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Plutocracy - How to Become a Multi-Millionaire (Early Game)

Written by ChimaGamer   /   Jul 28, 2020    

How to become fast a multi-millionaire within the first quarter of the game.

Guide to Becoming Rich

The Strategy

  • Step 1: Buy a share in two equal worth companies of the same type.
  • Step 2: Make a share issue (max out the bar) in the company that can get the most cash from it and buy in with all your money.
  • Step 3: Max out loan in the company you but all your money in and take offer (through merger) the other company you own one share in.
  • Step 4: Make another share offer (max out the bar) in the newly formed company.
  • Step 5: Sell all your shares after you made 200%+ increase in your wealth.
  • Step 6: Repeat until richest person.

Tips for Doing This Strategy

  • If your share issue efficiency is lower than 100% move to another state.
  • Try at first with smaller companies later the big ones so that you can use the bigger ones later.
  • If other share holders stop you doing this strategy by voting against the merger, make them your friends or buy parts of their shares.
  • Take a loan from another character if you can.
  • Issue shares in the company that has the biggest increase in worth.
  • Put your skill points you gain in skill which makes buying shares easier.
  • Start in new york or pennsylvania so you have little travel time to the next nearest state.

Examples From My Own Try in Financial Shark Difficulty

First million in 10 days.

Won the game in 22 days and have 69 millions in networth.

Richest person on day 27 with 112 millions in networth.

Written by ChimaGamer.

Game:   Plutocracy