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Fate / Extella - How to Unlock Artoria

Written by Aaeeschylus   /   Aug 1, 2017    
Fate / Extella - How to Unlock Artoria

As some people are having trouble with the other guides on here on how to unlock Artoria, I decided to make a video guide so you can see exactly how I did it.

This guide was completed in Arc 1, Chapter 4. This can also be completed in the other Arcs aswell on different chapters.


The following walkthrough can be used in each of the 4 Arcs at different areas:

  • Flame Poem Arc, Area D
  • Orchid Words Arc, Area J
  • Dawn Arc, Area E
  • Golden Poem Arc, Area H

You can check which area is which with the large map in the pause menu.

This walkthrough will reference the Flame Poem Arc as that is what the video was done in, however a similar process is used for each arc.

Useful Equips:

  • Install Skills with item drop rate increase


  • The side mission from Artoria (Will be a silhouette if you havent already unlocked her).

1) Lose control of the Areas

If the Area that you need to go to (D for Flame Poem) is in your control, proceed with the main objectives so that the area can be taken by an Agressor Plant. Leave the area alone until it is fully taken over by the enemy. Two of the Arcs are in this situation where you must wait for it to be taken. You could go there immediately in the Arcs where this is not the case.

2) Take damage

Once you get to the corresponding area for the Arc, let the enemies damage you until you get to around 1/3 health. I personally wait until the health bar has red. You must go this low otherwise the Yakisoba-Pan that you need to eat will not drop.

3) Kill enemies to drop Yakisoba-Pan

The image to the left is what the Yakisoba-Pan look like. You need to eat 5 in the corresponding area for each Arc. It is best to not pick them up until all 5 have dropped. This may be a time consuming process, however it is sped up with lower health and item drop rate install skills.

4) Eat the Yakisoba-Pan

Once all 5 have dropped, go ahead and eat them all. Once you have eaten them, you will get a message from Artoria at the bottom (will be a silhouette if you havent already unlocked her) with the "Side Mission Complete" text above.

Fate / Extella - How to Unlock Artoria

If it did not appear, that means one of three things.

  • You did not eat 5 Yakisoba-Pan
  • You did were not in the correct area (All 5 must be eaten in the correct area)
  • You did not have the side mission accepted

5) Complete the Regime Matrix

You can now move on to finish the Regime Matrix like normal. Just do whatever you want to complete it. The area for eating the Yakisoba-Pan can now be claimed as your own.

6) Fight Artoria

Once the Regime Matrix is complete, go back to the corresponding area as soon as possible. Wait here for all the conversations at the bottom to finish and she will spawn there. You must defeat Artoria. DO NOT DEFEAT THE BOSS SERVANT (Jeanne in Flame Poem Arc).

7) Defeat the Boss Servant

Once you have defeated Artoria, you may kill the boss servant to complete the mission. If you do not complete the mission, you will not unlock Artoria and must start again.


Follow these guides and you will be able to use Artoria in free battle and complete her side story.

Video Walkthrough

Written by Aaeeschylus.

Game:   Fate Extella