Library Of Ruina – Modding Guide

A quick rundown on how to mod the game.

How to Mode

Installing Basemod


  • First things first, grab yourself a basemod.¬†
  • Make sure that the version of the mod is corresponding to the current version of the game. You’ll need a nexus account to download it however.

Installing the basemod

Navigate to your game folder (right-click on the game > manage > browse local files). Once you’re there, navigate through the LibraryOfRuina_Data folder, then unzip the downloaded file into the said folder.

And you’re done! Keep in mind that if the basemod stops working its most likely the game getting updated, so you’ll have to reinstall the mod once the relevant version of it corresponding to the game version gets made, Alternatively, if you wish to remove the mod, right click on the game>properties>local files>verify integrity of game files.

Installing Mods

Now you should have 2 new folders in the root folder, open up the basemods folder.

Most mods are easy enough to install, just unzip the mod folder inside them into the folder.

Make sure that the mod file is in a separate folder, otherwise it will not work!

If the mod just comes in a form of a file or set of files, just make a separate folder with any chosen name.

Now you can drop in the files into the new folder and the mod should function.

Written by Dr.Doctor

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