Sunless Skies – A Captains Nectar Guide

A guide to setting up a Permanent Chorister Nectar Farm In Titania plus some other Nectar tips. Great way to make money require some setup and can be a early game money maker when rushed.

Permanent Chorister Nectar Farm Guide


Titania is a port in the outer circle of the Reach, located in the same segment as Leadbeater & Stainrod’s Nature Reserve.

Upon 1st Locating Titania you can Explore around it and do not much else you must wait until the first bee attack so allow time to pass Then return to Titania.

Rebuilding Titania

Upon returning for the second time you will be Greeted by the mayor.

The Rhapsodic Mayor looks relieved to see you. “Ah, Captain. Perhaps you can help settle a little matter for us. We’ve agreed that we need to choose one style and stick with it, but…” She sighs, gesturing at her fellow council members, the Melancholy Poet and Stone-Faced Sculptor. “Well, we find ourselves at an impasse. Your thoughts?”

This requires that either Visit Albion or Eleutherian to choose a Style Option.

Assuming you haven’t already done this.

The fastest way is to go to Albion with a Reach-Albion Transit Permit.

You buy a transit permit with two Ministry-Stamped Permits. Those cost 3 favours originally through the Stovepipes, The favors come from turning in port reports there.

The Titania Redevelopment Committee

The Rhapsodic Mayor, Stone-Faced Sculptor and Melancholy Poet stand in a circle of Titania’s ever-vocal Bohemians, arguing themselves to a standstill. The Mayor waves you over. “Perfect timing, Captain.”

You will then be asked to Pick and fund the next Project for Titania up to 3 Max.

It doesn’t mater what you choose it is totally up to you as long as you complete all 3 and fund them at a cost of around 3000 Echoes/Coins + the Port repair each visit.

Now you have completed all the projects you have unlocked the final one Suggest research into Anti-Bee Defences.

Now this is the Hardest of them all x3 Caged catch only 2 shops in the reach sell them.

Caged catches can be bought in hybras, but only right at the start before the colonists disappear.

But the most consistent method I’ve seen of getting them is in worlebury. You can find squirmings in the sky as a discovery with an assaying tool, and trade them for a caged catch in the worlebury port: Fishermen in the queue outside.

Now you have completed Research into Anti-Bee Defences.

Gourd of Chorister Nectar in Titania

So now you have The Chorister Hive.

A few stragglers from the recent attack buzz happily around a spacious new hive. Pollen is delivered each morning and delicious nectar can be harvested from artificial honeycombs – with no threat to Titania. Now relatively harmless, they are almost becoming a symbol of the growing colony.

You can Now buy Gourd of Chorister Nectar in Titania for 60 and sell it in New Winchester for 120.

Now I’m using the Locomotive from New Winchester – Pellinore-Class Trader with the Wit and Vinegar wince and Pulley T2 for 8 Extra cargo Hold x 2.

Allowing me to have up to 31 Cargo space, I use 2 fuel and buy 1 food when I run out but usally carry around 29 Nectar per run now you could go to London and buy T3 but I just use T2.

29 Nectar Nets me around 3480 per trip, it costs 1740 to buy 29 Nectar making you a profit of 1740 for a 2-3 Minute Trip there and Back.

The ‘Spatchcock’ Reclaimed Locomotive has a hold of 12 assuming you can carry 10 Nectar is 1200 per trip or 2400 Net And in no time will you be able to afford a better ship and Double triple ect.

Chorister Bees

Bees the size of dogs, each marked with a blazing sigil. They don’t buzz, but sing in plainsong. They may be benign – as long as you don’t carry any Chorister nectar.

Chorister Bees are a Sky-Beast of The Reach, found in the form of a swarm. They can be found near Titania or Leadbeater & Stainrod’s Nature Reserve. In combat, Chorister Bees deal 6 damage with each hit, and are strong enough to push your Locomotive around.

They also feature in a random event that can occur when visiting Titania, damaging and possibly destroying buildings.

A Chorister-Corpse

The swarm is a ruin of twitching legs and broken wings. One of the bees – the sigil on its back occluded with ichor – begins its final, tremulous song.

Chorister Bees Reach Events

These are all the events that can happen in the Reach related to Chorister Bees.

This is also required for a trophy to join the hunting club in port Avon.


When carrying Gourd of Chorister Nectar, you will always be attacked by Chorister Bees.

Nectar Shops

Who sells Gourd of Chorister Nectar and where can you sell it you ask?

Bargains on Nectar where from?

Bargains are opportunities to earn more Sovereigns selling items in Sunless Skies.

Prospects on Nectar where from?

Prospects are opportunities to earn more Sovereigns selling items in Sunless Skies.

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