A Rose in the Twilight – Blood Memories Locations

Blood Memories

All Blood Memories are in progressive Order. Early Game you might be able to miss certain Elements, though you will later always be able to redo rooms over.

  • Soldier’s Memory: Dungeon 2
  • Prisoner’s Memory: Dungeon 3
  • Gardener’s Memory: Dungeon 6
  • Sister’s Memory: Armory 3
  • Guard’s Memory: Armory 4
  • Warden’s Memory: Armory 5
  • Nurse’s Memory: Courtyard 2
  • Maid’s Memory: Courtyard 4
  • King’s Memory: Courtyard 5
  • Old Script’s Memory: Library 2
  • Head Maid’s Memory: Library 4
  • Old Book’s Memory: Private Room
  • Rose’s Memory: Throne (After Rescuing Rose)
  • Artisan’s Memory: Clock Tower 1
  • Blanc’s Memory: Clock Tower Upper Level (After Defeating Blanc)
  • Gatekeeper’s Memory: Castle Gate Corridor
  • Viola’s Memory: Path to Abyss (Collect direct after Defeating Viola!)
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