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Clustertruck - 100% Achievements Guide

Written by Briggly   /   Jul 27, 2020    

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Number of Achievements: 19
  • Online Achievements: 0
  • Offline Achievements: 19
  • Broken Achievements: 0
  • Missable Achievements: 0
  • DLC required: No
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Time: 5-8 hours

Achievement Overview

  • Complete the game without using any abilities.
  • Beat the extra Halloween levels.
  • Complete miscellaneous challenges.
  • Purchase all abilities.

Deck The Trucks!

  • Happy Holidays!

This achievement unlocks upon opening the game for the first time. Likely associated with the Holiday event which added the Holiday levels.

Level Progression Achievements

The main campaign has a total of 90 levels spread across 9 worlds, each with 10 levels. The Halloween event campaign has a total of 10 levels.

The following achievements are unlocked by completing all 90 levels in the main game as well as the 10 levels in the Halloween pack.

The Rude

  • Beat the Desert World!

King of The Forest

  • Beat the forest world!

Below Freezing

  • Beat the winter world!

Rave On

  • Beat the "lazer" world!

Old School

  • Beat the medieval world!

Raiders of The Lost Truck

  • Beat the ancient world!

Truck to The Future

  • Beat the sci-fi world!

Rising Pressure

  • Beat the steampunk world!

Naties Lieh

  • Beat the hell world!

It's Over

  • Beat the game!

Truck or Treat?

  • Beat the halloween world!

Challenge Achievements


  • Aced 10 levels!

Beat any 10 levels on your first try. The criteria for this mechanic to work is that you need to complete the level on the first time you play it after opening the game, so, you can try again by exiting the game and reopening it, then playing the level again.

Leader of The Pack

  • Get the best time out of your friends on a level!

This can be done on any level. I recommend you select a random map on the workshop and complete it fast. The achievement will unlock once you check the friends leaderboards after beating the level, even if none of your friends have played that specific level.

Ghost Busters

  • Beat a ghost!

For this one you'll have to beat a ghost on any level. Here's a quick explanation on how to race against a ghost:

  1. Open any level.
  2. Pause the game immediately and select the ghost tab on the top of your screen.
  3. Select "Own best time".
  4. Unpause and complete the level slowly.
  5. Restart the level and quickly get to the finish line, the achievement will then unlock.


  • Complete the game without using abilities!

Completing the game without using any ability is a fun challenge on it's own, I highly encourage everyone to do their first playthrough this way (this ensures not needing to replay the entire game again).

Just a side note, I got this achievement after completing all levels except the final one, then I completed one random workshop level, because of this I was able to use abilities on the final hell level, which does in fact make it a lot easier. Definitely a glitch.

Filthy Rich

  • Get 10.000 points in one level!

Big Air

  • 10 seconds of air time!

Using this level, you're able to keep bouncing and retain your air time as well as your score, just stand still until the air time score reaches 10.000, then simply complete the level.

For the Big Air achievement, keep bouncing for at least 10 seconds, then fall to the ground outside the bounce zone.

This level can also be used for farming points, which you'll need a lot of for the Fully Loaded achievement.

Fully Loaded

  • Unlock all abilities!

Abilities in Clustertruck are divided into 2 groups, utility and movement. You'll need 530.000 total score points to purchase all 14 abilities. Points are achieved by completing levels, while doing tricks, having a lot of air time, and things as such will greatly boost the amount of points received. By using the workshop level mentioned in the Filthy Rich and Big Air section, you're able to effortlessly grind points just by standing still. Once you have all the points you need, simply complete the level, then go to the abilities menu and purchase them all.

Written by Briggly.

Game:   Clustertruck