Chronicon – Power Leveling Guide

Have an alt problem? Want to level from 1 to 100 in under 10 minutes? I know I do. Beware spoilers included! Note: This will only work for softcore characters.

How to Level Up Power


Minimum Requirements:

  • 1 – game pad.
  • 1 – level 100 character.
  • Tinka’s Domain unlocked.

Recommended Requirements:

  • 1 – Tome of Knowledge.
  • Crystals.
  • Magic Essence.
  • Crystal Essence.
  • Soul Essence.
  • Preparation can be key, but also optional.
  • Can’t be bothered to tinker with gear? Just want to grind levels? Feel free to skip this step.

This section will cover obtaining some gear that will help the process go even faster. Keep in mind while enchanting gear you want 0% magic find as a unique or better drop will reset the XP bonus from the Tome of Knowledge, which can reach up to 500%.

  • Obtain the level 1 unique Glod’s Coins.
  • Transmute the Tome of Knowledge to a rune.

  • Transmute the Tome of Knowledge rune on to Glod’s Coins.

  • Verify the Tome of Knowledge XP bonus is now transferred to Glod’s Coins.

  • Visit Chantelle in Tinka’s Domain and enchant Glod’s Coins of Knowledge XP bonus up to 5% (max).

  • Gamble a set of level 10 unique gear and enchant the following for the maximum XP bonus:


  • 50% bonus experience


  • 50% bonus experience


  • 50% bonus experience


  • 50% bonus experience


  • 20% increased effect of all gems


  • 50% bonus experience


  • 25% move speed


  • 50% bonus experience

Power Leveling

  • From the main screen select Local Multiplayer.

  • Select New for player 1, the character you want to power level must be player 1 for this to work. For player 2 you may Load any level 100 character you like.

  • Select the class for player 1.

  • Name player 1.

  • For player 2 select the character you wish to use to power level player 1.

  • Select difficulty and then Enter World.

  • Enter Tinka’s Domain.

  • Head to the Waypoint.

  • Choose  Random Anomaly  and select the mythic level you feel comfortable farming. I choose mythic 8 as that is the level I can farm in dungeons within 5 minutes. Enter the Anomaly.

  • Kill player 1. Yes, really.

Get your power level on

  • Clear the anomaly and make your way back to the corpse of player 1 to find the portal to the next level of the anomaly. There is a mini game here to try and prevent player 1 from returning to life while you zone. Repeat this step as needed.

  • Keep an eye on player 1’s skill points, when they reach 100 feel free to stop. Or keep grinding, but this may or may not be efficient.

  • Once the power leveling is complete return to player 1 for the rez.

  • Move both player 1 and 2 to the Return Portal. They both need to be there to exit or there will be an error message. 

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