Seek Girl: Fog – How to Obtain All Achievements

A guide for most of the achievements in Seek Girl: Fog. Includes description of some of the unclear mechanics.

Complete Achievement Guide


Don’t try and do the cheevos all in one go. It will take a few playthroughs to get them all as there are 3 main endings and 3 silly endings and 2 speed run endings and an assortment of mutually exclusive achievements.

With some I cant tell what the requirements were as I had so many things pop at once. So come back and consult once you had a playthrough getting all the girls (including the hidden ones) and see what is missing. For example EGG might have been because I had got the 3 main endings, or it could have been part of getting the best ending. I couldn’t tell due to the order in which I did the endings. There were several instances of cheevos like this popping in a block.

Bugged achievements

I have now got 100%, but I did have a few that didnt seem to pop.

Several people have reported that some cheevos seem to not pop. For me I could not get Registrar (10 girls), despite having collector (all girls). Elsewhere people have had issues with the various “rescue X girls with no damage” cheevos.

If you are convinced you are fulfilling the requirements and the achievement still wont pop turn off automatic cloud backup for Seek girl : fog via properties/ updates and un-ticking the checkbox.

Then go here:

  • C:Users(pc name)AppDataLocalLowDSGameSeekgirlFogone

Then delete the folder.

I then revalidated the files from properties menu in Library and started the game over.

This cleared everything and I was able to get the achievement that had bugged for me aftyer meeting the requirements.

I’d try and get everything else first since some of the requirements are cumulative. If you think the Skeleton cheevo is glitched, see the skeleton specific section of this guide.

Dragon Related

You will find a Skeleton that gives you a secret code. You can input this on a mysterious stone tablet you can stand on with a funny symbol. You don’t need to find the code first and can input it as soon as you find the tablet.

The tablet looks like this:

Press “F” while standing on the tablet and a password input menu will display and then on the arrow keys on your keyboard (not WASD)


An image of a powerful dragon will emerge and he will grant you 4 options each resulting in a different achievement.

  • Dragon arm Select the dragon arm, then leave the mist via the exit.
  • Dragons leg Select the dragon leg, then leave the mist via the exit.
  • Dragons private parts Select the dragon private parts and leave the mist via the exit.
  • Dragon? Choose the final option and get no limb upgrades and continue as normal.

The first 3 options will make all the slimes disappear. The girls and items will remain but bumping into the girls just collects them, it doesn’t initiate the sex scenes. Its useful to clear the map so you can do the skeleton cheevos etc.

Memory Related

These are the light purple flower looking things (not the spiky thorns). There are 16 in total spread across the map. You write them in your note book as you find them, but none of them are hidden so should be easy to find.

Each memory gives either text or a small scene with your sister as you grow up.

  • Magic fruit Find a memory.
  • Yummy Yummy Find 8 memories.
  • Who I used to be Find all 16 memories.

This might be a requirement for getting the final sex scene with your sister Alysa.

Damage and Death Related

These are easy, just walk into slimes, spikes and die as necessary. When you die you are reborn at a auto save point not far from the last significant thing you did in game.

  • Plastic machete Get injured once.
  • Mistake Get injured 10 times.
  • This is the maximum amount of blood Get injured 20 times.
  • Grovel 1st death.
  • Tactical flap 5th death.
  • Push up 10th death.

For each death you have the option to continue from last save.

  • The beginning of reincarnation Continue after 1st death.
  • In cycles Die and continue 5 times.
  • Cycle of more than Die and continue 10 times.

Drowning duck Die 3 times before saving a girl. This seems impossible, but basically on the first girl you meet either fail 3 times in the falling heart minigame or exit the minigame via the menu 3 times (which counts as a failure).

Rescue without damage

  • Greenhand Save two girls taking no damage.
  • Handle with ease Save 4 girls with no damage.
  • Master walker Save 6 girls with no damage.

Falling heart minigame

  • Just a try In the falling heart minigame get all the required pink hearts without taking a purple heart.
  • Drifting clouds and floating water Dont take damage from purple/black hearts in 9 instances.
  • So what? Dont take any damage from purple/black hearts.

Might be possible to acquire by finishing the game without seeing all girls if you choose the correct gift as mine popped when I finished the game with the best ending.

Item Related

These are easy, as none of them are hidden. If you explore the whole map you’ll have no issue finding everything. To the extent that it isn’t even worth posting a picture of what they look like since it is so obvious.

  • Strange props Find a gift.
  • A lot of harvest Find 9 gifts.
  • A backpack full of Find all gifts.
  • Life back Find one health bottle.
  • Good form Find 5 health bottles.
  • Body Tonic Find 10 health bottles.
  • Strange Key Find 1 key.
  • Important key Pick up 3 keys.
  • Indispensable key Pick up 5 keys.

You could do one of the dragon endings and mop this up with the skeleton achievement since it will empty the map of all but the girls and items.

Hidden Girls

As well as the obvious girls located on the map there are a few hidden. The skeletons nearby provide information so you know you are close.

  • Bee fairy. Look for a tree with a bee hive in it (The yellow nest).

  • Weak girl Look for purple spikey plant that has light purple flower symbols on it, then interact with it. In my pic it is the top right one so you can see the difference.

  • Summoner Look for a slightly lighter coloured tree that has rounder branches with a tentacle/snake in it.

  • Hypnotist Look for a crack on the floor you can interact with and enter.

  • Slime girl Look for a slime that doesn’t bounce or move about and interact with it.
  • Princess Met immediately after sex scene with slime girl.
  • Demon/succubus girl After rescuing the princess via the slime you are given the key item “jade operator”. Take this and the panties given by the bee girl and use it on the odd statue that requires a circular item.

  • Alysa Rescue the princess, and find the succubus/demon. Might also require finding all the memories since its your sister dude….

All the other girls are found on the open map. Shagging them nets two cheevos per girl.

Skeleton Related

Walk up to the remains of dead explorers and they should start speaking.

Note: You need to click the mouse cursor on the text box to see all the dialogue as it only displays a small amount at a time. There is usually a couple of boxes worth for each skeleton. Otherwise it ends mid sentance.

  • A talking skeleton Talk to one skeleton.
  • Access to a secret Talk to 8 skeletons.
  • Become inured to the unusual Talk to all skeletons.

It has to be all the dialogue. The achievement won’t pop if you only see the first part of what they say. (This caught me out for a while).

Easy way to do this is to get a dragon ability from earlier and clear the map. Then its a simple task of walking about finding them easily. Not that they are hard, it just wont take as long.

Gift Related

I recommend walking around and locating as many gifts as you can before interacting with the girls where possible. You can back out of the encounters, but it counts as a failure. You do get 3 attempts. Some areas are impassable without finishing the encounter but I’m fairly sure the gift related cheevos don’t have to be done in one run as I unlocked telepathic over several playthrough.

To get all correct gifts for everyone I had to keep starting and exiting and deleting my save slot until the correct item appeared for the first interaction with the 1st girl as otherwise you cant proceed (the broken sword).

  • Test Give the wrong gift.
  • Steel and straight men Give the wrong gift 9 times.
  • Little games don’t smell good Give everyone the wrong gift.
  • Simple and nice Give the right gift once.
  • Telepathic Give 9 correct gifts.
  • Thoughtful Give correct gifts to everyone.

Slime Gifts

You can change a slimes direction by giving them a gift, although it isn’t explained well. If you move the mouse cursor up past your health bar hearts the drop down window has your acquired gifts and key items. Simply click on the gifts and drag them to a slime. This can be done by reloading a save if you don’t have many gifts.

  • A nose cone Give 1 gift to a slime.
  • Clever clearance Throw 5 gifts to slimes.
  • Practice makes perfect Throw 10 gifts to slimes.


There are several endings, depending on your actions and who you save. There are also the 3 silly endings as part of the Dragon section outlined previously.

  • Escaping warrior Leave the mist via the exit without saving the princess.
  • Perfect pass Find and free the Princess via locating the Slime girl, and also have sex with the Witch.

For me, she is on the map as one of the girls with purple hair and ribbons that required a key to unlock. I assume this will be the case every time.

You then need to go to the altar and interact with it with the key item gained from the princess.

This will trigger an additional hentai scene where the Witch’s true form is revealed. You can then proceed to the exit.

  • A taste of betrayal Find and save the princess from the slime girl then exit the fog normally.

Special Endings

There are 2 additional endings that might require several attempts. It depends on how lucky you are with how the map is loaded. I had to start and reload a few times until I got a map that would allow me to proceed without being blocked by a girl I did not want to save. You can click on and interact with the girls trying to find the witch but do not complete the mini game. Press escape and you can back out. If you find you cannot proceed then I’m afraid you will have to start over on a fresh map.

A easy life

Finish the game saving the minimum amount of girls.

You are allowed to save Brenda (the first girl blocking your way) and interact with Carolyn (purple ninja whose boobs you fondle) who you have to interact with to proceed. Do not interact with her again. Only save the princess via the Slime girl. Avoid all other girls and head straight to the exit.

A corrupt life

As above, save only Brenda (unavoidable), then the princess via the slime. You then need to locate the witch like in the criteria for A perfect pass above and then use the alter. Once you see the witches true form and the tentacles hentai scene you can exit the map. You can interact with as many girls as you need to find the witch since several girls use the same model but do not complete the mini game or sex scenes. Just press Escape if you hit the wrong girl then the “back” arrow.

Do not save anyone else. If you cannot proceed because you would have to save a girl other than those mentioned you will have to start over.

Girls info

Upon unlocking egg which I think you get from getting the best ending after unlocking all the girls in one play you get these nice character cards.

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