Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – Party Creation

Each race carries different bonuses and deductions that will be applied to the character’s ability scores. The Human race is the exception to this, receiving 40 in all stats except for Destiny, which recevies a 10.

In order for a class to become available when creating a character, that character must meet the minimum Attribute requirements for that class, this is where point rolling comes in. The number of points you received when rolling your character’s stats is applied to the relevant Attributes for each class, if an Attribute is not able to be raised to a classes’ minimum requirement then that class will not be available for selection.

If there are enough points left after selecting a class you will be able to allocate them in the form of Bonus Points to either HP, Attributes, or Skill Points. You choose which Skills or Attributes to raise once you start the game, while HP is increased after you choose it.

Use the chart below as a guide.

Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar - Party Creation


INT: Intelligence
Important for spell casters and maybe metalsmith item creation.

WIS: Wisdom
Probably also spell casters, though maybe only clerics etc.?

WIL: Willpower
Resistance against mind attacks, maybe some attack bonuses.

STR: Strength
This one is obvious. Attacks and carrying capacity.

CON: Constitution
Hitpoints and things like resistances or healing from diseases and what not.

SPE: Speed
Who attacks first and maybe additional attacks per round.

AGI: Agility
Dexterity and evasion of attacks.

FEL: Fellowship (equivalent to charisma)
Recruiting and talking to NPC’s, equivalent to diplomacy.

DEV: Devotion (equivalent to faith)
Determines total mana pool and it’s increase per level.

MET: Metabolism
Amount of vitality and how quickly it goes down or replenishes.

DES: Destiny (luck, karma or both)
Can save from death in fights, “Destiny intervened”.

Class Descriptions

  • Warrior: Good frontliner, can don any armor (depends on race still, however), starts with boost in most melee weapon, but that’s the limit. Outclassed later on by Smiths. 
  • Berserker: Access to berserk skill and similar in feat. to Warrior, but mostly uses axes/scimitar weapons. Berserk is best conjoined with sleep at the end of the round, to negate its detrimental effect to the party. 
  • Templar: Meant to be secondary class later on, but can be accessed immediately with Durandil and good roll (30+). Not recommended due to Durandil’s con to only wear special gear. Mix of Warrior with Cleric spellbook. 
  • Cleric: Obvious healer with good buffing spells. Templars and Bards get access to their spells later on, and there is also a Cleric companion you may obtain early on, so I suggest to skip this. 
  • Necromancer: Niche caster with unique spellbook and Raise Dead. Pretty♥♥♥♥♥♥♥early on, but proven to be of much fun as your spellbook expands. Vamphyr seems to be the only ones to reach a good roll to unlock at party creation. 
  • Wizard: Nuke caster with destructive magic later on, good to have early if you wanna skip Sage and/or Thaumaturge. Bards have access to their spellbook, so it’s really up to you. 
  • Sage: Recommended class for their utility spells and Detect Secret. Has skills such as Rob, Mythology, etc… I skipped it as your first companion Little Rosie does every of these but better regardless. 
  • Thaumaturge: Rosie’s class. Very powerful elemental spells at their disposition. Spellbook accessible by Thieves and Ranger later on. 
  • Bard: do NOT take this class if you don’t want to fly through the game. Bards in this version are sleep/charm machines, with combined access to Cleric AND Wizard spellbook starting from level 3. If you wanna make your life very easy, take a bard, find a sleep/charm instrument and only increase his speed. 
  • Ranger: Shooter with high scout. Bows and Arrows are rare early on making them quite useless, but they become killing machines once you stock up on projectiles, and skill up their special one-shot. Access to Thaumaturge spellbook later on. 
  • Thief: Good to have for lockpicking and backstab (Successfully hide in combat then attack next round). Functions are easily replaced by the Knock-knock spell and another nuker/serker. Stealth can be powerlevelled just like Instruments for bard early on. 
  • Metalsmith: Warrior but better, with ability to forge items. This feature hasn’t been fully implemented according to Cleve however. 
  • Jester: Unlockable, cannot be choosen from the start of the game. Similar to bard with access to more spellbooks 
  • Assassin: Unlockable, cannot be choosen from the start of the game. Upgrade from thief with lethal blows. 
  • Pirate: Unlockable, cannot be choosen from the start of the game. Had lethal blows.
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