Dread X Collection 2 – General Tips

This is not a complete walkthrough. These are quick suggestions to help folks get through key areas of difficulty. See the House Guide for anything involving the hub. These answers have been compiled (and edited) from discussions, threads, streams, and the developers directly. Spoilers beware!

Basic Tips

All credit goes to Artman Cometh!


Dread X Collection 2 General Tips

This is a guide to help folks skip past difficult parts in the game. See the House Guide for advice on the house. It is not a comprehensive FAQ/walkthrough, so don’t expect to find all the spooky secrets here. Happy playing!

Charlotte’s Exile


The Eye of Nyarlathotep will steal the box if you do not look at him occasionally. The notes within the box tell you how to get the good ending, but you can still get to the end without it.

This is the key to the Alphabet:

Here is the journal filled out:

Here is the box note:

These diagrams show you which buttons to press on the board for either ending.

Evil Ending

  • 5 14 15 6
  • 7 1 2 8
  • 12 3 4 13
  • 9 10 11 16

Good Ending

  • 2 11 12 3
  • 4 13 14 5
  • 9 15 16 10
  • 6 7 8 1

Squirrel Stapler

Squirrel facts

  • There is “poisoned grass” next to the cabin where a few random dead squirrels spawn every day.
  • Press “f” to use the big squirrel caller. It only works on the big squirrel. That’s why it’s called the big squirrel caller.
  • After dying three times, less Squirrel Bears will spawn.
  • There is a compass in the top left.
  • There is a new tip every day outside the cabin. These tips will make the game much easier.
  • God will appear anywhere. God is everywhere. God is within us all.

The Diving Bell


  • Press Q for more hints.
  • If you are at the top of the elevator shaft and it is on the floor beneath, simply press the elevator button to call it up. The player can get stuck in that area, but clicking the button should push you out.
  • The generator code is 1890.
  • There is only one ending. Hitting/not hitting full anxiety when outside the base will trigger the end either way.

Touched by an Outer God


It is not possible to get all of the upgrades in a single run, not only because some are mutually exclusive but also you may not obtain enough parts to purchase all Tier 3 upgrades.

Upgrades that are marked as “mutually exclusive” simply mean that by purchasing the upgrade one or more future upgrades will no longer be accessible. For example, you can only get one “charge” attack per hand so if you get the Sniper Charge upgrade you can’t get the Grenade Charge upgrade. There are many upgrades, so this enhances the roguelike mechanics.

The question button in the top left of the “tab” leveling menu has a lot of useful tips.

There is a “notes found” indicator in the Upgrade menu to help track how many have been found. Level 1 has a note in it, so do not skip level 1 if you wish to collect all the notes.

Many upgrades are “synergistic” with each other, for example the fire projectile upgrade only has a chance to ignite a hit enemy. So something like the Automatic Charge upgrade where you shoot projectiles back-to-back offers a higher chance to ignite.

To The End Of Days


  • “Tab” brings up the shotgun.
  • “F” is flashlight.
  • The music is rules, but you already know that.

The Toy Shop


  • The fresh pieces are found behind the giant clown, in the outhouse, inside the tin robot house, and just beneath the tin robot house.

Boss Tips

  • The objective is to press all the buttons on the platforms along the walls.
  • Run Shift + jump is good for extra boost.
  • Once the rejected on it is dead, a platform is pretty safe.
  • You can shoot the big robot in the face to make it shut down for a few seconds (occasionally doesn’t work).
  • Once all the buttons are pressed, the door at the end opens and you can escape.
  • Note there is not a checkpoint after the door (I know, I know), so be careful pushing forward.


“Q” holsters/equips torch. “R” to interact with the torch or pick axe. Player must be still to trigger.

Another Late Night


  • The rat folder is worth your time.



  • Keep walking towards the creature in the underwater room.
  • The platforming loop is progression. Keep doing it and you will move forward in the story.

Sucker For Love


  • There are three endings in total. “Bad End, Awake End, and Good End.”
  • Good end is achieved by conducting the break up ritual while Ln’eta sleeps.

The Thing in the Lake


  • There is a distant “cage shattering” sound to indicate the monkey is on it’s way. It should appear 5-10 seconds later. Staying near the center of the map can help you get to an escape in time.
  • The weed killer can be found in the southernmost room of the house to the west of chapter IV start.
  • The knife can be found in the building west, north, and then east above the chapter start.



  • The first objective is to the upper left of your starting position.
  • Once the orbital is destroyed, use the Gravimeter to find the next location. Go deeper, deeper still. If you are still lost the next event is due north from the crash.
  • The second rationalize puzzle involves throwing the soviet icon against the frame so the tips break off from it. This will allow the piece to fit. Your character must break the chain of logic to rationalize the event. This puzzle is genius and I will die defending it.
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