The Hunter: Call of the Wild – All Artifact Locations (Vurhronga Savanna)

For people who are looking for all of the artifacts in the Vurhronga Savanna, this guide will help you find what ever collectible you may be missing. there is only 5 in total, so it shouldn’t be hard to find them all, and they are only located in two subregions; however if you want some quick EP, this guide should help you get these artifacts with ease.

How to Find All Artifacts

Spoilers Ahead

Since this map only has 5 artifacts in total, they shouldn’t be hard to find. If you want to find these artifacts on your own, you can click off of this guide and have a great time searching for these collectibles on your own.

Central Savanna

Location #1

Next to the outpost you spawn closest to on top of a rock formation not far from you.

Location #2

On a rock next to the Baobab tree (you’ll come across this one if you are doing the main quest anyways).

Vurhonga Plateau

Location #1

You have to go to a cave that is on the river side of the subregion. Firstly walk north to a lake that isn’t marked on the map; then, you’ll have to walk on the right side of the lake bank all the way to the cave entrance. It is a linear path to the artifact that’ll be lying a stone table

Location #2

This is located in another cave that you’ll go to through the main quest of this reserve; however, you could miss this one cause this is off of the main road of the cave. This artifact should be located on the floor of the cave with an underground spring, and it will be sitting on a rock table next to the pit of the cave that is in the center of the plateau.

Location #3

This is located on the hill next to the outpost that is on top of the plateau; It sits on the rocky thrown as a bit of an easter egg for the location of The Golden Rhino of Mapungubwe.

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