench. They also remove cover side from the trench piece.


Even if enemy gets in the trench we want to deny him as much cover and fire arc as possible. An efficient trick here is to put sandbags on friendly side of the trench. They will deny use of the trench by the enemy and can give cover for friendlies to shoot inside the trench while using cover. (Enemies can still use sandbags as cover, but they can also be shot using them).

In this scenario we denied as much cover for the enemy as possible by placing sandbags and stairs.

Where Do I Use Trenches?

Such a trench can be used only on active frontlines. Especially those without AI. You also need to assume that the trench can be unmaned by friendly troops most of the time. Big advantage of such trenches is that they are resistant to artillery fire and anti-structure weapons. So if enemy uses alot of artillery and denies you from building foxholes or other AI, you can use such a trench. Infantry is also alot stronger than AI most of time, so it’s better to give them efficient cover that rely on AI 100% of the time.

Trench Networks

Trench networks are sophisticated defences that rely on infantry and also give alot of fun!

Basically you build ww1 trench networks but brought into foxhole realities.

This is WW1 trench scheme. Trench networks in foxhole work very similar, but are of course smaller in scale. We should first define what this scheme presents (considering It’s built in foxhole).

  1. Support trench. A trench that should provide easy access to rest of the network and to cover frontline trench to cut reinforcements from the breach. Should be placed 30m-25m away from frontline trench, so that even a rifle has range to shoot enemies jumping into frontline trench. Back of this trench can be provided with sandbags to deny use by the enemy.
  2. Connection trenches. They provide access into frontline trench and frontline support from support trench. They should be a bit angled to the front so enemy won’t shoot troops that are passing through.
  3. Frontline support. Bunkers with firing ports, Rifle/MG garrisons, that are secondary line of defence. Bunkers can be accessed only from connection trench, so even if enemy gets inside frontline trench, those bunkers can be used to either eliminate enemy in frontline trench or prevent further reinforcements. In this area we also put foxholes which cover barbed wire and access into trenches.
  4. Doesn’t exist yet in foxhole, maybe mortar pit in the future.
  5. Frontline trench. “The worst place to be on the front”, but you could still fight in the open field. Main defence line which gives cover to infantry and place for emplaced weapons such as EAT/EMG. This trench should be upgraded to T2 so it will not be run over by trucks/LUVs. Could be made in zig-zag pattern to reduce effect of artillery and prevent wiping out whole trench of friendly infantry. You can also add some bridges to allow friendly armor to pass the trenchline (keep also in mind that bridges deny 80% of line of sight for infantry sitting inside the trench).
  6. Barbed wire. A line of barbed wire built along all length of trenchline. Should be placed as close as possible to the trench and have small entrances that would allow friendly troops to get out of trenches and push forward. Warning! Those entrances can also be used by the enemy, so they have to be always protected by some AI. On this line you should also have alot of mines that would deny enemy armor from running over trenches.

Trench Network Examples

I’ve built a few networks that actually worked and hold the enemy back, sometimes even better than RG spam. Here I will give some examples how would they look in foxhole.

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