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Carrion - Maps of All Areas

Written by Demajen   /   Jul 25, 2020    

Maps of all nine dungeons and the overworld hub, and the flashback sequences..

Carrion: Maps of All Areas

These wonderful maps are created by a gamer named Demajen. If you want to support him, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter.

BSL-4 Research Ward

Note that you won't be able to explore most of this at the start of the game.

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This is the game's "overworld" and it's pretty huge.

Military Junkyard

Uranium Mines

Leviathan Reef Base (and Bridge)

Botanical Gardens

Relith Science HQ

Nuclear Power Plant

Armored Warfare Facility


Spoilers - The Derelict

In case you were wondering what the Derelict from the flashback sequences looks like all linked together to give you full overview of what I am assuming is a crashed/abandoned ship.

Note 1: The sky in sequence number 3 changes to night time. I have no way of making that happen on a static image.

Note 2: Yes, I am aware of how bad the sky looks in the desert. Parallax is cool in motion, but not cool for jigsawing together multiple screenshots. Sorry.

How Was This Map Created?

Written by Demajen.

Game:   Carrion