Agony Unrated – 100% Achievement Guide

This is a full achievement guide for Agony Unrated! Including all collectibles, endings and everything in between. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you need help with anything.

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to Minxy!

Unmissable Achievements

Wait for me my Goddess!

  • Finish 1 level

Im thirsty!

  • Possess onoskelis.

Pact with the devil

  • Finish 2 level.

There is always something bigger

  • Kill an enormous chort.

Im on fire! But i like it

  • Possess an ifrit.

To the sunset!

  • Finish 3 level.

Never ending Agony

  • Finish 4 level.

Unrated Achievements

They’re now in the better place

  • Sacrifice 5 children at the altar.

This achievement is pretty easily farmable. When you find a sacrificial altar you’ll usually be able to find some babies nearby, just keep bringing them over and interacting with the altar until you unlock the achievement.


  • Kill 30 infants.

I got this achievement in the Mind Maze, near the end of the area (the huge gravity pathway) there’s a bunch of babies which will spawn infinitely, just keep picking them up and throwing them with X until the achievement pops.


  • Abort 5 pregnancies.

There’s tonnes of pregnant women in the Succubus tunnels, especially the one right at the beginning of the pit to the left when you jump down after the checkpoint. All you have to do is walk up to them and interact with them before their bellies explode. (They respawn when you reload checkpoints so you can farm this achievement easily)


  • Kill 15 spiders.

Easy achievement to get as Succubus. I recommend farming this achievement in chapter 3, there’s 3 spiders outside, and 2 in the ice caves, so it shouldn’t take too long to unlock.

What a smell…

  • Hold your breath for 666 seconds.

666 seconds is just about 11 minutes, so it’ll take a while but it’s an easy achievement. Hold down alt to hold your breath.

You’re so Hot right now

  • Hit a demon with a torch 20 times.

This achievement is actually pretty easy, when you hit an Onoskelis with a torch she’ll get stunned for a while as long as you don’t get too close, so keep your distance while hitting her and you should have no problems.

The Jaws

  • Activate 30 collapsing floors and survive.

Self explanatory – takes a while to unlock, stand on the collapsing floors then jump off them before they fall. The floors will reappear after a few seconds so you can just farm this over and over on the same floor.

I believe I can fly

  • Finish the game for a second time as a succubus and kill 30 children.

Self explanatory! Play through Succubus mode and kill 30 infants. Just after you leave the forgotten caves there’s some infinitely spawning babies, they’re to the right of me in the area pictured below, since they’re right at the end of the game you can easily load the forgotten caves then farm the achievement without having to start from chapter 1. Once you walk through the door of the Cathedral you’ll unlock this achievement.

Collectible Achievements

I have seperated my collectibles videos into 2 parts, Martyr collectibles and Succubus collectibles. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need assistance with any of these, and I’ll help you out ASAP!

I have a beautiful soul!

  • Max out every skill.

Lara would be proud!

  • Find all secret rooms.

She looks good in red

  • Find 2 red chambers.

The richest man in hell

  • Find 2 gold chambers.

You looks just like your father

  • Unlock all letters and notes.

The great painter

  • Unlock all paintings.

What have I done?

  • Unlock all comic pages.

Let me see you

  • Unlock all characters in 3d viewer.

I am enlightened

  • Unlock everything in gallery.

To unlock the I am enlightened achievement you’ll need to manually unlock the concept art and prototypes using knowledge points. You can obtain knowledge points by collecting gold statues in game.

Miscellaneous Achievements

*These are listed in the order you should unlock them

Nice try

  • Try to push an onoskelis to the pit.

You can get this achievement during chapter 1. When you first reach the Pit you’ll see an Onoskelis on the other side of the room standing near the ledge. Walk around to where she’s sitting and use the side room to position yourself behind her, sneak up to her and try to push her into the pit, she’ll climb back up and attack you but you’ll unlock the achievement.

Ice Age

  • Find a peanut in the frozen caves.

For this achievement you need to find the ‘peanut’ (acorn) in the ice caves near the start of chapter 3.

It’s a secret

  • Find a secret room.

You can unlock this achievement during Chapter 3, after the save point in the Ishtar Chamber, make your way outside and to the left where you can leave your body to posess an Ifrit and find a hidden room.

Demon slayer

  • Push and kill an onoskelis.

I’ve heard there are multiple places to get this achievement but the only time I pushed an Onoskelis and she died was near the start of chapter 4. There’s an Onoskelis standing on a ledge behind a gravity pathway. I’ve found it’s much harder to get her to die than in the original Agony. In original Agony in 3 attempts she died twice, in Unrated after 4 attempts she’d only died once, so it seems the chances of her falling are slightly lower but keep at it and she should fall and die eventually.


  • Survive a level in Agony Mode.

Agony Mode can be found on the main menu. To unlock the achievement you need to survive one level, you don’t have to finish all the objectives, I found the easiest way to get this was to look for the painting on whichever level you’re playing then once you’ve examined it you need to find the door blocked with wood planks, if you walk up to it and interact with it, it should open and once you enter the room you’ll unlock this achievement.

Ending Achievements

The Scarlet Woman

  • Normal ending.

For the Normal Ending all you need to do is play through the game regularly and beat the final boss, you most likely will get this on your first playthrough.

Pull it out!

  • Succubus ending.

To get the Succubus Ending simply play through the game again in Succubus mode, this will also unlock you a bunch of other achievements.

I found a job!

  • Unlock madman ending.

To unlock the madman ending you simply need to stand anywhere near the middle of the Mushroom Mind at the end of chapter 2 for 5 minutes without touching your keyboard, mouse or controller. Eventually a cutscene will play and this achievement is yours!

Good and Evil

  • Good and Evil (Unlock Evil and Angel ending).

Angel ending:

  • For the Angel Ending you must find every Angel in Agony. There are four total then at the end of level 2 you will get the Angel Ending.

Evil Ending:

  • For the Evil Ending you need to kill 70 characters through the game and reach the Cathedral in level 4.

You can very easily farm kills in the Forgotten Caves during chapter 4, there’s an outdoor area with an Onoskelis and a bunch of Martyrs, you can possess the Onoskelis and kill the Martyrs, walk through one of the teeth doors then come back and they will all respawn (I show you how to find & do this in my Nimrod ending video).

Your soul is mine!

  • Baphomet ending.

Did I just bore him?

  • Survive Baphomet bossfight.

*If you follow my collectibles video you’ll unlock this ending.

Otherwise, to get this ending you need to complete the optional fight with the Baphomet statue at the end of chapter 1, after defeating him, you need to find the 2 paintings in the Floating Forest which uncover the hearts in the Fractal Forest, after collecting the hearts and placing them on the scale near where you spawn you will finally be able to collect the Baphomet 3D Statue that sits in the back of the room you need to go to to progress. If you’ve met all these conditions once you get to the last island in the Mushroom Mind a cutscene will play and you’ll unlock the achievement.

I was born to rule!

  • Nimrod ending.

This is the hardest ending in the game. You need to have previously finished the Evil ending (killing 70 people during martyr playthrough) & the Succubus ending (finishing Succubus mode), then you need to collect Garments of Adam which are attached to random martyrs wandering around, you must possess them to acquire the garment. Finally, you must find all the parts to the golden martyr statue in the Cathedral to gain access to the basement, approach the Succubus and at long last you’ll unlock the achievement.

Succubus Mode Achievements

Can I lick it?

  • Use a finisher on onoskelis as a succubus.

The easiest way to get this achievement is just to sneak up behind an Onoskelis as a Succubus, and press E to use a finisher on her.

Heart breaker

  • Kill a chort as a succubus.

When playing as the Succubus you can right click to pull out a heart, you come across the first killable Chort a bit after the start of chapter 2, pull out the heart and aim it at him while holding mouse 1, eventually he’ll die and the achievement is yours.

*You can replenish your hearts by performing finishers on enemies.

Where are you, pet?

  • Finish 1 level as a succubus.

This time, I will use elevator

  • Finish 2 level as a succubus.

Finally, a bath!

  • Finish 3 level as a succubus.

What a beautiful taste!

  • Finish 4 level as a succubus.
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