9th Dawn III – How to Play (Warrior Class)

This is guide based on my warrior walktrough. This guide little help you even if you choose not to be warror.

Warrior Class Walkthrough Guide


First at all don’ t buy any weapon or armor (if you can complete some dungeon ofc you can) bcs dungeon contain chest with good armor and weapon especialy Sinrock dungeon.

This dungeon give you gold armor and weapon type for free (It’s save to you around 20k gold grinding) and if you very lucky you can found gold dagger (300 dps) and Calvary sword if you use swords like me (With 376 dps too).

In the next village (Rhunden) i’m gonna buy only gold glovles bcs get agility gloves not heavy (16>32).

You can get some items via craft.Like mine ore and make items(Armour first bcs weapon you can make only after hard quest in 2 village.You need to get some skin (25) from monster in Poison March location.4% chance T_T.

P.S After 2-3 try full clear Poison March i will get all 25 skin.

If you wanna experiment in your game build you can found save files here:

  • C:Users(user name)AppDataLocalLowValorware9th Dawn III

Armour and Weapon Grade

  • Wooden (1 ofc)
  • Iron (2 village)
  • Steel (Can be found at dungeon only bcs i’m don’t found when they can be buyable)
  • Gold (Sinrock and Rhunden village after Sinrock dungeon)
  • Calvary

Quest Walktrough (Only Hard Type of Quests)

Dungeon Ashwick Sewer

After you complete tutorial dungeon go behind village (left and right) and you get some useful items from the start.

First you need a heal spell to me it’s will be a regen spell (rn i’m use a 3 lvl of this spell and i’m have 30 lvl of magic restoration, he will give me 501 regen per sec).

Luppi Ruins and what doing next

After compelete this easy dungeoy you can gonna back and complete Dungeon Ashwick Sewer and try to complete Serpent Sewers to 100% if you get the quest from Fishy npc and Fooddy (I’m mean Foddy) Really don’t use this replica or you will get double price. T_T

Get a 2 lvl of regen here and.

Serpent Pit

Snake boss can hit hurtful if yow wanna to kill him easily make this boss stuck behind wall.

Like gonna back up and make him stuck in wall.You need be in the doorway Don’t leave the doorway or boss run to you.

You need to have 1 lvl melee defence buff and 2 lvl of restoration buff and minimal iron set (or some of them items like torso).

Grikko Cave

This dungeon can be pain in ass be carefull,don’t rush, and this dungeon containt stell and snake skin items.

This location have many goblin mages be careful.

There you can find dagger to 159 damaga and good gold legs (58 defence)

Boss Ikko Ikko

Kill him easily but you need to have 10 potions and 1 lvl of all physical buff, and 2 lvl of magic regen

1. Giirhun’s Den

Before to go this dungeon you need to go in Elmson village and buy some better armor (Boss will be hard bcs he have 777-1000 regen around 15 sec. If you can’t kill him you can back later to him) To me kill this boss help dagger and many potions around 7-14 depend on your character ability upgrade).

You can found here a magic saw.

Give this saw to carpenter in 2 village for free and he give you a reduce price for arrow.

In the end you need to have a 8 ability points.

Your character attributes looks like that.

2 Fort Hinuol

Before to go there it’s be good if you have a 2 lvl of regen spell. you will get around 70-80 regen (to me it’s 134) unstead 18-20.And buy some better armour in village (not all armor, some armor who give you a high boost like torso if you don’t get a better armor).

You need to have a a 1 lvl of all physical buffs, (Mighty Strenght and Burly Defence).

Attention! Do not run in this dungeon aka fast speed bcs this dungeon containt powerfull (to you at this moment) mobs spider and etc

After that use ability coins to 3 lvl regen spell and one of physical spell (better to damage buff bcs goblins in next dungeon have many health) >.

To get Nameless and open his cage you need to go there

To go there you need to use 2 levers

More info (also there in the chest you can found Poetry

After you complete this dungeon you need to have around 13 ability coins.

3. Yourgun Mine

Before to go there you need to have around 25 health potions.Use your ability points to get 3 lvl of Mighty Strength.

You need to have a 3 lvl of Mighty Strength, 1 lvl Burly Defence and 3 lvl of Regen spell.

Be carefull with white butterfly they cast Frost ? spell and having a large AOE (Area Of Effect) spell too.

This dungeon contain steel > weapon and armor and some gold item like shield, boots. There you can get dagger with 208 dps.This dagger will help you (if you can get him) kill goblin boss in Giirhun’s Den. If you can’t conqure this dungeon you can back to him later.

Boss Koboldy he even hard to my 34 lvl bcs of powerful spells.

There you can mine Iron ore (S) grade They look like stone.Wall like this give Ore too.You don’t need even go to inside the dungeon to mine this ore.

Without buffs.

Under buffs.

4. Tulsdin Cave

You can go in this dungeon before to go Bandit camp or after him (to get some ability coins and get last buff of Burly Defence),But go in this dungeon before you gonna a Sinrock,this will help to you complete a Sinrock dungeon a little easy.

Many white butterfly here around 3-6 in group.

Containt some gold and steel items.Another entry in left side (Just walk around this mountain).

Like heavy torso 65 def,gold shield 86 def,fur cape 5 def 2h heavy club with 387 dps and 2h sword 312 dps

If you gonna down you can find a Grikko Cave.

5. Bandit hideout

Be carefull with butterfly bcs they damage you badly with own magic.

Get here a 3 lvl armor buff if you think Tulsdin Cave hard to you rn, but you need a grind this buff.Or get this buff later after this dungeon.

6. SinRock

In this dungeon you need to have a 2 lvl of phycall buff (Later when you get more coins in this dungeon you need choice 3 lvl of Mighty Strenght and if you clear dungeon full a 3 lvl of armour buff aka Burly Defence).

Skeleton have a big group around 2-4 like bandits and hurt you very much espicially boss ghost, he don’t have a regen spell but have a enough armour (maybe around 400 >??) and hurtfull magic spells).

You can go back to your prev quest if you wanna.

34 lvl

At lvl 34 your character look like this:

Without buffs (3 lvl)

With buffs (3 lvl)

7. Rilesun Ruin (Hard Boss)

When i’m go to this dungeon i’m have 39 lvl and 1005 regen hp.But you will get this lvl and regen easily if you smash ability everytime when he free to cast and complete all prev dungeon.

This dungeon is the same like Sinrock.It’s not so hard complete to you him,after you get all 3 buffs lvl.But some mobs can be hurtful like Skeleton Mage.

Mobs here containt not only skele and butterfly, but black doggy and kobold.

Be carefull with poison bcs you can get a high stuck (more worse then decease) I’m get a 600 poison per tick. i’m have this debuff around 2-3 min.

You can get here easily a bewitched bone bcs shaman have a 13% chance unstead a 4% in Sinrock mobs.

Contain gold items,wand,bow with magic attack (dark to me) 160-118,dagger 416 damage,2h weapon (lance and great sword,great axe,great blunt).

Some better items to warrior like Gold Cuirass (146 defence unstead Sinrock item 116 defence).

Boss Skelly.He have a great mace but he summon too much pets (around 3-4 easily) and have a heal spell (he healing around 25-30% of own hp) Also have a great hp regen (around 4k hp per sec!).

If you can’t kill the boss you can back to him later like after Fenhall Ruin.

8. House of Ry (House of Lies)

This dungeon have 3 sector in the end of 2 sectors you found a new key.(3 sector is a portal sector).

Dungeom contain only 3 good items like 1h sword with 434 dps 1h axe with 483 dps and a legendary morph stone (if you go to “TRUE WAY” sign but be ready this room full of cobalts (around 15 and one of them elite).

Boss Ry

Buy a 5-6 potions to kill this boss and you need a eyedrops here(like in any dungeon after Sinrock).

Later in some vilage who called Hodlune you found a better items who cure not only decease but,confusion and poison (Scented Salts and Healing Salve).

9. Vundill Crypt (Hard to complete without good equipment)

Most of mobs give you bleeding effect here be ready and use many bandage.

There you can found some of Calvary item (if you gonna up you will found Calvary torso with 238 defence and 2h bone axe with 562 dps,and good legs 238 def).

You need get from here a 2 heavy items Torso and Arms (131 def) and gonna to the next dungeon bcs this dungeon can be a little hard without normal dps (yeah we have a low dps at this moment even this is 3k).

This dungeon contain double attribute points and don’t have any boss.

After complete this dungeon you will open new exit for 1 village.

10. Fenhall Ruin

This dungeon contain dangerous magic mobs, be careful!

Prepare yourself with potion,bandage and etc.

You can use ability coin and max Life Force buff this will give you a half boost to your regen spell (before 1k after 1,5k).

Boss in fort location (Fenhall mage) and inside dungeon Old bane (flying rune).

Items (calvary boots,Dagger 538 dps,2h blunt 562 dps,torso 357 def and some other magic armor items).

This dungeon can give you two good ring (Marster craft ring with 19% rate of success and Ultimate with 14%).

11. Blacksteel Fortress (Hard Boss)

Monsters at there are a powerfull warrior with physical attack but more dangerous its a summoners (they look like 2 horn skeleton and have a wand in hand like our first wand). Kill them first or they summon around 2-3 pets.They pets have a good own regen especially hard monster it’s a flying purple wind doggy (it’s have around 2-3k regen).

Pet gonna die after 15 sec if summoner killed (or not).

Items there are some calvary armor and agilty and magic armor and even normal items.

Boss Rhaggy. Very dangerous summoner (he summon very powerful minion – aka Horn black demon Baphomet and heal own hp + 55%) and he even have a hp regen 11k per regen(same pain in ass like a goblin boss).Stack many health poitions.

You can’t kill him rn, then we move out to the next dungeon.(i’m almost kill him,he have 10% hp but use heal,super regen and summon 2 Baphomet who kill me with 2 hit T_T).

12. Torjuun

  • This dungeon contain a double ability points and double attribute points.
  • This dungeon will be not so hard as Fellrun.
  • This dungeon don’t have a boss and have only 2-3 chest.In last right sector you will found a gold chest with new book, ring a 7% to craft success and shield with 179 armor.You will have rn a huge boost to craft and can gonna and try craft items a more easily (36%)

Your character rn will be look like this.If you gonna to prev hard dungeon and loot the a little.

And you will have rn a 36 ability coins (if you don’t gonna waste them on something before).

What to Do Next

You can rn concentrate on craft like make armor and weapon and get more money to stock your potions,potions who heal debuff and for other thing (for better potions and cooking ingridient like salt you need to go a Holdune village.After that you can go back and conquer Vundil Crypt (you will open down exit to 1 village) and kill Rilesun Crypt boss.

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