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Rebirth: Mr Wang - Game Mechanism Guide

Written by Sy. Alfi   /   Oct 5, 2020    

Introducing the game mecanism, have a look if you interesting.

Guide to the Game Mecanism

New Neighbor

Same pits and paths.

Note: The puzzle will clear when the green light appear at te top right (battery).

Just click the same colours from bottom left.

Note: The red line from the bottom is time you have passed it, not the wrong one.

  • Yellow 9 o'clock.
  • Red 6 o'clock.

Note: It will turn green if you correct.

Before Dawn

Easy Enough, just Hold "A" and move your mouse to the right.

Just hold "D" until clear popup

If you push it, alarm ringing, and if you push then release it, alarm still ringing.

Do it with ZigZag.

Written by Sy. Alfi.