PUBG – Easiest Way to Obtain an Airdrop

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How to Obtain an Airdrop

Step 1: Land Between Georgopol and Rozhok

Note: this does not have 100% success rate, but is a great way to practice using airdrop-exclusive weapons. Also this is easiest when matching as a solo during a squad game. All purple marks locate a vehicle spawn, so you have a high chance of finding a car.

Step 2: Loot a little bit before the play area is shown

Before the white circle appears, loot a surrounding building or two, you want to get at least a backpack and a pistol.

Step 3: Go to the center of the circle

As soon as you have your car and the white circle appears, place a marker right in the middle and drive to it. Drive as fast as you can. But be cautious if the marker is near a highly populated area, or surrounded by a lot of trees.

Step 4: Wait for the plane

As said at the beginning of the guide, the first plane should spawn at around 2:45. Track the plane and wait for it to drop, and the second you see the plane drop…

Step 5: Rush the airdrop

Yes it sounds like a terrible plan, but most people will be too busy looting as a squad to go get the airdrop, a lot of times it will be an easy grab. Get in, get the loot, drive away. Simple and easy as that.

Where / When the Crates Drop

Not so important part: When

The crates themselves drop every couple of minutes, they are not the same each game.

However the most reliable airdrop to time is the first one, by using the timer for the blue zone in the bottom right the first aidrop will usually start around 2:45 for the very first blue zone.

The best way is to just keep an eye/ear out for the plane, it is very obvious.

Now the important part: Where

The first airdrop will drop anywhere within the first white circle, doesn’t matter where but it will 100% guaranteed be within the first play area.

Any airdrop after the first one will drop anywhere within the blue circle, making it riskier to loot.

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