Dying Light – Farming Herbs / Easy Medkits (Natural Medkit)

In this guide I’ll be showing possibly the best and fastest way of farming Herbs, as well the alternate way of farming Medkits by putting the Natural Medkit to its best use with this Herb farming method.

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In this guide you’ll learn how to farm Herbs in the most fastest and best way.

You’ll be able to gather around 25 Herbs before you have to reset the area to respawn Herbs. Resetting the area can be done by taking certain distance from the Herbs spawning point, this is shown in the video below.

About the Medkits. There is a blueprint called Natural Medkit which lets you craft 1 Medkit from 3 herbs, 2 Medkits if you have the Crafting Expertise skill from Survivor skill-tree, this skill can be obtained at Survivor level 5.

This means that every third Herb you take, you’re able to create two Medkits from it by crafting the Natural Medkit once.

Obtaining the Natural Medkit Blueprint

First, see if you’ve already got the blueprint, if you already have the blueprint, the skip this section. If you don’t, then follow the guide below.

Dying Light - Farming Herbs / Easy Medkits (Natural Medkit)

The screenshot shows where the Fisherman village is located, it’s right below the infamy bridge, as well as the building where you’ll find the blueprint. Video below.

Farming Herbs / Crafting Natural Medkit

This is where the Herbs spawning point is located.

Dying Light - Farming Herbs / Easy Medkits (Natural Medkit)

In the video above, I used Bozak Horde in order to get rid of all my inventory, leaving myself only grappling hook. Showing you how many Herbs I exactly picked up, how long it took and how many Medkits I made it in the time.

Required Equipment

Basically all you need is simply a Natural Medkit blueprint and perhaps the Crafting Expertise skill, as well as the grappling hook will prove useful as it’ll help you move faster but it’s not necessary.


It took me around 2 minutes to obtain 30 Medkits.


Possibly the most ideal place to respawn Herbs is by visiting this spot at 0:57 seconds.

Where you’re also able to grab a few Flourescent Shrooms.

You may be swarmed by few Virals when you’re on higher difficulties. Normal difficulty may be the best difficulty if you’re not up for such challenge. You can change the difficulty anytime you want from Main Menu > Play > Campaign > Save > Advanced, don’t have Bozak Horde or DLC based quarantine zone tracked as quest or difficulty options won’t appear. You shouldn’t downgrade the difficulty if you’re going for difficulty Rewards.

Written by BladeMaster

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