Sigma Theory – All Achievements Guide

Explanation and walkthrough for gaining all of the achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements


First and foremost, this guide contains many spoilers! If you do not want any spoilers and want to figure out / explore the story yourself, then do not read this guide!

A few small tips about playing the actual game. First, the easiest way to find enemy scientists is to use a hacker such as Trojan or Double K and use the ‘Locate Scientists’ Hack. With a good hacker, this will reveal all details about the scientists currently working for that nation. You can also ‘Locate Scientists’ and ‘Investigate’ to find scientists to turn. This is most successful with a high intelligence agent.

To convert a scientist, you should keep in mind any attributes they have. If a scientist is incorruptible, then you are unlikely to be able to bribe them. Similarly, it is harder to seduce chaste scientists and harder to convert a loyal scientist. Over all, it will be harder to locate an undetectable scientist, and men will have a harder time turning misandrist scientists while women will have a harder time with misogynistic scientists. It will always be easy to abduct a scientist, but they will not be a double agent, and will gain the prisoner trait upon reaching your nation. This will cause them to work slower. If you also see that the scientist has the heartbroken trait, you can remove it by successfully seducing them which will make them work faster. If a scientist is a prisoner, I believe that it is easier to convert them, but I am not 100% sure.

During an exfiltration, you will want to play to your agents strengths. The easiest way to guarantee a safe exfiltration is to hack the alert level to zero and use an agent that has the exfiltration expert perk. Trying to do things safe and sneakily will result in fewer cops that confront you which will make escaping easier.

Scientist Achievements

A Promising Team

  • To get this achievement, you need to have four scientists in your nation. To get this easily, abduct or convert scientists and then exfiltrate them.

Cream of the Crop

  • Same as the above, but you need to have a total of seven scientists

Top Moles

  • This is easiest to get with seducer agents, such as Venom, who are good at converting enemy scientists to work for you. Make sure that if a double agent requests to see an agent again that you have the agent visit within a few turns so that you don’t lose that double agent.

Hacking Achievements


  • To get this easily, start a game with an agent who already has an arrest warrant on them, such as Robber, and using a hacker, remove it. You can also remove an arrest warrant that is gained through gameplay.


  • Using a hacker, plant malware in a nation’s sigma research.

L33t Haxxor

  • Using a hacker, steal sigma data from an enemy nation.

Research Achievements

Mastery of the Mind

  • Research ‘Control’, the fifth neuroscience technology. I believe that you will need to be the first nation to research it, as with the other’s below.

Mastery of the Body

  • Research ‘Lazarus’, the fifth health technology.


  • Research ‘Abaddon’, the fifth robotics technology.

Financial Wizardry

  • Research ‘Zero’, the fifth finance technology.

Lord of Space

  • Research ‘Infinity Gates’, the fifth astrophysics technology.


  • Deliver four technologies to the same lobby in the same game. I would not recommend doing this with robotics or neurosciences, as you will most likely run out of doomsday time. This is most easily achieved when playing as Germany, as you can move your first scientist to the specialization of your second, and then be the first to gain all the technologies in that branch. Just be sure not to lose those scientists.

Exfiltration Achievements

Mission Successful

  • As I said above, the easiest way to get a successful exfiltration is to have the alert level at zero and use an agent with the ‘Exfiltration Expert’ perk.

Air Support

  • Send your drone to a nation that you are about to exfiltrate from.

Necessary Sacrifices

  • This is easiest to get by attempting an exfiltration at a higher alert level and drone striking all the patrols. However, you can also get civilian casualties from exfiltration events. Just get 5 casualties to get the achievement.


  • I am unsure as to whether this is unlocked by completing an exfiltration with the ‘Ghost Operation’ outcome or by not running into a single patrol. I achieved this by using agent Robber with an alert of 0 and getting a car in the first turn and escaping the second.

Mission Impossible

  • Complete an exfiltration with an alert level of 100. Use a good offensive agent such as Liberty, and get a successful exfiltration.

Killed in Action

  • During an exfiltration, an agent can only be killed when you try to eliminate patrols. Use a weak agent, make them fast travel to get rid of any weapon they may have, and then at a high alert, try an exfiltration, choosing elimination every time. They will die quickly.


  • Every time that you use a drone strike there is a chance to hit a building. I’m pretty sure that I hit a building when I was at an accuracy of 98%. The actual buildings on the map have no bearing on the missile, and it will always go through them. Launch with an accuracy near 0 and you will get it eventually.


  • You just need to steal or find a vehicle during an exfiltration. I would recommend an ‘Exfiltration Expert’ Agent as they have a higher chance of getting a vehicle by chance. You will get this option after enough exfiltrations.

Diplomatic Achievements

International Cooperation

  • During gameplay, different nations will request your assistance for military operations. Just send your drone to one to get this.

Smoking Gun

  • This is obtainable by either investigating different politicians until you come across a compromising file or by interrogating agents and gaining compromising intelligence from them.


  • Get a successful result from a diplomatic agreement. Investigate a Sigma Head and then try to appeal to them to get this.

Comprehensive Intelligence

  • Investigate a scientist or gain their information during a hack.

Checkpoint Charlie

  • This is slightly difficult to obtain as you need to capture an enemy spy, then get one of your agents captured by that nation and then trade them for each other during a diplomatic meeting.

Other Achievements

Recruiter of the Month

  • To get this easily, recruit four agents, even if you have to fail on a few because you chose wrong. Then back out to the Title Menu by pressing escape. Start a new account, and choose the four agents that you had successfully recruited last time. You will not have to choose the right option this time.

VIP Squad

  • To obtain this achievement, start a game with an elite agent, get one of your non elite agents killed and then choose an elite agent from the replacements that are available. If an elite agent is not available either fail the recruitment or kill another agent to try again. Once you successfully recruit a second elite agent you will unlock this.


  • Break up with your spouse. This is most easily obtained in conjunction with the below achievement. I was not able to obtain this by being really mean to my spouse. Once you reach relationship level 80, one of your agents will ask to get to know you better. Have an affair with the agent and lie to your spouse when they ask about it. They will then break up with you.

Couple of the Year

  • Always choose the option to support your spouse when the option comes up. At relationship level 70, they will get kidnapped. Either answer all of the demands and get them back or find and exfiltrate them and then continue to support them. Once you reach relationship 90, this will unlock.

Never Apart

  • Get your spouse back after they have been kidnapped. You can either trade all of your scientists or exfiltrate them to get them back.

Story and Ending Achievements

On the Edge

  • Reach a doomsday clock level of 1. I put this in endings because it is really difficult to recover from a doomsday of 1, although I have saved myself from a doomsday of 0 before.


  • Finish a game without ever having a diplomatic meeting. This is honestly not as difficult as it seems. If you are playing the story mode and actually trying to finish the story, you will not be able to obtain this as finishing the story requires a diplomatic meeting.

Remote Working

  • Finish a game without ever completing an exfiltration. This means that you can convert as many scientists as you want but cannot bring them home. You also cannot exfiltrate agents or your spouse, so be careful to not anger the Ortega Circle and be careful with fast traveling.

Loyal to the President

  • Finish the storyline, always siding with Trojan aka Scarlet Wilson.

Election Plans

  • Finish the storyline, always siding with the Council of States.

Judge and Architect

  • Finish a game by getting to 100% sigma research, where you end with a doomsday clock of under 15.


  • Finish a game by getting to 100% sigma research, where you end with a doomsday clock of over 15 and your spouse is dead. They have to be actually dead, not missing or broken up with you. Refuse to pay their ransom to get them killed easily. Getting doomsday time from technologies is the easiest way of staying over 15.


  • Finish a game by getting to 100% sigma research, where you end with a doomsday clock of over 15 and your spouse is alive and healthy. Either speed run the game so they don’t get kidnapped or rescue them.
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