Craftopia – How to Make Too Much Money

Making Absurd Amounts of Money

Getting Setup

Farming using plantations is the best way i have found to make quick money. First get setup with a High Density farm using plantations and peaches, about a stack of 6.

  • In-depth guide found here.

If you don’t have seeds, you can get some from skeletons that come out at night, and if you dont have peaches yet, get yourself a breed improvement plant and upgrade your seeds until you get it.

(Kinda) Auto Farming It

Once you get a stack of plantations, place down some walls above it and place in a rotating saw.

Then place down a chest with an absorber on it to pick up the items.

That’s it, just take some of the peaches to turn back into seeds to replant and profit.

This farm should net you about 27,000,000 gold per hour per module using stacks of 6 plantations (about 450,000 per harvest).

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