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Vacation Simulator - Giglr Achievement Guide (Back to Job Update)

Written by The1AndMany   /   Sep 11, 2020    

A quick guide on how to get all of the Giglr achievements introduced in the Back To Job update.

How to Obtail All Giglr Achievements

List of Achievements

There are a total of 7 new achievements possible in the Giglr mode.


  • This one's real simple. Just complete all scripted tasks in Giglr mode. If you've played Job Simulator, this should be really familiar.

Non-Employee Review

  • On the left side of the counter, there's a scanner that will give you an object's rating. Simply hold it to your head to scan yourself.

Just getting STARted

  • This one's also easy. Just play 9 random tasks. You'll need to finish the onboarding first.

I'm Baby

  • One of the tasks you can complete is to babysit a BabyBot. This BabyBot will always be carrying a pacifier in its mouth when it appears. Steal it, then hold it to your face and release. You can use the selfie camera to see yourself as Baby.

Welcome to Giglr

  • Reach 100 stars (Onboarding + 19 random tasks) and sit through the cutscene.

Unwelcome to Giglr

  • (Hidden) This is a joke achievement. You unlock it in the same cutscene as Welcome to Giglr.

#1 Stan

  • Stick something in the delivery chute to your left. Take a picture of the screen that pops up. Stick that picture in the chute.

Written by The1AndMany.