Osiris: New Dawn – Refueling

A guide to help u refuel the GAV / Vehicles.

Table of Contents

First you will need:

  • Barrels.
  • Glass containers.
  • Hydrogen & Nitrogen = Hydrazine fuel.

Also you could use Gas tank & liquid tank but or not needed to refuel the GAV but do make it easer later ingame.

Osiris: New Dawn - Refueling

For Barrels u will need : Copper ingot 1, Titanium ingot 1, Steel 3:

Glass containers need Glass 2, Steel 2:

Next use the barrels to collect Hydrogen and Nitrogen, how many u carry is up to u but remember how far u have to travel.

Id carry as much as i can carry, saves running around all day, later when u have the ship u can fill the cargo bay with barrels and get half hydrogen and half Nitrogen then when u make the Hydrazine u just full a liquid tank for later refueling.

When u have the Hydrogen & Nitrogen just combine it in the chemistry table with the glass containers and u have fuel.

I have two gas tanks one for Hydrogen & one for Nitrogen.

Osiris: New Dawn - Refueling

Full them both up and u dont neeed to make as many trips to the geysers.

I hope this helps , Have fun out there…

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