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SuperHot: Mind Control Delete - 100% Achievement Guide

Written by Gyde   /   Aug 7, 2020    

Here is full achievement guide for SuperHot: Mind Control Delete the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Hello! This is a 100% achievement guide in chronological order.

Most achievements are story related and are unmissable, so this guide is mainly for the achievements that are slightly more complicated to get.

Tip: You can see your level at the top right of your screen.

Warning: You must launch the "Mind Control Delete" version of SuperHot in Steam, you will not be given achievements if the original SuperHot is launched.

This guide will also contain slight lore spoilers.

All Achievements List


  • You came back for more.

  • [Unmissable]
  • You will get this by just entering the game.

More and More

  • More was not enough for you.

  • [Unmissable]
  • After finishing the first few levels, you will be given a fake end credits. After the end credits, a red text will talk to you and will give you 3 hearts, the achievement will unlock then.

Even More

  • You still craved more.

  • [Unmissable]
  • You will get this achievement after you unlock the "Hack-Pool" and level selections.

More Power

  • Gained more power.

  • [Very hard to miss]
  • Awarded after unlocking any hacks (Node with △ symbol).
  • "explode.hack" and "grenade.hack" are the earliest hacks found in the first level.

More Story

  • Read more files.

  • [Very hard to miss]
  • Unlocked by reading any memory nodes. (Node with # symbol)
  • dog_1.mem, avar1ce_1, avar1ce_2 in level 1 are the first memories you can read.

More Punching

  • Felt more anxiety.

  • [Very hard to miss]
  • Enter the "Quarantine / Broken" node in the first level, and unlock "CHARGE.core".

So Much More

  • The more you had the more you wanted.

There's Still More

  • How much more could there be?

More Slashing

  • Seethed with more anger.

  • [Very hard to miss]
  • Enter the "Quarantine / Unstable" node in the second level, and unlock "RECALL.core".

More Shooting

  • Suffered more addiction.

  • [Very hard to miss]
  • Enter the "Quarantine / Toxic" node in the second level, and unlock "HotSWITCH.core".

More Mysteries

  • Encountered more mysteries.

  • [Missable]
  • You need to find and interact with any one of the hidden terminals. There is a total of 32 terminals, one in every map. The easiest terminal to access is the one in the LAB.

The LAB's terminal can be found in the corner of the lab room.

If you want to find the other terminals, here's a handy video by EnderJohn to all of them.

More Than Ever

  • Was it more than you expected?

  • [Unmissable]
  • Complete the "Core / Sickness" node in the fourth level.

Less Is More

  • In the end everything you craved was no more.

  • [Unmissable]
  • Go to the corrupted level, complete all levels, and choose to give up.

Back for More

  • You have it all. There is nothing more.

  • [Unmissable, but somewhat complicated]
  • After you have deleted everything, you will only have the option to chant "Super" and "Hot" with X.

You must chant "SuperHot" 25 times, then a white triangle will appear at the center of the screen.

After another 15 chants, a red rectangle will appear around the triangle. Once you see the red rectangle, keep traveling to the left and you will eventually go back to the triangle, but there should now be a white line going up.

Follow the white line, and you will eventually be led to a node that looks like a door.

Interacting with it will prompt a message saying "Scanning system memory for recoverable data".

After it finishes scanning, a line will show above, leading you to another node.

Interact with it and let it scan again.

After it finishes scanning, another line will show up leading you to the final node.

Interacting with the final node will show a prompt saying that it is "Recovering Deleted Data" with a countdown timer at the bottom.

You will now have to either wait 2hrs and 30mins of real-world time, or use an app to speed the game up.

Cheat Engine's speedhack works from what I've been told. I stayed up to 2am to get it the legit way.

If you think 2.5 hours is long, the original wait time was 8hrs!

After the game recovers the data, you will be awarded the achievement.

Written by Gyde.