Medieval Dynasty – Beginners Guide (Surviving, Hunting, Buildings and More)

A lot of this I wish I’d known before so I wouldn’t have gotten as frustrated as I got at certain points in the game, so I thought sharing what I found out will help others avoid frustration and spare some time. Everything you might need to know and more!

Basically I summed up all Tips and Knowledge I know into this one Guide as short and informative as possible.

The Beginning and a Few Basics

For those struggling before the game even really starts…

Starting with something small that probably only I struggled with, the straw you have to collect from the reeds were incredibly difficult for me to find for some reason, if you also have that problem just go out the west gate of Gostovia towards the reeds, unlike what I thought, the reeds you can collect are the small reed plants in between the big ones.

Trouble finding stones? walk around with your eyes glued to the ground, you’ll find stones laying around at some point.

Getting used to the time can be a little difficult at the start, try getting the most important things done the moment you wake up so you have more time later in the day.

If you need to change seasons quicker because your wood is running low in Winter or you can’t get enough food, during sleep your resources won’t decrease so you can save yourself a few hours of precious wood and food!


Spears are very important. Currently they do more damage than bows and you can easily craft them with one Log. You can aim them if you hold your right mouse button and while holding, if you left click you shoot the spear at whatever you were aiming at. Be aware that gravity exists and that practice will help out with hitting your prey.

If you crouch with control you can get a little closer to your prey than normal and get a better shot in. Getting a headshot (or a shot in the neck) also usually kills them instantly unless it’s bigger animals like the Wisent or Bear, then two usually do the job.

I’d advise you to always have around 3 spears with you since they do break after three throws/hits and running into some boars, wolves or wisents that are out for your blood isn’t that uncommon when you’re running around all day. With that said, don’t be too scared of them, walking backwards while throwing spears at their head usually does the job without getting too injured and bigger game means more meat and fur/leather!

Inspection Mode

If you hold down ALT, you’ll enter inspection mode. It consumes your stamina as long as you press ALT and show you at the beginning where you dropped some items or where your spears went after you lost sight of them. It also tells you the names of people in villages and who the vendor is as well as what skills they have so you can better choose who you want to take into your village. As you unlock skills you can also see Mushrooms, Bird Feathers, Herbs and even Animals (if they’re close to you) around you with the Inspection Mode. Quite handy to avoid some vicious boars or find a big group of mushrooms during Fall.


Are a big part of the Gameplay. You can level them by doing various things belonging to that skill tree. If you have trouble leveling up Farming to unlock the Food Storage, just plough some Fields and you’ll get it very fast. Getting Skills like Mule will make your life much easier so don’t hesitate to spend your talent points the moment you get them ๐Ÿ™‚

Your Own Little Village

So you got your axe now, found that damn reed and have to find a nice little spot to call your own. Where should that be? At the end where exactly you want your home to be is your own choice but there are a few points you should keep in mind.

You need Water that’s a fact. So starting your house close to a river or lake is a very good idea.

Be aware of your Neighbours because having wolves right next door might not be what you want, especially since animals respawn around twice a day (from my experience).

Resources are very important, ranging from logs to clay. Building close to a forest, some mountains, a spot for a mine or clay pits is a good idea and you should take your time to look around before deciding where you want your village to be built.

Space you’ll need some decent space for all the buildings that will be built in the future!

Your Villagers

Because getting them to work can literally take ingame years to figure out, I’ll spare you the pain and help you understand your little people’s minds.

Getting Newcomers to Join

First they need to like you so get that Approval up to 70%.

Then you also need a high Dynasty Reputation. The requirement will increase everytime you get a new person to join your village. Don’t worry too much about the requirement though, doing the main quests (The Chapters) should give you enough Dynasty Reputation to get a nice Village going.

They also need a house to live in and two people will live in one small simple house.

Yes they need tools. Sadly. You HAVE to place them in their workplace and while some use up their tools after some time others don’t (yet)

Food Storage

You don’t need to assign a worker here but you 100% have to build this building AND the Resource Storage before getting People living in your village or else they won’t have food or wood. Just place food you found in this building’s storage chest and the Food (Demand) you see in your Management tab will tell you how much food you have and what the demand per hour is. Make sure you always have enough food for at least the day.

My Food Storage

Resource Storage

Also no worker here, build it before getting people to live at your village and place – VERY IMPORTANT Firewood in the chest. You might ask, why firewood? Because apparently Firewood gives a LOT more Wood to your villagers, makes sense since they use it to warm themselves I guess. If you don’t know how to make Firewood, just open your crafting menu with Q, go to Crafting and the Firewood is to the right of the SImple Torch. Trust me making Firewood out of the logs will spare you a lot of running around every day to supply wood to your people.

My Resource Storage


You have to place Axes in the Woodshed’s storage chest. Yes, axes. They use up their axe after some time and won’t continue chopping (they’ll still play the animations though) wood for you, so make sure there’s always some axes left! If you don’t give them axes they’ll still collect sticks. They don’t make much of a difference in term of wood supply though so you still have to cut around 3 trees per day for the Wood demand. If you keep looking into the Woodcutters storage to see if the logs are there – don’t bother, all logs and sticks your woodcutter gets go automatically to the Resource Storage so spare yourself the way over to the Woodshed unless it’s to supply some more axes!

Hunting Lodge

Honestly? Haven’t figured it out really, put some spears in the chest and nothing happened but once I put a bow and some arrows in there my guy started hunting so I guess they need a bow. If you put a knife in the chest as well, the hunter will provide you with leather! Haven’t noticed them taking anything from here though, the food they gather/hunt can be found in your Food Storages chest, they also collect Feathers. As with the Woodcutters, sadly the food they collect isn’t enough to let you laze around and you will have to hunt some more or collect food yourself.

Farming and Consequently the Barn

This is a little more complicated than the others. First of all, if you want the AI to farm you NEED a Barn and Assign the one you want to take care of your fields to the Barn as a Field Worker ,if you assign them as Farmer they’ll process the Wheat, Flax etc you got and not take care of your fields. I did that mistake so you won’t have to repeat it :’D

Next up you need a hoe (the tool) a scythe and (maybe) a sack in the Barn’s storage. I’m not so sure about the sack but I placed one in the chest anyways just to be sure. It also HAS to be a Sack. Not a simple sack. Otherwise you don’t need anything in the chest, not even the seeds or manure as your workers will magically pull them out of thin air. If you’re worrying about the money to get a hoe and scythe, you can steal one from the east shed outside of Gostovia. Just make sure nobody is around.

Next step is making a field of course, I’d recommend making smaller ones because the AI works slow as heck to sow your fields. Mine took two whole seasons to sow a 9×3 field, and I had two people working on that.

Once you got your field placed go to your Management Tab, click or switch to the Fields icon, there you’ll see your Fields, which are numbered from 1 to how ever many you have, select one, open the details with F and you’ll open up the FIeld Management. Just choose what you want to be planted on that field now and click and drag over the Field grid that will be shown to you.

Tadaaa now your Field Workers should go out in the morning and plough, fertilize and sow the field without you doing anything. Don’t try to help them by doing anything on the field btw, no harvesting, fertilizing or sowing with them, it messes the ai up and confuses them. Just let them do their job themselves and you should get the harvest in the Barn’s storage once it’s ready

If your Farmers are stuck doing nothing and just standing around, try reloading and they should continue their work ๐Ÿ™‚


Yes your Villagers sometimes get Quest just like any other NPC, do them if you want to or not, it won’t have any negative impact on you.


Because I’ve noticed some people don’t know how to pay their Taxes, during Spring next Season you will get a Quest that says ”Paying your Taxes”, Go to Gostovia and talk to Unigost with the Tax Money and you’ll have paid your Taxes


Once you placed the foundation you’ll be able to edit the walls and roofs of Houses by pressing E on them with the hammer equipped. Using more expensive Material like Stone to build a house makes it better isulated which means less wood consumption!

There’s a difference of -0,6 Wood Consumption per fully Stone Walled – Wooden tile Roofed House in Comparison to the basic House.

That’s all I know for now involving Villagers, hopefully it helps you start off without many problems ๐Ÿ™‚

The Seasons


Taxes Time!

The Best time for Sowing your Plants and hunting!

Unripe Berries are pickable – but if you wait until Summer you won’t get poisoned!

Herbs and a few mushrooms are growing now

  • Morel Mushroom – +1.0 Food

  • Broadleaf Plantain – +10.0 Health

  • St. John’s Wort – Reduces poisoning


Ripe Berries, more sowing and lots of Game!

The Herbs are still here and pickable but the Morel Mushrooms realized it isn’t Fall yet and went back into the earth.

  • Berries – +0.5 Food + 1.0 Water


Delicious Mushrooms, waiting to be picked – just be careful not to pick the poisonous ones!

  • Parasol Mushroom – +1.0 Food

  • Bolete Mushroom – +1.0 Food

  • Bitter Bolete Mushroom (Looks very similar to Bolete) – +2.0 Food & 42% Chance to poison

  • Fly Agaric Mushroom – +3.0 Food & 85% Chance to poison

  • Wooly Milkcap Mushroom – +2.5 Food & 42% Chance to poison

Winter is coming soon, better spend the last two days of this Season cutting Wood, Wood and Wood!


Freezing Cold, Animals aren’t found as often, no Harvests and the Consumption of your Wood increases! Great time to cut down those Trees around your house and turn them into Firewood!

  • Firewood supplies 8 Demands.
  • While Logs supply 4 Demands.

That’s half the time of wood chopping you can save yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also the perfect time to craft some tools to sell during spring to pay off your hefty Taxes!

Plant Growth

Trees regrow after ~2-3 years while resources regenerate after some time (few days or even seasons) so don’t worry too much about using up resources!

Animals / Hunting

All the Animals you can hunt and how tough they are to kill with a Spear.

Might not be entirely accurate with the body shots because I try my best to get headshots, feel free to correct me if you tested it more accurately.


They’ll run from you. Chase those little buggers down because you’re faster and they die in one hit.

One Shot or Bonk anywhere.


Annoyingly fast. Either headshot them once or prepare to walk after them for some time to finally kill them.

One Shot to the Head or three to the Body.


All Bark no Bite, They crouch low to the ground for a second when they notice you which gives you the perfect time to headshot them, if you hit but miss the head then start walking backwards and aiming that next spear because they will bite your ankles if you’re not careful enough.

One Shot to the Head or two to the Body.


Awoooo. Headshot them while they announce their presence by howling at you or chug those spears while walking backwards once again.

One Shot to the Head or two to the Body.


They charge at you before you even notice them, the moment you hear some heavy hooves running at you walk into the opposite direction and chuck those spears at their head. Or just run away, they’ll stop following you after some time.

One Shot to the Head or three to the Body.


Tough Bison looking thing. Seems nice and peaceful until he suddenly charges you and takes away half your health. Keep your distance and get those headshots in, he’s somewhat slow so you should get him easy.

Two Shots to the Head or three to the Body.


Found on Mountains in the South or near Lakes, Don’t know how dangerous because I never risked it. Don’t risk it.

Two Shots to the head or three to the Body.


Yes your prey gets injured. If you keep hitting that damn body, your prey will slow down, making it easier to kill them since they can’t run away!


Your spears break, so make sure you always got reserve with you.

You threw your spear somewhere into the void of the forest? No problemo, just go around the area you threw it in and look around while pressing ALT every so often, you’ll stumble upon the spear at some point…even if it’s a season later.

When you aim your spear ‘charges’ and does more damage, so always ‘charge’ fully ๐Ÿ˜‰


Are worth it, go get em and get some nice free resources.

Yes I went and hunted all of them down just for the Guide, thankfully they’re all my Neighbours, Lucky me!

Animal Locations

  • Orange – Foxes
  • Pink – Wolves
  • Blue – Wisents
  • Green – Boars
  • Red – Bears

Little Neat Tips

Pressing H hides the UI and you can take some nice screenshots.

If you hit that stupid tree stump and bully it enough it’ll poof out of existence because you hurt it’s feelings. Now the deforested area around you finally looks as empty as it feels.

If you need Money, make some tools like Spears and Stone knives and sell those.

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