Barony – Hall of Trials Guide (How to Find All Secrets)

This guide will help you find all the secret areas in the Hall of Trials and the Master’s Wing in the Hall of Trials hub. I would like to encourage you to try finding them by yourself first though.

Guide to All Secrets in the Hall of Trials


With Barony v3.3.5 the Hall of Trials was released and within these trials there are secrets hidden. This guide aims to help you find these. But beware, using a guide to find them might spoil the fun of finding them yourself. So please give it a go yourself before you look at this guide! 🙂

Extra Credit

  • Find a secret area in each of the 10 Trials in the Hall of Trials.

Trial 1: Dungeon Basics and Melee Fighting

Proceed through the trial until you reach the door to the skeleton. Pull the lever that opens the door and head back.

Walk back to where the sentrys where shooting at you. You can now go in behind them and you’ll find the secret.

Trial 2: Bows, Arrows and Throwing Weapons

When you reach the part where you can pick up 3 different types of quivers, pull the lever in that room and turn back.

Just behind you there should be an opening in the wall, in there is the secret.

Trial 3: Dungeon Traps, Spikes and Boulders

In the second room turn back after you trigger the boulder.

Now there should be an opening to the secret in the corridor just behind you.

Trial 4: Food, Appraisal and Curses

In the room where you pull the lever to release the spiders, pull the lever but walk back to where you came from.

After a few seconds the wall to the right of the spiders will open and there is your secret.

Trial 5: Magic, Spellbooks and Casting

When you reach the room with a bunch of items and a portal, grab the spellbook of levitation and head to the opening in the back of the room.

Now use the spellbook of levitation and head to the right and you will find the secret.

Trial 6: Stealth and Sneak Attacks

When you reach the courtyard with skeletons, grab the rock on the ground and turn back.

In the previous room there is a gap with a pressure plate on the other side. Throw the rock over the gap and the doors will open and a boulder will come rolling killing the skeletons.

Now go back to the courtyard and enter the prevously closed door to find the secret.

Trial 7: Follower Recruiting and Commands

Go through the trial until you reach the end of the room with the skeletons and the purple path. Have your follower pull the lever and turn back to the prevous room.

Now enter the previously closed door and turn left.

Now walk to the back of this room to reach the secret.

Trial 8: Potions and Alchemy

As soon as you start the trial grab the potion of cure ailment and continue on.

Eventually you will find an alembic, grab it and go to the next room.

Grab the potions in the next room and head back.

Now when you reach the room where you helped the sentry survive you will need to make a potion of levitation. To make this potion you need to right click on the alembic and click experiment. Then you need to mix the potion of cure ailment with a potion of invisibility. (This seems to be somewhat random though, if you don’t get a potion of levitation try mixing the potion of cure ailment with something else.) After you have made the potion of levitation, drink it and head over the gap and to the right to find the secret.

Trial 9: Tinkering

Head trough the trial until you find the gyrobot, pick it up and head back.

When you come back to the room where you first used your sentry bot, deploy your gyrobot and have it interact with the lever on the other side of the gap.

Now head back to where you found the gyrobot and you will find an open wall to the left with the secret.

Trial 10: Merchants and Shops

Head all the way through the portal and after you kill the rat there will be a room with a skeleton. Pull the lever in the room with the skeleton and head back.

Now you will find an opening in the wall in the jewelry shop, walk in to it and you will find the secret.

Master’s Wing


Find the Master’s Wing in the Hall of Trials hub

In trial 1 room, kill the dummybot and grab the iron boots of water walking that it drops.

In trial 2 room, grab the ranged weapons.

In trial room 4, grab the potion in the chest.

In trial room 8, grab the alembic.

In trial room 9, grab the gyrobot.

Back at the start, kill the skeleton on the left side with arrows. After you kill it deploy your gyrobot and have it retrieve the potion that the skeleton dropped.

Have your gyrobot pull the levers at both sides of the entrance.

Enter the portal that appears between the trial 1 and 2 rooms.

Equip you iron boots of water walking and kill the skeleton, then pull the lever behind the skeleton.

Head to the trial 3 room and combine your two potions with the alembic to make a potion of strength. Drink the potion of strength and push away the boulder.

Behind the boulder you will find a spellbook of opening, grab it.

At the end of the main hallway you can now cast the opening spell on the closed doors and you’re done. You are in the master’s wing!

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