Dark and Light – Towers Guide

Tower 101

First off lets go over the tower and its few options for choosing who to target.

Dark and Light - Towers Guide

There are three main options for targets:

  • Players and their Tamed Creatures
  • Players Only
  • Everything

When choosing Everything option it will even shoot npc animals like those pesky panthers.

There is another option called CampProtected. This option when turned off will all the turret to shoot even those on your own faction, and when turned on will not shoot at faction members.

Now for the tower to shoot we are going to need to power it with some elements in a Spell Generator/ Elemental Stove.

Dark and Light - Towers Guide
Dark and Light - Towers Guide

Once these elemental Essence have been place inside the Generator/Stove you will want to turn it on. Now upon accessing the interface for the Spell Tower in the top left you will notice that whichever elements you put in the Generators will now have a 1 next to them. You can click these elements and depending on which elements you choose they will have different effect for your tower shots.

Dark and Light - Towers Guide
Dark and Light - Towers Guide
Dark and Light - Towers Guide

Combining two elements like in the last picture will mix effects, for example Wind does 20 damage, and 4500 attack range, where fire has 30 damage a burning effect and only 3000 attack range. When combined the turret deals 50 damage now, with a burning effect, and 4500 attack range.

  • Currently Dark and Light eseence will deal 20 damage and have 3000 range.
  • Fire deals 30 damage, has a burn and has 3000 range.
  • Wind deals 20 damage and has 4500 range.
  • Water deals 10 damage, has a 10% move speed slow and 3000 range.
  • Earth deals 20 damage, has the ability to create torpor and 3000 range.

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