Inmost – Complete Achievements Guide

Help in getting 100% achievements. Please read the manual and the “Note” before you start playing, this will save you time to get all the achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements in Inmost the Game


I made the achievements in chronological order as much as possible. To get 100% achievements, you will need to complete the game two times. Where possible and necessary, I have indicated the time in the video for navigation.


  • Slow Descent
  • A Thorny End
  • A Friend In Me
  • Cookie Monster
  • We’re All Quite Mad Here
  • Arachnophobia
  • The Fountain
  • Hidden Rooms
  • Alone in The Storm
  • A Tale about Love


Nine Lives

After you open the gate, you need to push the cat down. Screenshot to help.

World of Entangled Stories

Towards the end of the game, you will meet 3 cats. Talk to them and you will be given an achievement (The achievement is broken at the moment).

Have you seen him?

If you did not save the cat, as indicated in the achievement “World of Entangled Stories”, then there will be 2 cats to talk to.


We need to listen to all his stories. For each story, he will claim “Pain Crystals”, up to 60 crystals. After he finishes his last story, talk to him again.

  • Meet the Storyteller.  
  • Epilogue.

Pain for a pain

Jump on them, thereby you crush them.

Pain crystals 

Watch the video for getting all the crystals. You can collect all the crystals after completing the game. Load the save where you are standing next to the cats. Time: 01:54:48.

  • Fragments of Pain.
  • Pain Collector.

Duly Noted

Watch the video for getting all the notes. Be sure to immediately take the note from the “Bird”, and after you get the “Black Heart” go and free the spider and take the note from him, otherwise it will not be available later (The achievement is not working as expected at this time). Time: 01:51:30


Watch the video. Complete walkthrough without death. Advice: If you are dead, load the last checkpoint.

Avoid Pain

Watch the video. Complete walkthrough without obtaining crystals. Advice: If you took a crystal by accident, load the last checkpoint. You can complete the game and get this achievement, and then load the checkpoint after the “cats” and collect crystals

Chatty Passenger

This achievement can be obtained in the very last chapter playing as a “girl”. Just do not look for the key to the attic, but read everything where you can press the “action” button. I found more comments than needed to complete the achievement.

Knight (No damage)

Watch the video. Always use glide, it helps a lot to dodge enemies. Also, while you slide, you are invulnerable.

  • Brave Soldier (Castle) – 00:13:28    
  • Through the Flames (Fire) – 00:30:19    
  • Damp Survivor (Swamp) – 00:38:02    
  • Slippery Slope (Slime Pii) – 01:09:03    
  • Out in the Cold (Snow) – 01:29:50    
  • Black Heart – Information is being specified (Possibly buggy achievement).
  • Inmost – You will receive this achievement automatically after you have unlocked all the others.

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