Chinese Parents – How to Start Your Perfect Family

Indepth guide for the first few generations. Many people misunderstand what’s really important about this game and seem to aim for all sorts of bad things that will make later generations far more tedious to play. This guide is meant to ease the process of trait building, especially for later generations.

Perfect Family Guide


This game is extremely RNG dependant.

This guide is aimed at helping you earn the most traits on your first generation, which is basically the most important thing about the game even though the game doesn’t tell you. The game talks to vomit inducing levels about Gakao and how Gakao is important but I’ll tell you right now; Gakao doesn’t mean anything in this game, the traits are only thing that really matter.

Sure, if your grades are bad you lose face but this isn’t Face Off, so you’re not literally losing your face and thus your face will be intact the whole game. The only thing that happens is that your parents whine a bit but even if your Gakao score would somehow be 0, you can still get the best job you’re aiming for provided that your stats are good. Your parents also no matter how much they whine, never kick you out even if you’d turn total 0’s in your tests. You’ll never be punished in ways that would have any sort of an impact on you. No faces are actually harmed in this game, so don’t worry about your face. It’ll be fine.

This means that it’s best to ignore every subject that you don’t care about in favor of all important stats that you’d use to reach certain milestones or lower the cost of certain skills. For purposes of the first generation, it means everything not increasing IQ.

I will several times refer skill as “not having learnt” this means that you’ve not gained the family trait from doing the skill. There’s RNG each time you do the skill that it grants you a trait which will give permanent boost to your future generations. This is why it’s the most important thing in the game; only with the proper traits learnt will you ever be able to fulfill requirements for some of the biggest requirements in the game because that means you’ll get a stat increase every turn with the trait. Traits also don’t raise just the stats that you’d expect them to, for example physical exercise traits may also lead to better IQ and imagination and such. In our IQ route, you’ll increase stat boosts for every stat by at least 1, unless RNG decides not to give you traits. By the way, this game is very RNG dependant.

Traits are not only used to perma boost stats, they are also used during the combat and during China has talent. If you win each opponent, you get far more face than you lose from failing tests, not to mention all the bonuses from the China has talent. However, don’t think that just because you get face, that you’d get to wear multiple faces on your head, you’re stuck with the one you have. Seriously, this isn’t Face Off.

Traits will only be usable in the generation that has learnt them, but the family stat bonus is permanent. You can easily get relearn the traits for little drummer in later generations and such if desired, for purposes of combat and Talent but you won’t get the bonus stat growth again. Again, Gakao doesn’t matter, only traits do. If you take nothing else from guide, I hope that you remember that.

At the start of the game, your money is tight and your stats are dwindling, so I’ll help you with getting your first generation to work as a good baseline for future great generations.

First Steps

The game never tells you but the name you pick when picking new game isn’t “name of save file” but this is actually your family’s surname. So don’t pick something silly like “Waifu Test” since you’ll be staring at that in your bio screen for literally rest of the game for every generation after. Of course, you’ll never have to access the bio screen aside when the tutorial tells you, so it’s no big loss either way.

When game asks you if you want to the skip tutorial, press cancel.

It’s very important to go through the tutorial for the first time as it gives you few easy to do tasks that’ll earn you a nice bonus. Whenever you meet the requirements, go to the tab and click the shiny red button to check the task off and to gain your bonus. If you don’t click the button, even if you’d meet the requirements, the task is considered incomplete and will fail if the timer passes.

Your starter generation can be male or female, it really doesn’t matter. Your first schelude should be:

  • Walk/Crawlx4.
  • Clap to musicx2.

Check how much the skill cost for a new skill is, never learn skills that are above 100 in cost unless that’s the maximum for the skill requirement. (Such as later, 150 or 200 or more) Check if you have the trait “drummer”. If you don’t repeat the same schelude as previously. Repeat the original steps until you learn drummer trait at which you walk/crawl or you learn to talk.

When you learn to talk, fill your schelude with it. If you still need the drummer, put:

  • Learn to talkx4.
  • Clap to musicx2.

The first generation is perfect for Intelligence run

Intelligence is an easy stat to raise, it’s avaivable from the start on the stat grid and you can learn math fairly early in game which boosts IQ.

Formation of Our Strategy

When the game begins to introduce “stress” into the game, this is where the fun begins.

When selecting your routines, select the drop down “not yet learnt” and select the ones which give IQ for both.

On your first go when stress is introduced, you are very likely to be stressed from your schelude so you should do:

  • Biggest stressrelief(filter using Rec. to find what it is)x2.
  • Intelligence training you’ve not learnt x2.
  • Biggest stressreliefx2.

After this, your schelude will be:

  • Intelligence training you’ve not learntx3.
  • IQ entertainment you’ve not learntx3.

For IQ skill training, the math and science are best ones. Always only buy these two skills and ignore every other skill no matter how much your parents would request or whine at you.

If you at any point have received all the traits possible from the intelligence based both lines but don’t have enough points or the cost for next tier of math/science is too high, filter what is best IQ and put that x4, until the new IQ training cost will be manageable.

When the shop opens you will start a new route. Every day, buy 2 stress reduction items.

  • Intelligence training you’ve not learntx4.
  • Entertainment you’ve not learntx2.

Some skills at the bottom have a special blue background, don’t learn these skills on your first few generations; these are specific career paths which have sometimes very high requirements and you won’t have them at the start of the game. Just save your points for later and only buy when the costs are low.

When you can start requests, you can cheese it by selecting the 25% chance and if not allowed, go back to menu and then try again until you succeed. You can always do this later but it’s required eventually when you start trait collecting since requests change periodically and you only have certain window of getting them.

When Face Challenges become avaivable, try and defeat each character as you’ll earn permanent family traits for doing so. Pray that your first challenge isn’t “Genius Einstein’s Mom” since then you’ll have an extremely hard time defeating her. If she is the first, you’ll probably have to ignore face challenges for this generation or restart the game. There’s 7 challengers all in all but you can only fight 5 of them in one generation, so you’ll need to play multiple generations to defeat them all at least once.

Sometimes the game has class president elections. Just press promote every turn and you win.

You’ll be asked to write papers sometimes. Pick whatever you feel like at start, but pay attention to which two areas start to get most points, choose whatever topics that increase either or both of those areas.

You’ll get tests few times where you have to play match-3 minigame. Playing the minigame rewards you with lots of points. You may be tempted to waste them on buying all skills you’ve neglected but do save them and continue only purchasing IQ skills when they’re affordably low. (Either bellow 100 or what’s their minimum, whichever is applicable) We need every point later when we enter Highschool.

At one point of the game, the game asks you to think of your future career

If you’re feeling confident about getting very high IQ (Around 10k+ by the end), you can try and run for white collar job. Otherwise, choose Ordinary/Average Joe for HR Specialist job. You’ll be asked this later in the game so don’t stress too much with your first time you see it.

HR Specialist earns 50$ every turn, while specialized doctor 60$ for your second generation. Anything other than Special doctor will earn WAY less than HR Specialist (20$!) so again, if you feel like you are not able to reach the high IQ needed, go for average joe. These two are the best paying jobs that you can reliably get on your first generation.

Highschool and Beyond

At one point of the game you can start dating and having friendships. My advice is that you don’t, at least not on the first three generations. This takes a lot of energy especially for men and you won’t have the time to unlock as many stats in the grid. Besides, even if you’d max out the relationship the game may just decide not to give your husbando/waifu at the end due to RNG since absolute max chance to get them is 80%. You’ll still get a pity wife/husband regardless at the end, which is what you’ll probably get for your first character. Oh and if you play as female and do end up going for the relationship route, don’t take the start banter of your best friend calling you love as serious, you can’t have a lesbian relationship.

When at highschool, you can start to pay for IQ increase skills that are ahead as soon as they become avaivable, even if they’d cost 999 you should be able to afford them at this point if you’ve not been wasting on other useless things. You should at this point never study subjects that you have already learnt, skill increase isn’t as important as learning as many traits as possible. Pay attention to what skills are unlocked and always have only skills that are in “not yet learned” category as active.

Cheese time!

When you have 4 turns left to Gakao, stop entertainment and fill your schelude with IQ skills you’ve not learn and buy 2 most expensive stress each day. If you run out of money, that’s okay. If you get over stressed, that’s okay too. You’re close to the end and it doesn’t matter if you get negatives at this point.

When there’s only 1 turn left to Gakao, you can use ALT+F4 to close the game if by the end of the final ball filling at the bottom of the screen you haven’t learnt the trait that you’ve not aimed for. If you don’t do it at this point, you’ll have to study up until this point in future generations to try again.

You can do final test on turn 0 but it’s pointless, you don’t need to waste your time with it. (Points and skills do not carry on next generations, only traits do and you can’t learn more traits)

Soon you’ll enter Gakao and reach your best career regardless of how bad your scores were. Your depression and any mental issues don’t matter either for the ending (or relationships or future generations or anything), which is why it’s safe to ignore stress at the end, regardless of how depressed and heartbroken you’d get as long as your mind shadow doesn’t somehow reach 100%, you’ll be fine. I didn’t even mention mind shadow map earlier because if you did as I’ve instructed, you should not be having mind shadow at all or very small one.

Thanks to the first lame generation; your next generation and the ones after will see the world as your oyster, with big stat growths and far better money balance means that you can aim for other study routes or even go for a specialized career path.